Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I lied.

I know I said I would be blogging about the differences between aesthetics and attraction but meh I don't feel inspired. I'm more inspired to ramble because I don't feel very intellectual at the moment. I have been doing pretty much nothing for the past two months... So much for getting a job! Everyone wants to hire someone with experience so where the f do you get experience? I'm better off spending more time on my blog!

Anyway. Before I left Kuching, everyone told me to try very hard not to get fat or told me to prepare myself because I will get fat. I've been in Melbourne for more than half a year... I do not see any significant weight gain. Adam's even lost weight. Sure, the food is good... But it's just not the same. I mean like it's cool I got to try new things but I prefer the food I grew up with. I've been trying to recreate dishes like fried 3 layer pork (pork belly) with ginger, lean pork and potatoes with ginger in black soya sauce, fried bak choy/ladies fingers (I don't understand why the ladies fingers here are so minuscule!)/long beans with garlic. T^T Any Kuchingites out there share the same grief?!

And do you know what sucks most about being overseas? You drop off the face of the earth. Back home, everyone is going about their usual lives while you have to construct a whole new life for yourself. While everyone only have to adjust to your absence, you'll have to get used to the idea that you left everyone back home. I really appreciate the ones who make an effort to keep in touch because although I know that once I go back, it would be as though I've never left... It gets pretty lonely out here. Making new friends is not the solution because each friend is irreplaceable. There is no substitute. :(

Oh! You know those friendship quotes and memes like, 'good friends come to your house and sit in your living room, best friends come and raid your kitchen' or 'good friends call before coming over, best friends just honk the shit out of their minds'. Sure, they used to be cute and funny because it's relatable, but now it's becoming overrated and annoying because I'm starting to feel like the posters (or sharers) are trying to convince people that they have best friends and if you have to try to convince people, chances are, you don't have what you're trying to convince people you have. TL;DR? People who post about friendship are trying too damn hard.

Gonna catch Batman now, ta!

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