Friday, June 1, 2012

How to Gain more Traffic on your Blog!

Gain? Traffic? Blog? 

I'm probably not the best person to write about this, seeing as I haven't "made it"... But even if it doesn't make you famous, it'll make you a helluva better blogger.

Tip #1: Write about ways of gaining traffic!
Seriously, it works every time. But don't give people recycled trash, nobody likes reposts - obviously this is a sarcastic jab at those that do.

Tip #2: Be interesting, be funny, be controversial, be anything but yourself!
Seriously, I'm so tired of all the be yourself crap cos quite frankly, most people are incredibly dull and lead mundane lives. If you want to blog about your day, make it interesting or make it funny or even controversial. If you think you're special because you can sing or do makeup/hair, honey, wake up. Anyone can do anything if they put their heart to it. But people can never say no to interesting or funny! It also helps if you're hot.

Tip #3: Promote yourself. But don't spam.
Do it at any given opportunity, if the opportunity presents itself. Nobody will take kindly to those who spam. Personally, I share my link across Facebook and Twitter almost every time I update my blog.

Tip #4: Don't feed or acknowledge trolls & don't argue with haters.
Cos you'll come across as a loser. Trolls are a part and parcel of the internet world. They are put there to test you and if you can't handle it, quite frankly, you are not cut out to be a part of this world. U mad? Haters don't like you, why do you think they will listen to what you have to say?

Tip #5: Use coherent English.
Leave the big words for your academic essays, alright? And don't write like a pre-pubescent teenager. If your English isn't good enough, improve yourself by reading! If people can't understand you, don't think for one moment that anyone would enjoy reading your blog. Unless you're hot. In which case they are only 'reading' your blog for the pictures!

Tip #6: Reciprocate
Leave a comment on someone's blog if you have something to say because people blog for audiences and would love to hear what they have to say. If someone leaves a comment on your blog, visit them back and leave a comment as well. It is also a great networking method and in this field, there is no such thing as not enough friends or followers. So be active in the blogosphere, don't just pay attention to your own blog.

Tip #7: Try, but don't try too hard.
Who cares if you only have 24 25 followers on your blog or the fact that almost nobody comments? Love what you do and do what you love.

Tip #8: Pictures, please.
Humans are very visual creatures, we like pretty things. Enough said.

Tip #9: Space out your posts. Added 29/08/12
While people appreciate a new update every time they visit your blog, they definitely would not appreciate seeing 25 new posts shoved in their faces. Especially if they visit your blog regularly. One thing to understand is that, even the most religious readers would seldom visit your blog daily, what more the say about other, less committed readers? Secondly, readers want to be entertained and may lose interest quickly if they think that they are unable to keep up. So, what you want to do is to keep your readers in suspense (when is your next post going to be?) but do not leave them hanging too long, because they will move on and, surprise them occasionally (woah! 3 consecutive posts!). What I do is, I schedule or publish posts at least 2-3 days apart so that when readers haven't visited in a while, they won't have too much to catch up on and the more regular readers will be rewarded every time they visit! TL;DR? A general rule of thumb is to limit your daily posts to a maximum of 2 posts and leaving a 3 day gap before updating again.


  1. and not to forget make friends with the crazy wabbit :D

  2. thanks for the tip, i will try all of your tip :)