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Movie: Prometheus

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Thanks to Hoyts for giving me a pair of 3D passes. I finally got around to using them due to finals and all! We picked Prometheus because it seemed promising. I remember watching 2 movies in 3D back home (in the Spring) and decided then and there that we would never watch another movie in 3D because it's crap. But since coming to Melb and experiencing movies on Xtremescreen (you people back home will never believe how clear everything is!), we were open to trying 3D one more time. It was amazing. Although we did come out of the cinema feeling overwhelmed and had a headache but that's because everything was so crystal clear that we couldn't help but focus on taking everything in, not sparing a single detail. I will never be able to look at 3D the same again! Crisp details and so damn pretty. Ok, enough raving about the 3D! Moving on the the movie...

I read a few reviews, and people either hate it (poor storyline! cliqued! expected more!) or loved it because they thought themselves to be philosophical thinkers which I think is pretty damn absurd. Other viewers try to pick the movie to pieces but it's still a freaking movie! Understanding its subtext does not make you a genius, and since everyone has their own taste (or reasoning), there's no reason to bash viewers who didn't enjoy the movie (or interpreted it differently). I, for one, thought of it more as an action sci fi, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I don't think that it is meant to be an intellectual movie at all. 

This is how I judge a movie: 1. Do I want it to end sooner (bad movie) or later (good movie)? 

The logic of the question is really simple. GENERALLY, movies are supposed to reel you in and stimulate your mind (if applicable). If it doesn't have appeal or it is so vague that one has to dig deep for better understanding, then it has failed. Movies are produced for a mass audience, which means that its logic or explanations (in the face of intellectually challenging material) should not surpass one of an average person. 

That being said... 

** spoilers **

The visuals were really breathtaking. The movie starts off real mysterious and full of wonder, up till everyone was woken up and you realize that an idiot billionaire (or trillion? who cares?) threw together a team that is supposedly the best but are amazingly unprofessional. The expedition was based on two scientist who "chose to believe" that these alien engineers created them and foolishly thought they could just waltz into some planet and demand answers. The idiotic billionaire who enabled them, joined them on the expedition while under the pretense of being dead (due to him having only a few more days to live but kinda redundant, who cares?) believing he could escape death, only to die. The idea of taking off helmets on an alien planet? Genius (sarcasm). And redundant. Nothing happened because of it yet they made such a big fuss about it lol. The baby bit blew me so far out into space I died for a moment. Nobody thought of chasing or stopping Shaw when she operated on herself? Nobody thought of retrieving the baby alien that she conceived? Even if everyone else conveniently forgotten, Shaw herself should have informed someone else to take care of the matter. But no, not even when she stumbled upon the supposedly dead billionaire and roboboy - who was the one who found out about the baby - who did not even acknowledge the baby, but rather, complimented Shaw on her survival skills instead. Not to mention, she didn't seem quite sufficiently surprised at the sight of the dead man - but then again, I guess after going through such a traumatic experience, you'd have reached your limit, eh? How is it possible she was still able to run after having her abdomen stapled together? Adrenaline? Seriously? For so long? HAHA. How did she even get pregnant despite being sterile? Okay, so maybe this is not that relevant because I don't think she wasn't exactly pregnant, I think she was just a host for the alien life form.

I could go on, or you google and go wild. Like I said, people tend to over analyze and expect some semblance of logic in the movie they are watching. But why, why couldn't it be about a bunch of unprofessional idiots, thrown together by a billionaire, travelling 2 years away from home to find answers? There are so many crazy people on this planet, so why not? It is a private expedition afterall. It's just the Shaw part that's reasonably unbelievable.

I like how there's so many things happening at the same time. I believe that it's not that the director can't make up his mind which direction to go in, but there are so many characters and despite not having enough time to decipher their motives or develop them individually, they are perfectly human (except the robot but even he had his issues). If you throw a whole bunch of strangers together, there will be conflicts, there will be mistakes, flaws, blaaas. What's so unrealistic about that? And as for the black matter... What is it? Who cares? I think that's the whole point. Sometimes there's just no rhyme or reason. It just is. It destroys, it creates. U mad?

I knew that this movie was going to be an ambiguous one, no moment of enlightenment in the third act or any truly profound sentiments so I wasn't disappointed. Although, it did try, I think, to instill wonder in audiences. It tried to infuse religion with science. But it failed, nonetheless. There were no questions which has not been addressed before. I think it's quite beyond us to create a flawless explanation so vagueness will have to make do.

I enjoyed it purely because of it's visuals and action. But take that all away and it's nothing, really. Although I felt that this movie wasn't so much so about who created us or where we came from, it focused so much more on life and how far we're willing to go to evade death (even the robot wanted to preserve what life he has). I actually enjoyed this movie a lot, even if I seem to have criticized it a lot hahaha. I really didn't want the movie to end because I was hoping for more. There could've been more. Should have. I liked the idea of the engineers, humans and robots and the relationships between the three, I wish it had been elaborated... Maybe in the next film? Overall, it was so visually satisfying. If it was philosophical though, it would've been perfect. But it's not, so stop pretending like it is. 

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  1. Nice review Veyroniqa. I was entertained, to say the least, but I think I was expecting something so much better after all of the promotion for this flick. Maybe it was too much like Alien.