Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 3.0: Hope, perhaps?

My heart goes out to those who joined the rally.
Thank you.

Edit #3 12:19pm: Added links to news sites (regarding Bersih 3.0) below.

Free Malaysia Today
The Malaysian Insider

The Star Online
The Borneo Post - Search for 'rally', 'bersih' or just browse around.

People should stop blaming the police or the protesters. Police have orders and protesters acted out in anger (who wouldn't want to?) but there are those who refrained from violence and even helped the police. There have been allegations of policemen going undercover to aggravate their colleagues to initiate fights between the police force and protesters - but think for a moment: they were under orders too. Violence begets violence, the chaos was instigated by motive: someone wants the Bersih movement to fail. It's time to look at the bigger picture.

Edit #2 6:50pm (delayed till 8pm due to crappy internet service lol): Added Bersih 3.0 Same Day Edit video. See! The beautifully shot video proved what I said about 1Malaysia. The Bersih rally brought us together, regardless of race. Although the comments I read on some of the videos are so disheartening... Malays asking Chinese, Indians (etc) to leave if we do not like Malaysia. I'm going to sound like a hippie saying this but guys... We're all Malaysians. 1Malaysia, boleh sik? There shouldn't be any discrimination, Malaysia although called MALAYsia is a multicultural country! I could argue that Malays aren't native to Malaysia but it isn't about who was in Malaysia first - it's not about petty things like race. And what about the Malays who joined the rally? We all want what's best for our country.

Edit #1 6:40pm: Added Censorship video & 3 paragraphs after the video.

All over the world, there are Bersih rallies sending a message to the Malaysian government: The whole world is watching Malaysia's elections.

(I can almost hear Madam Hooch lecturing, "Now I want a nice clean game... FROM ALL OF YOU.")

And yet allegations fly wild. Despite international attention, shit still hit the fan. A couple of the allegations are: Protesters leaving Dataran Merderka were teargassed by policemen. Protesters allegedly run down by a police car; the police car was allegedly attacked by protesters, causing police to flee and accidentally ran into protesters. Pictures and words may lie, but how can a video?

So you be the judge. 
Protesters allegedly overturned a police car in fit of violence. And yet, it was also alleged that overturning the police car was an act of heroism as there was someone trapped under it. There are many different stories, different perspectives, different opinions... Log on to Facebook, Google, Youtube, you'll see. But you know what? Worst of all, there is even talk of death. The Borneo Post (TBP) reported that a mere 500 turned up for the Kuching rally yet according to Free Malaysia Today (FMT) around 1,500 gathered at the Old Courthouse. I don't know which allegation is true or which news agency is reporting the truth - as far as I'm concerned anyone can spin a story in their favor. But please please please, media lies, so please, I'm asking you to seek the truth before pointing fingers & wagging your tongues.
There are people who feel as though the video itself is a fake. Many argued that Astro would not have paused the broadcast and plastered the words 'censored' on the screen. FFS, the uploader obviously paused the video & added the words to show everyone which parts were omitted. If he didn't do so, the audio would clash.
Source: Know Your Meme
Granted, the headlines at the bottom of the screen would've given Astro away, I am quite curious what the actual footage was. The local news in Melbourne reported about the Bersih 3.0 rally last night. The only article I'm able to find from Australian media regarding Bersih 3.0 is by the Herald Sun: Teargas fired at democracy rally. I think that it's more reliable to read reports from overseas because they have no reason to be biased. Although perhaps Australia media may not be the best due to the Lynas affair. But what do I know, eh? Personally, I didn't join the Melbourne rally yesterday because it didn't seem appropriate. I didn't want to be a supporter 15793862094 miles away, I want to be back home. But here's love from Melbourne:
I actually felt quite touched by the video because it gives me hope. Malaysians are no longer turning a blind eye or a deaf ear. All over the world Malaysians gathered; in Malaysia there were more Bersih supporters than there were last year. Different races came together to form 1Malaysia for Bersih. This is patriotism. Bersih 3.0 is patriotic! Regardless of the negative actions protesters may have exhibited. They may have broken laws and displayed unnecessary violence but their intentions were for the good of Malaysia. We love our country. That's why we want change. We're all hoping for a better tomorrow. Malaysia shouldn't have to suffer under a dirty and corrupt government.
I believe that under a different government, Malaysia would be able to prosper and 1Malaysia wouldn't be just a dream. Our government is greedy, our laws unjust. Treatment for different races varies, creating tension between us. Let us all fight for our country, our future.
United we stand, divided we fall. 
Stand strong. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just. Life.

Picture heavy & rambly.

Once I left my last class for the week, I was met with a huge party.

Apparently, anyone can put on a sumo suit and sumo fight each other LOL. 

There was free food. 

A bouncy castle.


A DJ. 

All they needed was booze and it'd be perfect. 

The party was a pre-finals party which was meant to destress students but dude, the party was a hammer-to-the-head reminding me that shit is just around the corner. 

We only have 12 weeks in a semester, Monday will be the start of week 9. I actually can't wait to get it over with and find a job. ^^y

Yesterday, Happy invited me out to high tea as a belated birthday treat. The place was filled with vintage wonders and pretty things but then it is a cafe/studio.

Look closely at the second picture, I have NEVER! seen so many lenses in my life, let alone hanging from a ceiling! They actually don't allow people to take photos of the place but lol. Ever the rebel.

I have also never had high tea before. High tea is dim sum to me so the place and food was not what I expected at all. Aside from the macaroons, it's Australia! There's bound to be macaroons wherever you look. I've decided that I've had enough macaroons. After a while, they kinda taste the same. I do not want anymore! D: ON TO THE FOODPORN!

At this point I decided to just pile everything onto my plate cos I didn't want to make the others wait for me as I snap away.


Whipped cream. Or... Whipped cheese? We couldn't decide, ok, fine. It tasted like cheese to me. Logically, it should be whipped cream.

We ate pretty quickly compared with the other customers who ate at a leisurely pace, chit chatting and gossiping (quite loudly, especially the one sitting beside us... she couldn't quite shut up and gestured wildly while her friend nodded politely) and cackling (it wasn't laughter I heard - it was a full blown cackle).

Happy is truly damn kindhearted. The other day I was sick so she made me a special Chinese tonic which actually got rid of my cough & body heatiness. It's called Chinese Pear Tonic - great for lungs, skin (according to my mom). I guess I'm really not very healthy cos few days later I have dry cough. I blame it on the cold weather.

She also made me chicken soup mee sua - don't know what the hell it's called in English but technically it's a traditional Foo Chow food - for my birthday on Weds. This was quite important to me lol cos I didn't think I'd be able to taste mee sua till I go back to Kuching!!! & it tastes like home, family, love.

Not to mention I can always count on her to answer whatever stupid questions I have and give great advice (where to shop, when to, what to buy lol).

Tonight's my turn to cook for her! :D I made tom yam soup with beef, toufu, cabbage, seaweed and mushrooms! No pictures cos honestly the pics look so darn unappealing. We finished two pots of it so there. That's how awesome it was. HAHAH.

We played Cluedo (she's so good at it I swear she must be cheating) and she taught us another card game. I don't remember what it's called but Lai backed out after a while to chat with his mom! So we didn't get to finish. :( He not happy he wasn't winning. But yea that left me and Happy chatting about life & God. Although I'm not a believer, I enjoy talking about God. Or maybe I just like talking full stop.

But here's to new friendship! ♥

Oh and an act chio picture of me to end this post. ;)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

♥ My Birthday Week ♥

Present from my lovely twin cousins <3

My mother & grandmother came to Melb for my birthday. They arrived on Sunday (we were still quite hungover from the party the night before lol) and my aunt picked me up before heading to the airport. Adam looked pretty miffed at me for dragging him out of bed so early in the morning lol.

We had lunch at my aunt's house and my mom came over to crash at my place for the first night. We spent ages cleaning the apartment together and she told us how to rearrange the place so that it was more spacious. I have to give it to her - she really knows her stuff. When she was satisfied with the arrangement, we went to Rococo for dinner. Can you believe that between the 3 of us, we only had one pizza and a bowl of fries? Even then, we were stuffed. 

I felt pretty nostalgic because I used to spend every weekend with my mother when I was younger. The sleepover with my mom made me miss those days. Never take family for granted, for although friends may come and go, family never will. & as you grow older, so do your parents. Keep them close, they are the only ones you'll ever have. 

Monday morning, my aunt came over to pick my mom up as I've got classes & assignments due Weds & Thurs. I am completely incapable of dealing with stress so I am still in shock over how productive I was. I guess all I needed was the right motivation. 

Tuesday, my aunt came over and picked us up for dinner! After dinner, we went to St. Kilda to look at the penguins. Grandmother was so funny, she pointed at the seagulls and asked if those were penguins hahaha I miss my cute granny. :( 

Mom attempting to camwhore.
Me showing her how its done. LOL.
On Thursday,  we packed our bags and took the bus to Kew and my aunt met us there. They prepared a birthday dinner for me. *^^* 

After dinner we watched home videos lol apparently, I used to have a fascination with being packed into cardboard boxes. WTF right? Then we went to my cousin's workplace where I ordered my favorite souffle for me! I shared it with everyone but still ate more than half of it. 

The next day, I lost my voice. Esp after inhaling a whole bunch of grapes. Mommy made me kampua for breakkie and we went SHOPPING!!! I finally gave in and bought an oven. - -'

Saturday, went to a bird park, a winery, did some last minute shopping and I made shepherds pie! :D We attempted to record me scaring my cousin but it was a complete fail. I will get you!!! ONE DAY!!!


Bird park

Dear mother ♥
She brought me everything I asked for and more. I have learnt to truly appreciate her and admire her dedication rather than shrug off her efforts... Mothers nag for a reason. :) It was heartbreaking to watch her go - I could see how much she didn't want to. It makes me wonder, how does it feel to let go of your children for their sake? I can barely begin to guess. We're all selfish, we'd want what we love to be by us, not forcing them to leave our side for their own good at the cost of their resentment. My father once told me that he doesn't care if I hate him, as long as he knows what he is doing is right. I never understood it. I thought he didn't care whether I hate him or not because he didn't love me enough. LOL. Being so far away from home and loved ones have taught me to become more independent and forced me to mature.

Till I return home. TwT

Event: #NNStreetdance2

Post delayed because my mother come to visit me for a week. Even after she left, I still felt as though I was on holidays but I have been procrastinating enough. Actual date of the special prescreening of the movie is the 16th of April. Thanks to Nuffnang AU and Hoyts! I can't wait to see what else Nuffnang has in store for the rest of the year! They are running a competition to win a trip for two to Hawaii (too bad my boy & I haz uni!) and giving away products for reviews (I want the Dove Serum!!!) now. :D Disclaimer: May not be 100% accurate, I have trouble remembering what happened yesterday, much less the specifics from more than a week ago!

I brought - who other but - my better half along with me and met Happy & her brother there. :D I thought we were going to be late because we were supposed to reach there at 6pm sharp, but they delayed the tour to 6:30? So it was all good.

This was where we waited. Apparently, it can be transformed into a private conference room at AUD500 an hour, if I'm not mistaken.

There are three exclusive cinemas at Hoyts: Xtremescreen, Director's Suite & Bean Bag.

Have never tried this, but it seemed pretty cosy. Not sure how much I'd enjoy lying on my back while watching a movie though. At home, I like to flop on my stomach with a nice plush pillow.

Perfect for action movies - according to Peter (our tourguide - thanks Kimberly for reminding me his name!), you'll be able to hear both a pin drop and an explosion at the same time? I watched Hunger Games in Xtremescreen and it was pretty mindblowing because of the size of the screen and its crystal clear sound system - I felt as though I was part of the audience in the movie.

Before we were led to the final cinema which we'll be watching Street Dance 2 in, Peter brought us to the Directors Suite Lounge. Who would have thought a cineplex would house a bar! On top of that, they have a menu of comfort food like kebabs (seriously this was the only thing I picked up hahaha KEBABS!). Peter was really passionate about Hoyts and he went into every detail including Hoyts' history.

And then, finally...

Director's Suite
Reclining seats are by far, my fave!
Lai & I picked seats near to the screen because we though it'd be in 3D and we'll get to watch stuff fly at us much realistically hahahaha but no. It was not in 3D.

Source: Google Images
Hahaha sad.

The dancemoves were pretty good even though the storyline was crap, filled with cheesy predictable lines which has the audience thinking 'oh please no, don't say what I think you're about to say!' and a whole lot of 'seriously?' moments so I will not be reviewing it. Watch it only if you're interested in dance (fusion of street & latin) but not if you're looking for a nice movie with a good plot.

The kind people at Hoyts realized that I had really wanted to experience 3D so they gave me double passes to watch Street Dance 2 in 3D! My special little birthday gift from Hoyts. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Holidays!

Not in chronological order - that's how holidays are supposed to be, days melding into one another... Until it blurs into one long day.

Woke up bright and early on the first day and realized it's the beginning of a week long holiday. We were supposed to follow a friend down to his hometown but the plan fell through leaving us to bore to death in our tiny apartment. Hahaha this is really sad. Holidays were such a welcomed thing back home, it meant dotAing till late at night and clubbing till the sun came up and going away to the beach to get wasted and bond.

I guess there are a lot of different things we could do here in Melbourne. But it's just not the same without our close friends. It's not where you are; it's who you're with. Also, everything here is so expensive. We can roller blade forever at RM10 (AUD3+) in Kuching but ice skating is like RM60+ (AUD20+) here, there's a store nearby that rents skates at AUD15 for a day and gives free lessons!!! So we went and took the free lessons and rented the skates home. :D It felt like going back to my childhood and rollerblading with my brothers. SIGH. I got really confident and crashed into a wall ahahahaha now I have bruises to show for it and Adam keeps wanting to borrow them again cos he's fallen it love with them. Oops.

We also went down to the city and had sushi again!

His very epic unsmile. - -
Then we went to Forever New. I love all their clothes but it's funny cos I can't fit into size 8 cos it's waaaay big and size 6 is too freaking small! HOW LEH. No, they don't have size 7!!!

I know it looks like a perfect fit, but it's quite thick and I can't lift my arms over my head. I've learnt never to buy anything uncomfortable no matter how pretty it is.... So buhbye pretty jacket! :(

Oh we also went to Harvey Norman and I went a little insane because I tried coffee - it was free and I was curious!

So tell me, why do people like that vile drink?
It's so bitter and ew! D: But to be fair, I felt very awake after it.

One night we went out with a couple of friends to Bass Lounge. It's at Chinatown and it's filled to the brim with AZNs lol.

Before heading out!
Let the bass kick~
We crashed at my friend's place cos by the time we were done partying, the trains weren't running anymore and the next day we had Adam's favorite viet noodles and went home to sleep some more.

We're both got addicted the cake above. It's delicious! Esp after steaming/microwaving and it's so moist and filled with melted choc & caramel. YUMMERS. We decided to try it cos we kept going to Coles (lack of better things to do) and it was on sale!

We also went to this Asian grocery shop and look what I found! I used to LOVE THIS SHIT when I was a lil girl and it's still as good as I remember! We also got Maggi (pack of 5s) from the shop at only 50 cents(!!!!) but... It expired on the 4th of April. WTF. I never thought to check the expiry date cos WHO THE HELL SELLS EXPIRED FOOD? But it's Maggi, right? So I don't think it really makes a difference. Anyway, anyone who knows me well would know that I keep and continue to eat expired food, not because I'm a cheapo but because I never check to see when food expires so yeah... I've gotten sick from it once or twice but hey, a tiger can't change its stripes! It also serves as a warning to those who come to my house and eat all of my food muahaha. YOU GREEDY PEOPLE SHOULD STOP EATING OTHER PEOPLE'S FOOD. LOL. Seriously, if it's still there in my room, it's probably not edible anymore cos I tend to finish food the day I get them because I have no self control.

Ayam penyet!
Adam found an Indonesian restaurant through foodspotting(?) and we decided to try it out. The chicken was good! Tender on the inside, crisp on the out. But I'll give anything to have the ayam penyet from Brunei!


Sunny but freezing!