Friday, June 8, 2012

Simple Recipes for the Uni Student

I remember back when I was harping on about how I was going to learn to cook because I didn't want to be one of them whiny good-for-nothing girls who prided themselves in not knowing how to boil water. Anyway, I think I'm somewhat good at cooking now - I mean I am no longer disgusted by my creations - obviously thanks a lot to Happy who is an amazing cook. And to prove I can cook, here are two of the boyfriend's favorite homemade meals! He likes them so much he lights up like a christmas tree every time I tell him I'm planning to make either one.

Baked Potatoes
Left: Mixed veggie version * Right: Onion version

- Potatos
- Bacon
- Mixed Vege
- Mixed Herbs & Salt
- Cheese
- Water

1. Slice potatoes and season with mixed herbs and salt.
2. Slice bacon and fry.
3. Add potatoes and mixed vege.
4. Add water (don't drown the potatoes in it, but don't be ngiaoci (stingy) either; pour enough just to cover the potatoes if I make sense at all lol), let it simmer till the potatoes are soft.
5. Add everything into an oven proof pan in layers, topping with cheese at every layer. Meaning: Put a layer of the potatoes/bacon/veggies and scatter cheese, then add another layer of potatoes/bacon/veggies and cheese again till you use up all the potatoes/bacon/veggies.
6. (Optional) Pop into oven at 160 degrees (make sure you preheat the oven, I don't know why you should but Happy says I should so do it!) till cheese turns brown.

I usually make the above with sliced onions without veggies or herbs (pic on the right) but I thought it could work. And it did! Both tastes awesome so try em or chuck it all in and mix it up to your preference!

This next one is an attempt at recreating my aunt's shepherds pie so kudos to her for inspiring me.

Simple Shepherds Pie

- Potatoes
- Butter
- Milk
- Beef
- Mushrooms
- Cheese
- Black pepper
- Onions (or mixed veggie or broccoli, which is our favorite)

1. Boil potatoes (I usually boil then peel the skin off cos it's a lot easier that way, but potatoes vary, so to be on the safe side, just peel them first)!
2. Slice mushrooms and chop onions.
3. Fry onions till fragrant, add beef and fry while adding pepper and salt till you're happy with it and lastly add mushrooms.
4. Fill an oven proof pan with the beef/mushrooms and add a layer of cheese.
5. Mash potatoes, mix with salt, butter and milk till you're satisfied with its taste and spread 'em all on top of the beef/mushrooms/cheese.
6. (Optional) Pop into preheated oven, bake till the cheese is brown and potatoes slightly dry.

I realized I'm really horrible at instructions ahahaha but if you get what I'm saying go ahead and try! Anyway, the baking bit is optional because prior to getting an oven, I didn't bake either one and it still turned out nomable! Good luck. :*

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