Friday, August 24, 2012

Kuching Festival for those Abroad

We have a food festival annually in Kuching where you can virtually get anything you're craving for. It is held for a month from July till August. I remember one year I virtually lived off Kuching Festival because our maid went back to her hometown and nobody bothered to cook. So every night my dad and I would go there for dinner. Every. Single. Night.

I have been to it every single year without fail, and not just once or twice a year but constantly, because Kuching people can't make up their minds about what they wanna eat so whenever someone says "wherever", we end up at Kuching Festival! 

This year, I'll not be attending because I'm studying abroad. I can't say I miss it and desperately want to go home just to get squashed by the hoards of people for a meal. I'm privileged enough to have the opportunity to experience life in another country, why should I kick up a big fuss about a festival which I have had the chance to go to every single year of my 22 years on this planet and probably have a good amount of years left to attend in the future? How many more years will I be able to study abroad and live this life now? 

I don't understand people who make a big fuss over wanting to return home just for the Kuching Festival. We have all grown up with it, it's really not such a big deal... It's only special because everyone else back home will enjoy themselves. That's the thing with people. They are sheep. If one person misses Kuching Festival, everyone must as well. If someone posts about Kuching Festival on FB, everyone has to go as well or start whining and saying they wanna go. Think for yourselves... Appreciate what you have. Not everyone has the opportunity to pursue their studies, broaden their minds (lol HP reference) and experience life differently!

Why do you envy those that may never have such a chance?

I'm so tempted to say something mean but there really isn't a point. People who get it will get it, people who won't probably won't just because of a blog post. They have to think for themselves. So there. I was supposed to post this during the Kuching Festival, but I procrastinated and just remembered about this draft so I'm finishing it up now. Here's a picture, let's just pretend I posted this during Kch Fes cos I took this picture around that time ahahaha :P

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