Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 3.0: Hope, perhaps?

My heart goes out to those who joined the rally.
Thank you.

Edit #3 12:19pm: Added links to news sites (regarding Bersih 3.0) below.

Free Malaysia Today
The Malaysian Insider

The Star Online
The Borneo Post - Search for 'rally', 'bersih' or just browse around.

People should stop blaming the police or the protesters. Police have orders and protesters acted out in anger (who wouldn't want to?) but there are those who refrained from violence and even helped the police. There have been allegations of policemen going undercover to aggravate their colleagues to initiate fights between the police force and protesters - but think for a moment: they were under orders too. Violence begets violence, the chaos was instigated by motive: someone wants the Bersih movement to fail. It's time to look at the bigger picture.

Edit #2 6:50pm (delayed till 8pm due to crappy internet service lol): Added Bersih 3.0 Same Day Edit video. See! The beautifully shot video proved what I said about 1Malaysia. The Bersih rally brought us together, regardless of race. Although the comments I read on some of the videos are so disheartening... Malays asking Chinese, Indians (etc) to leave if we do not like Malaysia. I'm going to sound like a hippie saying this but guys... We're all Malaysians. 1Malaysia, boleh sik? There shouldn't be any discrimination, Malaysia although called MALAYsia is a multicultural country! I could argue that Malays aren't native to Malaysia but it isn't about who was in Malaysia first - it's not about petty things like race. And what about the Malays who joined the rally? We all want what's best for our country.

Edit #1 6:40pm: Added Censorship video & 3 paragraphs after the video.

All over the world, there are Bersih rallies sending a message to the Malaysian government: The whole world is watching Malaysia's elections.

(I can almost hear Madam Hooch lecturing, "Now I want a nice clean game... FROM ALL OF YOU.")

And yet allegations fly wild. Despite international attention, shit still hit the fan. A couple of the allegations are: Protesters leaving Dataran Merderka were teargassed by policemen. Protesters allegedly run down by a police car; the police car was allegedly attacked by protesters, causing police to flee and accidentally ran into protesters. Pictures and words may lie, but how can a video?

So you be the judge. 
Protesters allegedly overturned a police car in fit of violence. And yet, it was also alleged that overturning the police car was an act of heroism as there was someone trapped under it. There are many different stories, different perspectives, different opinions... Log on to Facebook, Google, Youtube, you'll see. But you know what? Worst of all, there is even talk of death. The Borneo Post (TBP) reported that a mere 500 turned up for the Kuching rally yet according to Free Malaysia Today (FMT) around 1,500 gathered at the Old Courthouse. I don't know which allegation is true or which news agency is reporting the truth - as far as I'm concerned anyone can spin a story in their favor. But please please please, media lies, so please, I'm asking you to seek the truth before pointing fingers & wagging your tongues.
There are people who feel as though the video itself is a fake. Many argued that Astro would not have paused the broadcast and plastered the words 'censored' on the screen. FFS, the uploader obviously paused the video & added the words to show everyone which parts were omitted. If he didn't do so, the audio would clash.
Source: Know Your Meme
Granted, the headlines at the bottom of the screen would've given Astro away, I am quite curious what the actual footage was. The local news in Melbourne reported about the Bersih 3.0 rally last night. The only article I'm able to find from Australian media regarding Bersih 3.0 is by the Herald Sun: Teargas fired at democracy rally. I think that it's more reliable to read reports from overseas because they have no reason to be biased. Although perhaps Australia media may not be the best due to the Lynas affair. But what do I know, eh? Personally, I didn't join the Melbourne rally yesterday because it didn't seem appropriate. I didn't want to be a supporter 15793862094 miles away, I want to be back home. But here's love from Melbourne:
I actually felt quite touched by the video because it gives me hope. Malaysians are no longer turning a blind eye or a deaf ear. All over the world Malaysians gathered; in Malaysia there were more Bersih supporters than there were last year. Different races came together to form 1Malaysia for Bersih. This is patriotism. Bersih 3.0 is patriotic! Regardless of the negative actions protesters may have exhibited. They may have broken laws and displayed unnecessary violence but their intentions were for the good of Malaysia. We love our country. That's why we want change. We're all hoping for a better tomorrow. Malaysia shouldn't have to suffer under a dirty and corrupt government.
I believe that under a different government, Malaysia would be able to prosper and 1Malaysia wouldn't be just a dream. Our government is greedy, our laws unjust. Treatment for different races varies, creating tension between us. Let us all fight for our country, our future.
United we stand, divided we fall. 
Stand strong. 


  1. yeah, everywhere malaysians are supporting bersih. Disappointed to see violence by the protestors but i guess it's something that is bound to happen cos' there're too many protestors. Bound to be a couple of few who are disobedient and stuffs. :(

    1. hopefully the next rally would be more organized & prepared. but at least 3.0 proved that we are capable of uniting & willing to fight for a better Malaysia!

  2. i think the bersih 3.0 not success ... :)

    1. why do you think that?
      rome wasn't built in a day.


  3. bersih is not wrong. It shows what malaysian want.but what make it seems wrong when it got violence..

    malaysian hurt malaysian. ohh. sounds bad,

    check it out ! :

    1. i'm afraid you may have misunderstood. i do not think that bersih is wrong.

  4. I will say both side also salah, got police @ some places salah got protestant @ some place also salah. We just want peace no war, don't have to hurt innocent people de

    1. i can only say it's human nature to get angry and violent. sad but true.