Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vodafone: My experience

A little back story: The first few months we were with Vodafone was pretty ok, we didn't expect the fastest speed but it was faster than what we expected. The line, although not rock solid was pretty stable. It was only after their network upgrade (oh! the irony!) that we begun to face problems.


So there I was, connected to Vodafone Pocketwifi 2 with only one tab open in Google Chrome. I typed this in Notepad because the "webpage is not available". This happens all the time. If you're a uni student, like I am, and you're completely dependent on the web, like I am, please sign up with a different internet provider and save yourself the grief of being unble to connect to the internet.

A presentation which would usually take me a day or two at most to complete, took me one whole effin week because it takes forever to load one single page (imagine refreshing every 5 seconds because "webpage is not available" and when something finally does load, it takes half an hour)!!!

Sure, there are good days but they are spaced wide and far apart.

Anyway, I have complained to Vodafone's Twitter acc (welcome to the 21st century LOL) and the Vodafone service team have responded (quite quickly). They told me they are going to try and fix it. I appreciate that even though there were quite a few different people who responded to me, they took the time to refer to the previous tweets so I didn't have to keep repeating myself (therefore aggravating me even further), they were up to speed and professional (wish I could say the same for Student Housing Australia * will link the post once I publish it!). They said they will get back to me in 72 hours but duuuuude I only have 3 weeks left in my semester which means final essays! So in a fit of impatience, I called them up and asked for assistance in resolving the problem. Apparently, there is a tech team working on the problem which will contact me in 72 hours! D:

I think that their service team is very professional and good natured, I didn't even raise my voice (how I miss the good old days back home whereby you have to yell at the internet provider service team to get your internet up and running smoothy *sarcastic*) because they do try to assist you the best they can. My anger even dissipated with each passing moment I was on the phone. When I asked Jude (the guy who tried to help me resolve my problem) for some kind of reimbursement, he transferred me to another department (consultation department if I'm not mistaken?) while apologizing and thanking me and wishing I have a good day. Anyway, Avijit (the guy in the other department) apologized and was so understanding towards my situation and gave me & Lai 100% off our next Pocketwifi bill and told me he will help me resolve my problem (to my satisfaction) within the next two days (he accidentally said months and began to laugh and said it'll be horrible if I had to wait two months). I feel kinda bad for them because it's not their fault the company they work for has a faulty product.

The network was surprisingly stable for about 2 days? And everything went to the dogs again but I decided to give it a few more days for the connection to stabilize. The only somewhat stable connection I had recently was yesterday afternoon whereby I was connected to the internet for an hour? Sigh. I have just called them up today and the guy (didn't get his name) instructed me to do some technical stuff and the I'm connected to the internet again! :D I hope it stays fine, but I can't help but wonder: How long will this last? 


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