Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Differences between Race & Nationality.

Edit: 14/08/2014 My previous title was "Differences between Ethnicity & Nationality" and stood corrected. I initially thought that Ethnicity = Race, but I was wrong, Ethnicity and Nationality is similar in the sense that it is something you can change and Race is something you cannot. I suppose if a Chinese were adopted by an African family, but raised in America... He would be racially Chinese, Ethically African and Nationally American. I have since rectified my mistake.

Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone, but it is inevitable that some may take offense. And for that I advise against continuing.

People tend to merge both together. When I first came to Australia, I had to go through my ancestral history explicitly. A normal conversation would go like:

Aussie: So where are you from?
Me: Malaysia.
Aussie: Oh! - proceeds to say something in Malay, probably thinking that he sounds very clever
Me: I'm Chinese.
Aussie: Oh, so you are Malay-Chinese?
Me: Nope, my parents are Chinese and their grandparents/parents who are Chinese, immigrated from China to Malaysia.
Aussie: What's that? - confused
Me: My mother's mother and father and my father's father and mother-
Aussie: Your grandparents?
Me: .. (Thinking: Don't be a smartass) Yes. My grandparents or their grandparents immigrated from China. To. Malaysia.
Aussie: So, some where along the line, your ancestors must have married a Malay to make you part Malaysian right?
Me: Malaysian is a nationality. Malay is a race. I'm pure Chinese.
Aussie: ???
Me: (Idiots! Idiots all around me) Look, you're Australian, right? So if your parents moved to Malaysia, does that make you Malay?
Aussie: Ohh so you're originally from China and you moved to Malaysia?
Me: No, my ancestors did. I was born in Malaysia, therefore I'm Malaysian.
Aussie: So you're Malay-Chinese.
Me: No. I'm Chinese, from Malaysia. I'm not Malay, Malay is a different race altogether.

Source: Google Images
Usually, the Australian would drop the subject because there's really no point in risking annoying someone for something you don't understand, right? But people, people, people... It's really not that hard to comprehend.

Nationality: Wherever you've got citizenship. So, Australian, Malaysian... Those are nationalities.
Race: Whatever "color" (this is politically incorrect but I don't know how else to put it) you are. So, Caucasian (White), Asians (Brown/Yellow)... Those are races.

I can see why some people cannot differentiate between the two. Asians are branched off into Korean, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Malay... All of which are also the respective names of their nationalities. Additionally, Caucasians do not have those differing sub categories, they categorize purely based on nationality. So I can see why it's confusing, so let's break it down...

Race is something you can not change. It's something you're born with and will die with. It's in your features, your skin tone, your ancestral heritage, in your blood. If you're Caucasian, that means your parents are both Caucasian, their parents were Caucasian and so on and so forth.

Nationality, on the other hand, can be changed depending on the individual. Anyone who has the right qualifications could apply for citizenship anywhere in the world. If you were born in Australia and you are Caucasian, you could migrate to Malaysia and become a Malaysian or migrate to America and become an American if you wanted to... But you will always be Caucasian.

Here are a few pictures of hot girl stars to illustrate my point:

Hebe (singer) is born in Taiwan. Taiwanese have been known to argue that they are a different race altogether, and much rather refer to those from China as Chinese, and themselves, Taiwanese. But for the sake of this argument, she's Chinese-Taiwanese - because Taiwan was once a part of China and they are descended from Chinese. Anyway, if she migrated to Australia, her nationality will be Australian, making her Chinese-Australian.

Scarlett Johansson (actress) is mixed with Jew (maternal) and Danish (paternal). So, her race is Jew-Danish. However, because she immigrated to America, her nationality is American. Therefore, she is Jew-Danish-American.

Nina Dobrev (actress) is born in Bulgaria and is racially Bulgarian but she moved to Canada when she was 2 so now she is Bulgarian-Canadian. Canadian is her nationality.

I actually wanted White, Yellow and Black representatives but I do not know any Indian/Nigerian/African/Malay actresses/singers so this will have to do. Haha!

Hell, if I had Australian citizenship, I would be Australian but I will always be Chinese. It's the same thing with African-American and me being Chinese-Malaysian!

* I'm not implying that Australians are dim, I am merely unfortunate to have met some ignorant ones. And it's not even limited to Australians, even in Malaysia (specifically Kuching), I have friends who go like:

Friend: OMG, s/he's Australian/American/Kiwi/Canadian/(insert nationality here) so that means s/he's either White or is mixed! (Obviously, they don't phrase it as so, they usually use the word 'ang mo' which is Hokkien slang for 'white people' but it's literal translation is 'red hair' so they would usually say 's/he is ang mo')
Me: Seriously? His/her parents are from Malaysia, they moved to Australia/America/New Zealand/Canada and moved back to Malaysia... How does that make him/her white?! If that's the case, if I move to Australia/America/New Zealand/Canada and moved back here, does that make me white?

Oh, to understand the above, you have to bear in mind that a majority of Chinese are more welcoming towards the white folk and tend to ostracize darker skinned races. But that's for a different post which, I promise will follow this one. That's a promise I will keep unlike this promise which I broke because, I have a personal vendetta against people who worship Caucasians.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Corioliss Pro V Red Leopard Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

I actually wrote this back in April haha but I wanted to make a video to go with it so I delayed it till now~ At the end of the day, I realized that I didn't like how I look in a video (appearance wise and style wise - I look and sound so awkward) so NO VIDEO till I discover how to make myself look good on video. 

Woa what a mouthful. And before I begin, I would like to say that I am in no way affiliated with Flat Iron Experts (how I wish I was!) and this post is based on my honest opinion.

I got this baby in 2010 when it was on promotion on and it came with a few cool gifts like a baby pink mini flat iron (initially I wanted the pink full sized Corioliss, but it was out of stock so I got the Red Leopard instead sad but this made it up for the disappointment a little bit lol), a KQC thermal shine spray (the scent did not appeal to me, but it did its job well so I didn't mind how it smelt like especially since the scent does not linger) and a KQC holder (I must admit I was a little apprehensive about putting my Corioliss into the holder while it's still hot cos I'd afraid it'd melt but it thankfully it hasn't) for it!

I know, it's two years ago... But it's been two years and it's still going strong! I love it!

My hair is very thick, super coarse and naturally straight but due to it's immense thickness, it is pretty damn voluminous. On top of that, my ends have been bleached blonde and dyed black and chemically straightened, so they are pretty much dead lol. I have been using Joico Gold (K-Pak Reconstruct) for about a year now and my hair's started to get really tangly. So I decided that my hair has too much protein and that I should start incorporating moisture into my hair care regime. I wanted to try Dove's Nutri-Oil Serum so I joined Chaigyaru's giveaway and Nuffnang's April Product Talk and didn't get chosen on either accounts so decided that it isn't meant to be so I got Organix Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask and Joico Blue (Moisture Recovery) instead. LOL yes I am bitter! Dove Nutri-Oil Serum, Y U NO WAN ME? But I am glad I got the two other products, especially Joico Blue. Review soon, but damn! I'm impressed.

Air dried day old hair!
OK. Enough about my hair, if you are so inclined, you may read about what my hair has been through here. On to Corioliss. It is 1-1/4 inches, heats up from 140 to 410 Fahrenheit - I use about 275. For more information about it, click!

It is really good at what its supposed to do - straighten hair. It smooths all flyaways and gives the illusion that you've just chemically straightened your hair every single time without fail. But I actually got this straightener because I saw a tutorial on youtube about curling hair with a Corioliss by Rosebud143! The idea that a flat iron could double as a curler really sold me (it was 2 years ago - I was gullible and ignorant lol) but there is a reason why curlers haven't gone extinct!!!

Although I must admit that the curls made by a straightener looks pretty damn awesome on people who have lots of layers in their hair, it doesn't look as good on people who don't! Why? Simply because the curls it create are very uniform, so unless you have layers to break it up, chances are, your curls will look identical to one another and will usually group together to form one long sausage lmfao. Happens to me all the time and I'd have to run my fingers through my hair to break them up but if you overdo it you'll look like a mess. And no, not a hot one. Unless, of course, that's the look you're trying to achieve. Beats me why anyone would want to look like they have two sausages or a bird's nest for hair but whatever rocks your boat!

Secondly, do not ever try to curl your hair with a straightener (using the Rosebud's method) if you hair is anywhere as damaged as mine because it'll be near-impossible to just run the iron through your hair because damaged hair isn't smooth so it'll snag on the iron.

I may look happy, but trust me I'm not cos the iron's stuck.
It's been with me for 2 years, and prior to coming to Melbourne, I was more or less a party animal so I do up my hair all the time and it hasn't failed me yet. It's lasting, doesn't damage hair as much as cheap alternatives because it's supposed to have some kind of hi-tech plates but generally I think that because you only need to straighten or curl one section of hair once, it minimizes damage. I've had cheap straighteners before and have to continuously straighten one section and even then, might not be as straight as what I can achieve with this baby.

I curled the ends inwards slightly even though I wanted to show yall how dead straight Corioliss can achieve. *genius* But I've done so much hair damage for the sake of this blog. GIMME LOVE DAMNIT.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Kuching Festival for those Abroad

We have a food festival annually in Kuching where you can virtually get anything you're craving for. It is held for a month from July till August. I remember one year I virtually lived off Kuching Festival because our maid went back to her hometown and nobody bothered to cook. So every night my dad and I would go there for dinner. Every. Single. Night.

I have been to it every single year without fail, and not just once or twice a year but constantly, because Kuching people can't make up their minds about what they wanna eat so whenever someone says "wherever", we end up at Kuching Festival! 

This year, I'll not be attending because I'm studying abroad. I can't say I miss it and desperately want to go home just to get squashed by the hoards of people for a meal. I'm privileged enough to have the opportunity to experience life in another country, why should I kick up a big fuss about a festival which I have had the chance to go to every single year of my 22 years on this planet and probably have a good amount of years left to attend in the future? How many more years will I be able to study abroad and live this life now? 

I don't understand people who make a big fuss over wanting to return home just for the Kuching Festival. We have all grown up with it, it's really not such a big deal... It's only special because everyone else back home will enjoy themselves. That's the thing with people. They are sheep. If one person misses Kuching Festival, everyone must as well. If someone posts about Kuching Festival on FB, everyone has to go as well or start whining and saying they wanna go. Think for yourselves... Appreciate what you have. Not everyone has the opportunity to pursue their studies, broaden their minds (lol HP reference) and experience life differently!

Why do you envy those that may never have such a chance?

I'm so tempted to say something mean but there really isn't a point. People who get it will get it, people who won't probably won't just because of a blog post. They have to think for themselves. So there. I was supposed to post this during the Kuching Festival, but I procrastinated and just remembered about this draft so I'm finishing it up now. Here's a picture, let's just pretend I posted this during Kch Fes cos I took this picture around that time ahahaha :P

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The reason why there are no gamer girls...

I'm always on 9gag and I realized that the boys are always complaining that there aren't any gamer girls and idolizing them. Girls are often always trying to prove that they are genuine gamer girls and/or debunking other gamer girls as fake gamer girls with their own fucked up logic. But the truth is, real gamer girls do not reveal they are gamers. Or girls

Why? If you think you're a gamer girl, but do not know the following, you're not. So GTFO. And for the record, I'm forced to break the code of silence because the level of people's ignorance is too damn high.

1. I've realized through playing dotA that nobody will believe that you are a girl, so why bother explaining? And it doesn't really matter whether you're a girl or a boy because all it comes down to is skill so why not fry that little motherf instead of trying to prove that you're a girl? It doesn't change anything. Pfft.

2. I've just recently started playing RO, and OMG. Once people realize you are a girl, PMs of: "do you have facebook", "do you have twitter", "can I add you on skype" will start to flood your screen. Like, chill the fuck down people. Stop wetting yourselves in excitement! Goddamn. I've decided never to reveal I'm a girl ever again. If people ask, I'm just gonna say I'm a gay boy. I'm sure I'm not the only girl out there who feels harassed by prepubescent boys getting all hot and bothered by the fact that you are a girl!

So you see fellas, the problem isn't that there aren't any girls, but that you are either too skeptical or too desperate therefore scaring them all off.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bf's Bday Cake!

It was Adam's birthday yesterday so I decided to do something I've never done before. Bake & decorate a cake! I googled "easy fondant" lol because truth be told I don't have all the ingredients needed for the generic fondant and there's no point in me buying a whole bag of gelatin just to use a tbsp. I found marshmallow fondant and I thought it was perfect because marshmallows come in different colors so I don't have to buy coloring which I'll never ever use again! For anyone who's interested, here's the link: Now everyone can make easy peasy fondant to surprise whoever.

So I bought pink & white marshmallows to make the fondant... There are no step by step pictures because all I did was follow the instructions - actually, I didn't follow their measurements, which resulted in really sticky fondant because I didn't know how fondant was supposed to be like, lol. At the end I just kept adding icing sugar until I thought I could work with it. So my measurements were kinda like 15 marshmallows and almost 250g of icing sugar.

I don't have any step by step pictures of how I made the designs/deco/whatever you wanna call it because 1. I was in a rush (he gets off class at 4pm, takes him about 45 mins to get home) and when I came home after buying ingredients and pressies it was already roughly 3pm. 2. The designs are really basic. For the base, I rolled up the pink fondant into 2 sausages and the white fondant into one sausageish shape and started flattening it with my palms cos I don't even have a roller. I tried using a chopstick, but it doesn't take a genius to realize that wasn't going to work. Then I laid it on the cake and cut off the excess and tucked the sides in. For the words, I flattened the fondant and cut out lotsa strips and cut them accordingly. Since fondant is quite soft, you can actually shape them into circles, which was what I did for the 2nd character. Then, I used a needle to cut out heart shapes because DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO MAKE TINY HEART SHAPES WITH A KNIFE?! Lastly, I used water to adhere the words/hearts to the base. Halfway through, I realized I should put water on the underside of the words/hearts instead of slathering the base with water. As you can see, there are a few wet spots. >~<

Up close, you can see that it's actually kinda fail because the fondant isn't very smooth and I guess I wasn't fast enough cos the fondant kinda dried up and cracked a lil (otherwise, experienced bakers, feel free to explain). But oh well, it's the thought that counts right? And for someone who has never done anything like this before or have any appropriate tools, I thought I did pretty well. :O

Monday, August 13, 2012

Section 114A?

Don't freak out over the pop-up that has invaded my blog (if it's even working LOL). It will be gone on the 15th. But you know what might be gone as well?

Your freedom on the internet.

Section 114A is a newly enforced law in Malaysia (so don't freak out if you're from a different part of the world). Read more about it here. Go on, educate yourself. Because if this law is not revoked, you will be liable for everything you share or whatever is posted under your name. This is not limited to your accounts, but also accounts created through your internet connection.  Supposedly, I think this bill was passed in attempt to make the internet a more secure place. But the bill has overlooked a few key points, please see the infograph below:

Click to enlarge!
In their effort to secure the internet, they have made life easier for hackers and serious criminals by transferring the blame to the innocent public. 

TL;DR? Watch this video!

All seriousness aside, I think someone out there is pulling this shit just for kicks. I mean SOPA, PIPA and now this? They may have seen the unity those bills achieved and is trying to give us a cause to unite for. Maybe? Not likely? Who knows, the government may not be as ignorant as we think. Now share! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sem 2

classes have finally started so yay. this sem seems like a lot of fun. there's a subject whereby we have to start our own project so it's pretty hands on and exciting. :D two other subjects require a lot of writing but that's cool cos writing is kinda my thing. kinda, but not really... don't really like the hardcore stuff where we have to use formal english but it's all good. don't know what's in store for the fourth subject though, but will find out tomorrow!

had the worst pork today, stank like a pig. i felt like i was chewing on a piece of raw pig. hello, aussieland, do you not know that your pork kinda stinks? i've never had bad bacon, but fresh pork. damn. this is the second time i've had smelly pork!!! and it really puts me off (i'm sure it puts alot of asians off too) and i'm just curious as to why it's still an issue. i mean, you have what? hundreds if not thousands of asians living in australia, and i'm pretty sure they have complained to death and yet... why, aus, why?!!

ok. that's all.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Proud to be Malaysian because of Lee Chong Wei?

Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone, but it is inevitable that some may take offense. And for that I advise against continuing.

Edit: OMG. Typo alert ahaha I spelt his name wrong. >"< Corrected & thanks to Happy for pointing it out! See, I told you all I'm ignorant regarding all these... Things. If it doesn't concern or interest me, I never try to find out. 

Last night, all of a sudden, my twitter was flooded with "proud to be Malaysian" tweets because of some guy called Lee Chong Wei. Yea, I'm ignorant and did not know who he is. I didn't even watch Olympics save for the opening ceremony featuring Rowan Atkinson because who doesn't like Mr. Bean, right? 

Nationalism and pride in being a certain race is overrated. Both are limitations. If we can never get over it we will never be at peace. Recognizing your culture is cool and all but... I remember watching a video recently, and the guy was talking about people who are proud of being a certain race and how it doesn't make sense because it was not something you achieved and how can you be proud of something you did not work for? 

Starts at 1:03

When I was looking for the video above, I found this and he pretty much nailed it too.

Back to the topic at hand: Lee Chong Wei was the one chance Malaysia had at scoring a gold medal... And I think that's why everyone is pissing themselves but you know what? It's irrelevant to you. You didn't do anything or played a part in his being there. You're just affiliated through one small detail which could have easily been different had your parents decided to settle down elsewhere. Now don't get me wrong, it's really satisfying to see Malaysians all come together and be unified over an international sporting competition meant to strengthen the bond between countries as a show of good faith, right?

I wish I could join in. But it's like seeing a huge pile of tumbling puppies, wetting themselves in joy because someone decided to toss them a ball. Again, don't get me wrong, I'm glad that Malaysia is getting recognized. I'm just not proud because I didn't contribute, what right do I have to feel proud? It's like a stranger gave birth and I say I'm proud of her and proud of being female. It's like saying you hate an entire race because your ancestors warred with their ancestors. Wtf? Wtf indeed.

Respect, that's what I have for Lee Chong Wei. Just respect.
‎Patriotism is the conviction that your country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it. - George Bernard Shaw