Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dirty-Mouthed Men Are Uncouth

I was googling about Xiaxue & plastic surgery (specifically, looking for her blog posts regarding plastic surgery - I have another post lined up after I get this out of my system, amazing how a simple google search can supply me with so much fodder lol) when I stumbled onto the above. How the hell did "Xiaxue blotched her plastic surgery & castigates Malaysian doctor" turned into "Xiaxue's vagina"? 

I can't stand guys that degrade women by saying that they have "big", "smelly", "ugly" or (insert derogatory term here) vagina (read: ccb, dcb, sh, tmd - if you don't know what they stand for then good for you). Eh hello, please. You should be thankful for those big, smelly, ugly things. They are the only reason you're here.

I don't understand why men can be so shamelessly explicit. You were conceived by one, born through one and spend the rest of your life facing one (unless you're gay). How can it make one feel empowered by making such statements? Everytime I hear a man say something negative regarding a vagina (doesn't have to be targeted a girl), I automatically think that they are referring to their gf or wife. My assumption is that they are so frustrated and disgusted by the vagina they face everyday that they take it out on other females. Sometimes I'd look at the offender and think how his sister or mother must feel (obviously they must feel very ashamed on his behalf), having a brother/son that constantly degrades women by attempting to hit below the belt (yes, pun haha very funny, not)... It's so disrespectful. I feel that guys that say shit like that have fallen very far away from grace. 

It's not cool. It's not chivalrous. It's not nice

I seldom hear women remark about men's private parts as obscenely. The most I hear is "small penis" or "you don't have any balls" but the implications are nowhere as rude! However, I have heard women discussing other women's vaginas... I guess women has more right to because it's something we all have? But it also makes women sound classless. Anyway, this post is not about women. It's about the foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, bitter men. 

Guys, respect women. It's not because you're male and you're expected to be kind towards the female sex, because that's sexist (but, honestly, chivalry gets extra brownie points). Respect women because it shows you have class, that you're cultivated, that you're above that kind of behavior. Do you really want to be one of those men who have a filthy mouth which implies they have a filthy mind? What you say shows what kind of person you are: if you're filled with kindness, you'll speak kind words; if you're filled with anger, you'll spew angry words and vice versa. 

Remember that quote "calling someone ugly doesn't make you more beautiful, calling someone fat doesn't make you skinnier"? There's nothing to be gained by calling a woman's vagina big, ugly, hairy, etc but a lot to lose! Trust me, whatever impression others have of you will deteriorate, you will never get a self-respecting gf/wife, and the implications! Where to begin? You may come off as a loser, or a bitter person, or bokasi (no upbringing), or uneducated or all and more.

Just to be clear, guys saying ccb (smelly vagina) at an intimate object is derogatory as well. They could very much as have said clj (smelly penis) or ch (smelly testicles), but nobody does, do they? Why do you have to throw "smelly vagina" or "his/her mothers'" (tmd) around? I had no idea vaginas and your mothers are so vile in your mind that you feel the need to yell it out every 5 seconds. Ok, I curse a lot. But I'm more than entitled to... A unicorn could curse, "stupid horn!" cos it has a damn horn. Do you have a vagina? 

Also, I'm sorry to all those who can no longer eat mussels without thinking of a vagina. I'm thankful I dislike mussels hahaha. Lucky me!

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