Thursday, April 26, 2012

♥ My Birthday Week ♥

Present from my lovely twin cousins <3

My mother & grandmother came to Melb for my birthday. They arrived on Sunday (we were still quite hungover from the party the night before lol) and my aunt picked me up before heading to the airport. Adam looked pretty miffed at me for dragging him out of bed so early in the morning lol.

We had lunch at my aunt's house and my mom came over to crash at my place for the first night. We spent ages cleaning the apartment together and she told us how to rearrange the place so that it was more spacious. I have to give it to her - she really knows her stuff. When she was satisfied with the arrangement, we went to Rococo for dinner. Can you believe that between the 3 of us, we only had one pizza and a bowl of fries? Even then, we were stuffed. 

I felt pretty nostalgic because I used to spend every weekend with my mother when I was younger. The sleepover with my mom made me miss those days. Never take family for granted, for although friends may come and go, family never will. & as you grow older, so do your parents. Keep them close, they are the only ones you'll ever have. 

Monday morning, my aunt came over to pick my mom up as I've got classes & assignments due Weds & Thurs. I am completely incapable of dealing with stress so I am still in shock over how productive I was. I guess all I needed was the right motivation. 

Tuesday, my aunt came over and picked us up for dinner! After dinner, we went to St. Kilda to look at the penguins. Grandmother was so funny, she pointed at the seagulls and asked if those were penguins hahaha I miss my cute granny. :( 

Mom attempting to camwhore.
Me showing her how its done. LOL.
On Thursday,  we packed our bags and took the bus to Kew and my aunt met us there. They prepared a birthday dinner for me. *^^* 

After dinner we watched home videos lol apparently, I used to have a fascination with being packed into cardboard boxes. WTF right? Then we went to my cousin's workplace where I ordered my favorite souffle for me! I shared it with everyone but still ate more than half of it. 

The next day, I lost my voice. Esp after inhaling a whole bunch of grapes. Mommy made me kampua for breakkie and we went SHOPPING!!! I finally gave in and bought an oven. - -'

Saturday, went to a bird park, a winery, did some last minute shopping and I made shepherds pie! :D We attempted to record me scaring my cousin but it was a complete fail. I will get you!!! ONE DAY!!!


Bird park

Dear mother ♥
She brought me everything I asked for and more. I have learnt to truly appreciate her and admire her dedication rather than shrug off her efforts... Mothers nag for a reason. :) It was heartbreaking to watch her go - I could see how much she didn't want to. It makes me wonder, how does it feel to let go of your children for their sake? I can barely begin to guess. We're all selfish, we'd want what we love to be by us, not forcing them to leave our side for their own good at the cost of their resentment. My father once told me that he doesn't care if I hate him, as long as he knows what he is doing is right. I never understood it. I thought he didn't care whether I hate him or not because he didn't love me enough. LOL. Being so far away from home and loved ones have taught me to become more independent and forced me to mature.

Till I return home. TwT

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