Wednesday, May 30, 2012


School's out, winter's in! 2 month long holiday... Which means getting a job. Did you know that you need a resume for any job you apply in Melb? I'll be damned because I've never written a resume before save for a crappy one I wrote for my internship. In Kuching, all you had to do was walk into the store for an interview and usually get hired on the spot haha... Gone are the days of carefree life!

I really don't want to work as a salesgirl or a waitress cos I've been there, done that, got sick (literally), quit. I cannot stand routines. I can work efficiently though, always getting the job done before I get any sleep. I slaved for 3 days straight without sleep for the Kuchingites video; went without food or sleep when I was designing my blog's layout. See how hardworking I am? Any employer is lucky to have me!

I want a job which challenges me because life without challenges ain't worth living! 

Here's to trying to get a job! >"<

And hoping no prospective cafe/shop employer sees this in case one day I'll have no choice but to submit to that life... Oh god. No. Sorry, not going to happen in this lifetime!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Skinfood Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover

I am not going to bother writing a description, like why the hell does its texture or smell matter as long as it works?! I'm honestly curious.

My cousins over at Big Picture Stuff asked me to ask mommy dearest to get it for them but I put in an order for myself cos I thought it had to be good cos they specifically requested for this brand although they have a wide variety to choose from here in Melb! Although I have pretty much accepted the fact that all makeup removers will hurt your eyes, leave raccoon eyes & blurry vision etc ever since I used Dior's haha. My logic: If something so atas (branded & expensive) isn't capable of producing a good makeup remover, what's more to say about the rest? The obvious flaw in my logic is that... Dior does not specialize in makeup removers but! I have also tried Biore's makeup remover wipes and I am not satisfied with them either so I've decided that all makeup removers are crap!!! However, I am always willing to try new things and there's no Skinfood in Melbourne, so since mom was coming... It couldn't hurt.

Skinfood's Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover thoroughly impressed me. Fine, I was more than impressed, I was pretty much blown away but I use that expression too much so I shall say I am very impressed. Makes me sound more cultivated and sophisticated. So impressed I am.

Allow me to demonstrate:

BOOM. Half naked face. 

Very clean - Does not leave residue (no raccoon eyes!)
Gentle on skin - No need to rub aggressively and it's for sensitive skin, so no worries!
Doesn't hurt eyes & doesn't leave you with blurry vision!
Cost effective - Doesn't need a whole lot; a little bit goes a long way.

What cons? It's perfect, I don't have any qualms about it aside from why I have to shake it before using it? Couldn't they make a solution that doesn't require shaking? But really, I don't care, it is amazing. I just thought I'd mention it cos I was wondering about it.

This is a 5/5 perfect product! I think I may have found my HG makeup remover! For those who haven't, you should definitely give it a try. For those that have found something better... Sharing is caring, so comment below! :D

Oh if anyone realized, yes! I'm using the Lumix instead of iPhone's crap front camera so the resolutions's significantly higher, so if you're a creep (or a girl that wants to check out my pores) go ahead, click to enlarge. :D However, you should know that I have run them through photoshop - although I haven't made my skin perfect nor do I believe in reconstructing my whole face, don't be a fool. Don't believe everything you see.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Social Media Stereotypes

If you take this seriously, you really have to remove that stick lodged up yours. Aside from that, enjoy! :)

You think you're artistic but hell people either follow you because they are your friends or because you're hot or because you're a goddamn helluva photographer - but you do know that Instagram was made for lomography, right? You're supposed to point, shoot, apply a random filter and upload! Not shoot on your dSLR, edit in photoshop, transfer to your phone and upload or whatever it is you do.

You're either a philosopher or comedian. Pick one, but you're not. Others include people who share TMI or TMQ. It's Too Much Info and Too Many Quotes respectively, if you didn't get it - but you should if you're on Twitter cos of the word limit. Right. The world limit. There's a reason for the 140 word limit, you know. It's the era of ADHD! If we want long posts, we'll go to blogs.

Director, how-to guru, comedian or show off. Actually, just show offs. You want to show people you know how to do this and that, can afford to buy this and that or that you're so famous and you're sponsored by this and that.

Networking and stalking. Need I say more?

Oh, I like this one. You think you are so insightful and have so much to share. You think your opinion matters... But honestly, nobody wants to read about your daily life - everybody else has enough shit to deal with in their own lives, unless you have a wonderfully fabulous life... But that would just make people resent you because you have what they don't. Usually has a penchant for freebies and money. And comments. I can't even begin to say how much they covert comments. Comments to bloggers are what likes are to Facebook addicts... More than that, comments are greatly appreciated (unlike likes) and receiving comments is like getting a present or receiving extra change from the cashier! Even if bloggers don't admit it, it's true. Comments are gold. LASTLY, don't be an idiot: don't piss a blogger off cos they will blog about you.

You all think you're so witty and funny. Actually, well, you are. I am addicted to 9gag and it has my soul. I have nothing to say against it. However, there seems to be a rumor floating around the net that you're a bunch of ripoffs/reposts. I don't believe it and frankly, I don't care. It's the goddamn internet for fuck's sake! 9gag brings me joy. But I must say something stereotypical so... You are all a bunch of individuals which lack identities, therefore you go onto 9gag and hope to find something relate-able. 9gag is the motherlode of all stereotypes, they have and are everything... I know, not my best.

All the rest are hipsters because I ain't one and I don't have Tumblr, Reddit or whatevs. Anyway, on to the next part. You thought I was done, didn't you? Well I'm not. Here are a few that refuses to comprehend how social media works. I am not going to hold back. You were warned.

These are the people who use usernames like Ange1inaJolie on Twitter (haven't encountered them on any other platforms). First and foremost, it is an insult to people, do you think people are so stupid to believe you are actually the Angelina Jolie? Secondly, followers of your account are either blind or retarded, so what does that make you? Thirdly, it's a cheap way to gain more followers. You disgusting fraud.

There is one in every social media platform. They just don't know when to stop! Nobody wants to be forced to see your constant updates. Try to limit yourself to at least 2 updates a day unless you're interesting, so c'mon. Media platforms are public spaces and while people might enjoy your updates or care about you (that's why you still have followers), nobody will appreciate it if you're diarrheaing updates onto their newsfeeds.

Yes, the world sucks and everybody hates you. Grow up.

Drama King/Queen aka Attention Whore
Everything is blown wildly out of proportions when it comes to you. Guy looks at you? OH MY GOD QUICK ALERT THE PAPARAZZI, YOU HAVE A STALKER. Bitch, please. Some car overtook you? Tell me again how he's a piece of shit and how you own the roads. A DOUCHEBAG BUMPED INTO YOU? Ooooh, I'm sure you will hunt him down and hospitalize him. You have copycats?! Wow, I had no idea you were a fashion icon! I shudder to think what you'll say when one day you realize that not everything is about you. Maybe jump off a building and dramatize that? Oh wait, you've probably announced to the world you are going to kill yourself many times by now. Guess what? You're still here. I'm being overly sarcastic because that's the only way I know how to deal with these people. GET OVER YOURSELF.

Constantly changing girl/boyfriends and always PDAing. FYI, the internet is considered a public space. If you want to tell someone you love them or exchange disgusting mushy messages, that's what your cell is for. Why display it in public? Nobody wants to see your schmuck (in this context, I meant private parts of your life). I also do not get people who fall in/out of love so easily. Today's status update: I wish you happiness... (Right after breaking up) Two days later: I am so lucky to have you. I love you! (After getting a new girl/boy) Seriously?

Fame Whore
Not to be confused with the attention whore, fame whores don't only want attention, they want worshipers. They want to be the next big thing, but they are doing it wrong, which is why they are in this category. Fame should come to those who are passionate and good at what they do, not those who strive solely for it. Where attention whores may be delusional (making more of what there is), fame whores are self absorbed. They believe they should be or are famous therefore acting like they are. They usually sucker up to successful individuals and look down on all the rest. But when the famous/successful do not reciprocate, they turn into haters. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a loser acting all diva once you get over how funny it is. The fame whore accepts all friend requests because they want more publicity or assume they are popular and well loved, whereas an attention whore will just accept all requests - no questions asked. Oh and a last identifier: They stink of desperation.

All that aside, I need a pink mouse and want a Babyliss curling iron, I don't mind a guitar either. Anyone?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goodbye, Gregory House

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This post is pointless but I just wanted to thank Hugh Laurie and David Shore for bringing Gregory House to life and making me a better person LOL.

No, seriously.

This post is to commemorate a great (fictional) man.

Thanks for the awesome 8 seasons.

See, I told you it was pointless.

Now, back to my final essay, oh look! It's about House M.D.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Babies & Marriage

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Marriage is a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience (if you're lucky). Marriage is a testament of love. It is something two people mutually decide on because they have chosen each other to be their respective partners for the rest of their lives. It is a commitment of two - not three.

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A wedding thrown together because of a pregnant bride loses the meaning of marriage. It is no longer purely an act of love - if love even exists between them (who knows, right? A guy may be conned into marrying a girl who raped seduced him or girl may have no choice but to marry a guy whose baby she carries because of circumstances eg. parents, or both of them got screwed by life because girl gets pregnant after a one night stand LOL) - but merely an effort to save whatever dignity the bride and groom has left. 

I can only think of three possible scenarios: 1. the couple loves each other, they plan on getting married in their own time but girl gets pregnant so decides to get married sooner. 2. the couple is merely irresponsible (the guy who got 'raped', girl who had 'no choice' - either could have said NO - and ONS all falls under this category). 3. the couple uses every single birth control known to mankind and still manages to get pregnant.

Scenario 1 & 2 could be easily remedied by birth control or abortion*! If you can't even be responsible enough to use contraception, how can you even begin to assume that you'll be responsible enough to bring up a kid? If you're getting married because of a ONS, you're disgusting. How can you not use a condom while fucking a random and total stranger?! Words fail me. Scenario 3 is just life fucking two people up, I can only say that both of them are either sibeh soi (super unlucky) or sibeh heng (super lucky), depending on how you look at it. *Before anyone get all riled up, I do not encourage abortion but abortion is both a sensitive and personal issue therefore neither do I condemn it. I do not think that anyone should suffer the guilt of abortion because they weren't ready for a baby because although they're killing a life, they're also saving it from a life it doesn't deserve. And it's also better than having the baby and flushing it down a toilet or leaving it somewhere to die. Both abortion and having the baby requires some semblance of courage, both have consequences, both is a solution one chooses to remedy the situation - which in itself is an act of responsibility. If it's a second abortion due to a pregnancy caused by not using contraception... I only have two words for you: FUCK YOU. Killing one life is not enough? The first is a mistake, the second is a choice. The "fuck you" is not just for the sluts, but for the motherfuckers as well. Learn your goddamn lesson. 

Anyway, sorry for digressing... Even if the couple have made plans to get married if the girl gets pregnant, I don't understand why anyone would want to rush through their wedding - which is a once in a lifetime occasion! There wouldn't be enough time to plan, choose your preferred date, book your preferred venue or decide on every minute detail (which stylist, what hairstyle, what dress, what deco, color, food, blah!), you may not even have enough money to have the wedding you dreamed of. But then again, everybody's idea of the perfect wedding is different... Maybe some just don't care. Maybe to some, a wedding is just a wedding. 

Maybe some don't give a crap, believing that as long as two people in love are together, it's all the matters. A wedding - big or small, grand or not - is nothing to them. I'd like to believe that. I'd really like to believe that there is a love so pure that surpasses worldly, materialistic things. But if that's true, why don't they just get it over with and simply register as husband and wife? Why go through the motions of a wedding upon realizing the girl is pregnant? Why not wait till after the baby is born? I don't want to hear the "according to customs" or "following tradition" crap because it's customary to make love for the first time on your wedding night.

Anyway, I think that it's so goddamn insulting because the couple expects people to believe the baby which is born 6 months after the wedding is conceived on the wedding night? Please, do you really think that people are so stupid? People are capable of doing simple maths, eg: Baby born in Feb, wedding in Aug, baby is obviously conceived in May. Aaaand people can tell a full term baby and premature baby apart. So why try to hide it? Time doesn't lie. I can almost hear the defensive remarks, "I'm not hiding anything! Blah dee blah dah!" Well, if you aren't hiding, why rush the wedding? 

Maybe the world is changing, instead of "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby and a baby carriage", now its "first comes loves, then comes baby, then comes marriage and a baby carriage"! Maybe a pregnancy (planned or not) is a good enough reason to get married. Not for me though, maybe I'm old fashioned... But I want love to be the only reason for marriage ♥.

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Regardless of what I think, everyone is responsible for their own life, everyone has their own reasons, there is no right or wrong and... I really don't care how you live your life. So, no offense to those who have jumped on the 21st century "buy one free one" bandwagon! Your business is no business of mine. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vodafone: My experience

A little back story: The first few months we were with Vodafone was pretty ok, we didn't expect the fastest speed but it was faster than what we expected. The line, although not rock solid was pretty stable. It was only after their network upgrade (oh! the irony!) that we begun to face problems.


So there I was, connected to Vodafone Pocketwifi 2 with only one tab open in Google Chrome. I typed this in Notepad because the "webpage is not available". This happens all the time. If you're a uni student, like I am, and you're completely dependent on the web, like I am, please sign up with a different internet provider and save yourself the grief of being unble to connect to the internet.

A presentation which would usually take me a day or two at most to complete, took me one whole effin week because it takes forever to load one single page (imagine refreshing every 5 seconds because "webpage is not available" and when something finally does load, it takes half an hour)!!!

Sure, there are good days but they are spaced wide and far apart.

Anyway, I have complained to Vodafone's Twitter acc (welcome to the 21st century LOL) and the Vodafone service team have responded (quite quickly). They told me they are going to try and fix it. I appreciate that even though there were quite a few different people who responded to me, they took the time to refer to the previous tweets so I didn't have to keep repeating myself (therefore aggravating me even further), they were up to speed and professional (wish I could say the same for Student Housing Australia * will link the post once I publish it!). They said they will get back to me in 72 hours but duuuuude I only have 3 weeks left in my semester which means final essays! So in a fit of impatience, I called them up and asked for assistance in resolving the problem. Apparently, there is a tech team working on the problem which will contact me in 72 hours! D:

I think that their service team is very professional and good natured, I didn't even raise my voice (how I miss the good old days back home whereby you have to yell at the internet provider service team to get your internet up and running smoothy *sarcastic*) because they do try to assist you the best they can. My anger even dissipated with each passing moment I was on the phone. When I asked Jude (the guy who tried to help me resolve my problem) for some kind of reimbursement, he transferred me to another department (consultation department if I'm not mistaken?) while apologizing and thanking me and wishing I have a good day. Anyway, Avijit (the guy in the other department) apologized and was so understanding towards my situation and gave me & Lai 100% off our next Pocketwifi bill and told me he will help me resolve my problem (to my satisfaction) within the next two days (he accidentally said months and began to laugh and said it'll be horrible if I had to wait two months). I feel kinda bad for them because it's not their fault the company they work for has a faulty product.

The network was surprisingly stable for about 2 days? And everything went to the dogs again but I decided to give it a few more days for the connection to stabilize. The only somewhat stable connection I had recently was yesterday afternoon whereby I was connected to the internet for an hour? Sigh. I have just called them up today and the guy (didn't get his name) instructed me to do some technical stuff and the I'm connected to the internet again! :D I hope it stays fine, but I can't help but wonder: How long will this last? 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pop Culture Final Essay

Recent trends in consumer behavior suggest that audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented and cultural products are being adapted to suit niche markets.
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