Thursday, April 26, 2012

Event: #NNStreetdance2

Post delayed because my mother come to visit me for a week. Even after she left, I still felt as though I was on holidays but I have been procrastinating enough. Actual date of the special prescreening of the movie is the 16th of April. Thanks to Nuffnang AU and Hoyts! I can't wait to see what else Nuffnang has in store for the rest of the year! They are running a competition to win a trip for two to Hawaii (too bad my boy & I haz uni!) and giving away products for reviews (I want the Dove Serum!!!) now. :D Disclaimer: May not be 100% accurate, I have trouble remembering what happened yesterday, much less the specifics from more than a week ago!

I brought - who other but - my better half along with me and met Happy & her brother there. :D I thought we were going to be late because we were supposed to reach there at 6pm sharp, but they delayed the tour to 6:30? So it was all good.

This was where we waited. Apparently, it can be transformed into a private conference room at AUD500 an hour, if I'm not mistaken.

There are three exclusive cinemas at Hoyts: Xtremescreen, Director's Suite & Bean Bag.

Have never tried this, but it seemed pretty cosy. Not sure how much I'd enjoy lying on my back while watching a movie though. At home, I like to flop on my stomach with a nice plush pillow.

Perfect for action movies - according to Peter (our tourguide - thanks Kimberly for reminding me his name!), you'll be able to hear both a pin drop and an explosion at the same time? I watched Hunger Games in Xtremescreen and it was pretty mindblowing because of the size of the screen and its crystal clear sound system - I felt as though I was part of the audience in the movie.

Before we were led to the final cinema which we'll be watching Street Dance 2 in, Peter brought us to the Directors Suite Lounge. Who would have thought a cineplex would house a bar! On top of that, they have a menu of comfort food like kebabs (seriously this was the only thing I picked up hahaha KEBABS!). Peter was really passionate about Hoyts and he went into every detail including Hoyts' history.

And then, finally...

Director's Suite
Reclining seats are by far, my fave!
Lai & I picked seats near to the screen because we though it'd be in 3D and we'll get to watch stuff fly at us much realistically hahahaha but no. It was not in 3D.

Source: Google Images
Hahaha sad.

The dancemoves were pretty good even though the storyline was crap, filled with cheesy predictable lines which has the audience thinking 'oh please no, don't say what I think you're about to say!' and a whole lot of 'seriously?' moments so I will not be reviewing it. Watch it only if you're interested in dance (fusion of street & latin) but not if you're looking for a nice movie with a good plot.

The kind people at Hoyts realized that I had really wanted to experience 3D so they gave me double passes to watch Street Dance 2 in 3D! My special little birthday gift from Hoyts. :)


  1. So glad you enjoyed the evening exploring Hoyts Melbourne Central. Your tourguide was Peter :) He loves the place and is does an amazing walk around. Thanks so much for your blog post as well. Kimberley (Hoyts)

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