Wednesday, May 30, 2012


School's out, winter's in! 2 month long holiday... Which means getting a job. Did you know that you need a resume for any job you apply in Melb? I'll be damned because I've never written a resume before save for a crappy one I wrote for my internship. In Kuching, all you had to do was walk into the store for an interview and usually get hired on the spot haha... Gone are the days of carefree life!

I really don't want to work as a salesgirl or a waitress cos I've been there, done that, got sick (literally), quit. I cannot stand routines. I can work efficiently though, always getting the job done before I get any sleep. I slaved for 3 days straight without sleep for the Kuchingites video; went without food or sleep when I was designing my blog's layout. See how hardworking I am? Any employer is lucky to have me!

I want a job which challenges me because life without challenges ain't worth living! 

Here's to trying to get a job! >"<

And hoping no prospective cafe/shop employer sees this in case one day I'll have no choice but to submit to that life... Oh god. No. Sorry, not going to happen in this lifetime!

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  1. ahahahaha google helps a lot in finding the right resume :p