Saturday, April 7, 2012

Timeline... So what?

I don't understand why people are so worked up over timeline. What is so wrong with it? Everything is still there, just the format's changed and there's a few extra features like life events blah. Timeline is a more complete presentation of your life - although I must agree that it's super creepy, we went from social networking to whatever this is. But there's a nice big cover on the top which you can utilize to your own liking! I love it cos FINALLY, something we can personalize!

Everything everyone does is complain complain complain. "Facebook's layout has changed oh it sucks" but you still continue using facebook, "eww I hate timeline!" but hey you're still on facebook! "I asked for dislike button but they changed the layout" wow I had no idea you were friends with Mark Zuckerberg or facebook's designers!

Honestly, people, get over yourself.

Three options:
1. Quit facebook.
2. Create your own social network.
3. Shut the fuck up and just whatever.

Facebook is free! Ok, technically nothing in this world is free - your information is being reaped and sold to companies. But nobody is forcing you to use facebook. It's not mandatory, for all I know you should be thankful for facebook because how else can you stalk others legally?

I'm just going to say this once: People who complain for no good reason do it because that's what everyone else is doing.

It's like the whole Lynas & Kony thing all over again. Monkey see, monkey do.

Now tell me again why you hate timeline?


  1. Some people are so used to the previous layer. Since you're from the 2007 batch I assume you remember how we used to arrange the application that we read/play in our page before wall is the "in" thing

    1. nope, i have no idea what you're talking about lol. only really started using facebook in 09.