Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just. Life.

Picture heavy & rambly.

Once I left my last class for the week, I was met with a huge party.

Apparently, anyone can put on a sumo suit and sumo fight each other LOL. 

There was free food. 

A bouncy castle.


A DJ. 

All they needed was booze and it'd be perfect. 

The party was a pre-finals party which was meant to destress students but dude, the party was a hammer-to-the-head reminding me that shit is just around the corner. 

We only have 12 weeks in a semester, Monday will be the start of week 9. I actually can't wait to get it over with and find a job. ^^y

Yesterday, Happy invited me out to high tea as a belated birthday treat. The place was filled with vintage wonders and pretty things but then it is a cafe/studio.

Look closely at the second picture, I have NEVER! seen so many lenses in my life, let alone hanging from a ceiling! They actually don't allow people to take photos of the place but lol. Ever the rebel.

I have also never had high tea before. High tea is dim sum to me so the place and food was not what I expected at all. Aside from the macaroons, it's Australia! There's bound to be macaroons wherever you look. I've decided that I've had enough macaroons. After a while, they kinda taste the same. I do not want anymore! D: ON TO THE FOODPORN!

At this point I decided to just pile everything onto my plate cos I didn't want to make the others wait for me as I snap away.


Whipped cream. Or... Whipped cheese? We couldn't decide, ok, fine. It tasted like cheese to me. Logically, it should be whipped cream.

We ate pretty quickly compared with the other customers who ate at a leisurely pace, chit chatting and gossiping (quite loudly, especially the one sitting beside us... she couldn't quite shut up and gestured wildly while her friend nodded politely) and cackling (it wasn't laughter I heard - it was a full blown cackle).

Happy is truly damn kindhearted. The other day I was sick so she made me a special Chinese tonic which actually got rid of my cough & body heatiness. It's called Chinese Pear Tonic - great for lungs, skin (according to my mom). I guess I'm really not very healthy cos few days later I have dry cough. I blame it on the cold weather.

She also made me chicken soup mee sua - don't know what the hell it's called in English but technically it's a traditional Foo Chow food - for my birthday on Weds. This was quite important to me lol cos I didn't think I'd be able to taste mee sua till I go back to Kuching!!! & it tastes like home, family, love.

Not to mention I can always count on her to answer whatever stupid questions I have and give great advice (where to shop, when to, what to buy lol).

Tonight's my turn to cook for her! :D I made tom yam soup with beef, toufu, cabbage, seaweed and mushrooms! No pictures cos honestly the pics look so darn unappealing. We finished two pots of it so there. That's how awesome it was. HAHAH.

We played Cluedo (she's so good at it I swear she must be cheating) and she taught us another card game. I don't remember what it's called but Lai backed out after a while to chat with his mom! So we didn't get to finish. :( He not happy he wasn't winning. But yea that left me and Happy chatting about life & God. Although I'm not a believer, I enjoy talking about God. Or maybe I just like talking full stop.

But here's to new friendship! ♥

Oh and an act chio picture of me to end this post. ;)


  1. Eh, I don't cheat lor. :P Next time we must let Lai win some of the rounds. If not he'd be bored. And just end up entertaining us. Haha. The other game is called phase 10. :D Can easily take up to an hour to finish actually.

    Let's start thinking of when the next round of dinner would be. Depending on our schedules. And i think i'll always end up cooking chinese food and you the non-chinese food. Lol.

  2. did you say FREE FOOD? Love your sensual look ;)

  3. Mee swa with chicken - that's love right there.

    The pear with pek ting herbs - that's a new one to me. I thought pek ting was heaty, but you said it got rid of your heatiness? Interesting.

    Nevertheless, sounds great. I have some Asian pears and some pek ting herbs so I should try this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. the chinese pear tonic is supposed to be a neutral drink, neither cooling nor heaty. haha so... :O

    2. those are not pek ting herbs. there isnt any herbs in the tonic.