Saturday, March 3, 2012

What is: Terminal Hair Length?

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Everyone has a terminal hair length, meaning that your hair will not get any longer once it reaches a certain length.
I am writing this post only cos I finally understood what it means!!! :D

My hair isn't growing anymore! That means that my terminal length is at shoulder length!
It's quite rare for people to have terminal length shorter than waist length hair because the average terminal length is at 2-5 years and waist length hair usually takes about 2 years to grow. So chillax. First of all, your hair goes through its life in 3 stages. I'm going to call it Green, Amber and Red (like a traffic light so you should get it). Hair doesn't grow continuously, that's why there's Green and Amber. Green is the growing stage and Amber is the resting (but not dead like Red) stage.

In a real life situation, you may notice that your hair has stopped growing for a period of time but it could be due to damage. Hair that is too damaged will break off in little pieces (at the ends) so even though your hair is still growing (from the roots), you're unable to tell whether your hair is growing or not unless you've dyed your hair in which case you will be able to tell from the regrowth.

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How does hair know where to stop growing?
Your hair don't know where to stop growing. It doesn't grow till your hips and thinks to itself oh ok I'm going to stop growing here. Each strand of hair has a lifespan, so once they reach the end of their lifespan, they stop growing and drop off. Example: The lifespan of your hair is 3 years. Each strand of your hair started growing at a different time. They don't all share the same birthday, so some of them may already be 3 years old when others are 2 or 1. Once they reach 3 years old, they completely stop growing (regardless of how long they are) and will drop off. So it's more of a terminal age, not a terminal length. But since time = length, it makes sense.

Because we constantly cut or trim our hair, we may never realize the true potential of our hair. Think about this, if all of our hair grows at the same time, at the same speed, and their lifespan is 6 years old... If after 4 years, it reaches knee-length and we cut it off to a bob, it will only be able to grow until our waist before they die. Thank god our hair all grow at different times and at a different speed because if it didn't, we'd all be bald every once in a while.

Model: Ruslana Korshunova
If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss terminal hair length, feel free to leave a comment. :D


  1. nice sharing and ahahaha on bald part =.=

  2. I heard that hair that grow till knee length will starts to suck blood! rofl. Old tales from people. Wonder if its true? Hmm... oh, sadly my hair grows upwards not downwards. It defies the law of gravity. Any solution for frizzy hair? lol :)

    1. lol... the chinese have shitloads of superstitions! haha... hm, antifrizz serums or rebond your hair? ><

  3. Oh dear... I want mine to grow until my waist!! T__T Its not chest length... doesn't seem to be growing much though. Ugh...