Monday, April 2, 2012

eh, unlucky day!

Lai♥ brought me to a sushi place nearby Melbourne Central on Saturday. It's called Tokui Sushi. I have never had anything this nice before. The tastes just meld together and form perfect little pieces of heaven. One roll is enough to fill your stomach but I had almost 3.

Don't be fooled by the cute lil saucer of wasabi, it made me tear. I think I'm something of a masochist, I know I can't take wasabi and despite tearing up every time I take it I never learn from my mistakes and still pile up on it every. single. time. If you can swallow one whole bottle of wasabi without blinking an eye, you hiong la you kesi la, good for you.

After sushi, we went to watch Hunger Games...

on Xtremescreen!

Okay so, like 20 minutes into the movie (excluding trailers which took up like what 15-20 minutes!) a Hoyts staff walked in and told us that there's an emergency and we had to evacuate the building immediately.


Apparently, some paper caught fire or something which filled the theaters with smoke so they are unable to show any movies till later that night. We didn't know what else to do so we grabbed dinner at a nearby Taiwanese cafe.

After dinner, we walked around a bit and went to a friend's place to chill.

Saw this on the way to her place... DAYUM.

Took us forever to find haha... I walked to this creepy area and called her "Hey! I'm here! Eh, why is it so dark?", she sighed and answered "My dear, WHERE ARE YOU?!" hahaha... Turns out I took a wrong turn or something.

NEXT DAY, we went back to the city and WATCHED HUNGER GAMES AGAIN.

Did you know that the cinemas here play trailers when the movie is supposed to start? So the movie was at 4:20, but we went in at 4:38 and the trailers were still playing! I wanted to skip the beginning which we already watched the day before cos it was too sad. Don't you hate it when you're just about to get your period and you turn into an emotional pile of slush? Everything makes you tear up for no good reason!

After the movie, we went for dinner at A1 as per my brother's recommendation!

We absolutely despise fats but the pork belly (3 cham bak, 3层肉, 3 layer pork) is so damn nice! The fats are more like pork leg kinda gelatinous fats than the disgusting gelik fats we hate.

Once we finished dinner, we went home and crashed. I hate how I wake up so damn early in the morning and sleep even earlier at night. I'M GETTING OLD AND BORING.


  1. Woah.. so hard to watch just 1 movie =/

  2. Tokuo sushi has cheap sushi! And d taiwanese cafe's food is quite good. But mostly only for their 招牌菜.

    1. yea! super cheap! wish they had a branch near my place so i can have it everyday!!!