Monday, August 6, 2012

Proud to be Malaysian because of Lee Chong Wei?

Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone, but it is inevitable that some may take offense. And for that I advise against continuing.

Edit: OMG. Typo alert ahaha I spelt his name wrong. >"< Corrected & thanks to Happy for pointing it out! See, I told you all I'm ignorant regarding all these... Things. If it doesn't concern or interest me, I never try to find out. 

Last night, all of a sudden, my twitter was flooded with "proud to be Malaysian" tweets because of some guy called Lee Chong Wei. Yea, I'm ignorant and did not know who he is. I didn't even watch Olympics save for the opening ceremony featuring Rowan Atkinson because who doesn't like Mr. Bean, right? 

Nationalism and pride in being a certain race is overrated. Both are limitations. If we can never get over it we will never be at peace. Recognizing your culture is cool and all but... I remember watching a video recently, and the guy was talking about people who are proud of being a certain race and how it doesn't make sense because it was not something you achieved and how can you be proud of something you did not work for? 

Starts at 1:03

When I was looking for the video above, I found this and he pretty much nailed it too.

Back to the topic at hand: Lee Chong Wei was the one chance Malaysia had at scoring a gold medal... And I think that's why everyone is pissing themselves but you know what? It's irrelevant to you. You didn't do anything or played a part in his being there. You're just affiliated through one small detail which could have easily been different had your parents decided to settle down elsewhere. Now don't get me wrong, it's really satisfying to see Malaysians all come together and be unified over an international sporting competition meant to strengthen the bond between countries as a show of good faith, right?

I wish I could join in. But it's like seeing a huge pile of tumbling puppies, wetting themselves in joy because someone decided to toss them a ball. Again, don't get me wrong, I'm glad that Malaysia is getting recognized. I'm just not proud because I didn't contribute, what right do I have to feel proud? It's like a stranger gave birth and I say I'm proud of her and proud of being female. It's like saying you hate an entire race because your ancestors warred with their ancestors. Wtf? Wtf indeed.

Respect, that's what I have for Lee Chong Wei. Just respect.
‎Patriotism is the conviction that your country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it. - George Bernard Shaw


  1. I think it's just that for once, people are proud that something good came from Malaysia other than all the nonsense that happened. It's nothing wrong to be happy and support him. It's not that people are saying "OMG I AM THE REASON WHY HE'S THERE", we're just happy that he's made it this far. As for the whole "proud to be Malaysian" thing, well, better to start somewhere, right? It's just patriotism.

    I'm not saying there's no truth in your post, but these are just my thoughts on it.

    1. hey! everyone's entitled to their own opinions so thx for sharing. i'm just wondering if you watched the two vid clips? cos they illustrate the msg i'm trying to convey... however, i do not disagree that patriotism is a step up from all the complaints and criticisms and that it is absolutely fine to feel happiness or admiration, but i personally think that pride should be reserved for personal achievement. :)

  2. people praise and curse at him for not winning Malaysia's first gold medal in the Olympic game, even our neighbor Singapore cheer and insult their representative (from China) for not being local talent =.=

  3. I agree to a certain degree. But then again, the tweets and etc that I've been seeing lean more towards "proud of LCW" instead of "proud of being Malaysian"?

    Lets just look at "proud of LCW" first. It is similar to having a close friend or family member achieving something good and so you are proud of him/her because you acknowledge that he/she has gone a distance to achieve it. I think you'd agree with this.

    "Proud of being a Malaysian".. Hmm.. This can be a little tricky. Perhaps, for once, Malaysians find a worthy cause to be united and to cheer for the same purpose. You have to admit that that doesn't come very often despite the government spending millions of dollars trying to achieve the 1Malaysia plan. Yes, perhaps pride should be associated with personal achievement but are not the achievements of someone you look up to considered a worthy cause to feel proud? LCW proved to the world that his fighting spirit and sportsmanship are well beyond 98% of the atheletes in the world. He persevered even when he had only just sort-of recovered from an injury. Ultimately, he was sorry not because of the gold medal or the RM4.5 mil that slipped out of his hand but because our national anthem couldn't be played. He won the hearts of Malaysians. And by that, maybe when someone says he's proud to be a Malaysian, he is in fact saying and hoping that it is the spirit and personalities of LCW that people will see when they mention Malaysians.

    Honestly, I personally think that its something we'd say like "I'm proud to be a Foochow. Because we all know that Foochows are great cooks, well 80% of them that is." Haha. So even when you are in the 20% minority, you'd still feel proud because thats how others stereotype Foochows. (Don't have a single clue as to whether what I am saying makes sense! Hahaha)

    P/s: I suppose at the end of the day, it wasnt so much of nationalism, but more of what LCW represents Malaysia in a world-wide context. :)

    P/p/s: Nah, your comment! HAHAHA! Next time should make you wait longer!

    1. HAHA. revenge, much? i promise i won't make you wait as much. :P anyway...

      yeah i pretty much agree with being proud of him as an individual but. who is he to most, anyway? definitely not a close friend or a family member... probably more of a celebrity malaysians feel they can identify with because he is one aswell. it's heartwarming that he has become something of a local hero. but the thing is, why do we try to affiliate ourselves with strangers? that's my main point. saying i'm proud to be chinese because my ancestors built the great wall of china doesn't change the fact that i wasn't even born then, saying i'm proud to be foochow because we have good food doesn't make me a chef. what i'm trying to say is, it doesn't mean jack because we're individuals, not meant to be grouped into race and nations.

      i can't do this. it's too cold. my brain's frozen. i may come back to this or we can just whatsapp haha!