Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: Love More

I have been lusting after these facial masks ever since Wendy aka Xiaxue blogged about them here, here and here. But I never even attempted to buy them because I've long since accepted the face that Malaysia is really slow to get things which are new on the market unlike Singapore even though we are neighbors! When she blogged about Essential, I bought the whole damn set when I visited Singapore! Ironically, that's when I saw Wendy for the first time at Ikea but she was with her friend Shuyin so I didn't want to bother her and at that time I've just snipped off my golden locks so I felt super ugly. OK. I digressed. Sorry, back to Love More.

Purple Crystal & Peptide
Whitening Duo Lifting Mask
It's the one in the latest advertorial! My sister in law gave them to me! She's always giving me stuff! Hahaha sigh it makes me feel so blessed and so spoilt at the same time! I never got around to trying them cos I was saving them for Melbourne lol. Who knows what kind of products they didn't have here, right!? I mean, although they are stated to be a multicultural country... They don't exactly have much Asian products - and on top of that everything is just murderously expensive. Even the Australians think so. I DIGRESSED AGAIN!

The first thing I want to say about these facial masks is that... They fit like shit. I am extremely anal when it comes to how a mask fits on your face because I think that makes or break a mask. Every mask can claim to do this and do that for your skin, but if I were to choose between one that fits well but only has so-so results, and one that fits horribly but has amazing results... I would probably choose the latter and squeeze the essence out into a mask that fits well LOL. Seriously, if it's uncomfortable and doesn't fit well, how the hell is the awesome essence going to be absorbed by your skin, right? Look.

The tip of my nose and chin is exposed! This is a whitening mask! What if the rest of my face gets gradually lighter than the tip of my nose & chin?! CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE!? It's also kinda small for my big face, so I had to stretch it, resulting in lots of air pockets! :( And, as a result of how small the mask is, the ear hooks were very uncomfortable because they kept forcing my ears forward... I disliked it a lot. I would never recommend anyone to buy such ill-fitting masks, no matter how good they are. I would never purchase them either and I would try to stop anyone who does because not only does it fit poorly - it hurts your ears!

Enough essence for two masks! :D
The ear hooks are innovative.

Ill-fitting design!
The ear hooks are not designed well.

Overall, I was really disappointed in it, but I would love to try the Aqua Mask because they look like they'd fit extremely well. That's it.


  1. Seems like not worth buying and trying after reading your review. At least now we know which brands are good whereas which is not.