Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dinner with Happy

Happy invited us for dinner on Tuesday, should have titled it 'Dinner by Happy' instead of 'with' cos she was the chef of the night! But anyway, we didn't get lost and that made me feel like such an accomplishment. Muahaha. Ok la I had google maps assisting me la but c'mon. I called her only when we reached her doorstep. :D

She prepared a feast.

All this food for 3!
I was just telling her about how I love steamed fish with ginger and she made that!!! Even though she may be craving it herself, I'm just going to assume she made it for me. LOL. Beh siaw li. On top of that, she made chicken rice complete with its chili sauce. Chicken rice ain't chicken rice without its chili!

I think this is eggplant? Yea, I actually don't know how to eat this (mom's tried to force it down my throat one too many times) and I actually had two pieces okay. It wasn't as bad as I thought! But it's Lai's favorite veggie so he tapaoed it all! AHAHHA...

Nasi Lemak Sambal! 
I forgot to take a picture of the char siew and soup and authentic chicken rice kinda rice that she made! Yummers! And if that wasn't enough, she gave us food (ngo hiang!) and stuff (did I mention ngo hiang!?). She even specially made porridge for Lai lor.

I feel so blessed I have such a caring friend! So much delicious food, walao I hope that one day I can cook as well as her. :F

We talked about cooking - more like joked about it cos she still hasn't gotten over the weird boiled eggs and how I tried to steam eggs haha.

We stayed till quite late and around 11 she sent us to the train station in the exact same car I have back home - the one I learnt to drive in and love. The beloved Honda Civic (a very old version) and its got a similar player, exact same seats and everything! I miss my car, I miss Kuching! But all in all it was a great night.

Have fun in Adelaide, Happy! :D


  1. Aww.. you're welcome! I actually don't like the eggplant here also, fat fat short short one. Haha. I like the long thin ones that we have in Msia but its double the price of the fat short one. =S so ridiculous lor.

    You're not si beh siao li lar, i did cook the fish for u and lai since i gathered you won't cook that at home (suspicion confirmed when we walked past the fish section at the market!). Lol.

    P/S: I boiled egg just now and one of the egg cracked when I accidentally drop it in the pot but also didn't come out all wormy. But its always interesting to see new things.

    P/P/S: You should know that I'm not laughing at you, just find it amusing to see how things turn out in the end. I'm very sure your cooking skills will improve soon, give it bout 6 months and you'll be a great cook too!

    1. I'm so touched! :D Anyway, I've always hated the smell of fish (they stink!) and I guess I overcooked the egg? I'm sure I'll improve - when you're at the bottom, there's nowhere else to go but up, right? HAHA.