Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Holidays!

Not in chronological order - that's how holidays are supposed to be, days melding into one another... Until it blurs into one long day.

Woke up bright and early on the first day and realized it's the beginning of a week long holiday. We were supposed to follow a friend down to his hometown but the plan fell through leaving us to bore to death in our tiny apartment. Hahaha this is really sad. Holidays were such a welcomed thing back home, it meant dotAing till late at night and clubbing till the sun came up and going away to the beach to get wasted and bond.

I guess there are a lot of different things we could do here in Melbourne. But it's just not the same without our close friends. It's not where you are; it's who you're with. Also, everything here is so expensive. We can roller blade forever at RM10 (AUD3+) in Kuching but ice skating is like RM60+ (AUD20+) here, there's a store nearby that rents skates at AUD15 for a day and gives free lessons!!! So we went and took the free lessons and rented the skates home. :D It felt like going back to my childhood and rollerblading with my brothers. SIGH. I got really confident and crashed into a wall ahahahaha now I have bruises to show for it and Adam keeps wanting to borrow them again cos he's fallen it love with them. Oops.

We also went down to the city and had sushi again!

His very epic unsmile. - -
Then we went to Forever New. I love all their clothes but it's funny cos I can't fit into size 8 cos it's waaaay big and size 6 is too freaking small! HOW LEH. No, they don't have size 7!!!

I know it looks like a perfect fit, but it's quite thick and I can't lift my arms over my head. I've learnt never to buy anything uncomfortable no matter how pretty it is.... So buhbye pretty jacket! :(

Oh we also went to Harvey Norman and I went a little insane because I tried coffee - it was free and I was curious!

So tell me, why do people like that vile drink?
It's so bitter and ew! D: But to be fair, I felt very awake after it.

One night we went out with a couple of friends to Bass Lounge. It's at Chinatown and it's filled to the brim with AZNs lol.

Before heading out!
Let the bass kick~
We crashed at my friend's place cos by the time we were done partying, the trains weren't running anymore and the next day we had Adam's favorite viet noodles and went home to sleep some more.

We're both got addicted the cake above. It's delicious! Esp after steaming/microwaving and it's so moist and filled with melted choc & caramel. YUMMERS. We decided to try it cos we kept going to Coles (lack of better things to do) and it was on sale!

We also went to this Asian grocery shop and look what I found! I used to LOVE THIS SHIT when I was a lil girl and it's still as good as I remember! We also got Maggi (pack of 5s) from the shop at only 50 cents(!!!!) but... It expired on the 4th of April. WTF. I never thought to check the expiry date cos WHO THE HELL SELLS EXPIRED FOOD? But it's Maggi, right? So I don't think it really makes a difference. Anyway, anyone who knows me well would know that I keep and continue to eat expired food, not because I'm a cheapo but because I never check to see when food expires so yeah... I've gotten sick from it once or twice but hey, a tiger can't change its stripes! It also serves as a warning to those who come to my house and eat all of my food muahaha. YOU GREEDY PEOPLE SHOULD STOP EATING OTHER PEOPLE'S FOOD. LOL. Seriously, if it's still there in my room, it's probably not edible anymore cos I tend to finish food the day I get them because I have no self control.

Ayam penyet!
Adam found an Indonesian restaurant through foodspotting(?) and we decided to try it out. The chicken was good! Tender on the inside, crisp on the out. But I'll give anything to have the ayam penyet from Brunei!


Sunny but freezing! 


  1. why you no get that pretty jacket??? T_T

    okay, next time I will check the expiry date before I eat all your food :p