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Babies & Marriage

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Marriage is a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience (if you're lucky). Marriage is a testament of love. It is something two people mutually decide on because they have chosen each other to be their respective partners for the rest of their lives. It is a commitment of two - not three.

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A wedding thrown together because of a pregnant bride loses the meaning of marriage. It is no longer purely an act of love - if love even exists between them (who knows, right? A guy may be conned into marrying a girl who raped seduced him or girl may have no choice but to marry a guy whose baby she carries because of circumstances eg. parents, or both of them got screwed by life because girl gets pregnant after a one night stand LOL) - but merely an effort to save whatever dignity the bride and groom has left. 

I can only think of three possible scenarios: 1. the couple loves each other, they plan on getting married in their own time but girl gets pregnant so decides to get married sooner. 2. the couple is merely irresponsible (the guy who got 'raped', girl who had 'no choice' - either could have said NO - and ONS all falls under this category). 3. the couple uses every single birth control known to mankind and still manages to get pregnant.

Scenario 1 & 2 could be easily remedied by birth control or abortion*! If you can't even be responsible enough to use contraception, how can you even begin to assume that you'll be responsible enough to bring up a kid? If you're getting married because of a ONS, you're disgusting. How can you not use a condom while fucking a random and total stranger?! Words fail me. Scenario 3 is just life fucking two people up, I can only say that both of them are either sibeh soi (super unlucky) or sibeh heng (super lucky), depending on how you look at it. *Before anyone get all riled up, I do not encourage abortion but abortion is both a sensitive and personal issue therefore neither do I condemn it. I do not think that anyone should suffer the guilt of abortion because they weren't ready for a baby because although they're killing a life, they're also saving it from a life it doesn't deserve. And it's also better than having the baby and flushing it down a toilet or leaving it somewhere to die. Both abortion and having the baby requires some semblance of courage, both have consequences, both is a solution one chooses to remedy the situation - which in itself is an act of responsibility. If it's a second abortion due to a pregnancy caused by not using contraception... I only have two words for you: FUCK YOU. Killing one life is not enough? The first is a mistake, the second is a choice. The "fuck you" is not just for the sluts, but for the motherfuckers as well. Learn your goddamn lesson. 

Anyway, sorry for digressing... Even if the couple have made plans to get married if the girl gets pregnant, I don't understand why anyone would want to rush through their wedding - which is a once in a lifetime occasion! There wouldn't be enough time to plan, choose your preferred date, book your preferred venue or decide on every minute detail (which stylist, what hairstyle, what dress, what deco, color, food, blah!), you may not even have enough money to have the wedding you dreamed of. But then again, everybody's idea of the perfect wedding is different... Maybe some just don't care. Maybe to some, a wedding is just a wedding. 

Maybe some don't give a crap, believing that as long as two people in love are together, it's all the matters. A wedding - big or small, grand or not - is nothing to them. I'd like to believe that. I'd really like to believe that there is a love so pure that surpasses worldly, materialistic things. But if that's true, why don't they just get it over with and simply register as husband and wife? Why go through the motions of a wedding upon realizing the girl is pregnant? Why not wait till after the baby is born? I don't want to hear the "according to customs" or "following tradition" crap because it's customary to make love for the first time on your wedding night.

Anyway, I think that it's so goddamn insulting because the couple expects people to believe the baby which is born 6 months after the wedding is conceived on the wedding night? Please, do you really think that people are so stupid? People are capable of doing simple maths, eg: Baby born in Feb, wedding in Aug, baby is obviously conceived in May. Aaaand people can tell a full term baby and premature baby apart. So why try to hide it? Time doesn't lie. I can almost hear the defensive remarks, "I'm not hiding anything! Blah dee blah dah!" Well, if you aren't hiding, why rush the wedding? 

Maybe the world is changing, instead of "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby and a baby carriage", now its "first comes loves, then comes baby, then comes marriage and a baby carriage"! Maybe a pregnancy (planned or not) is a good enough reason to get married. Not for me though, maybe I'm old fashioned... But I want love to be the only reason for marriage ♥.

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Regardless of what I think, everyone is responsible for their own life, everyone has their own reasons, there is no right or wrong and... I really don't care how you live your life. So, no offense to those who have jumped on the 21st century "buy one free one" bandwagon! Your business is no business of mine. 

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