Monday, August 13, 2012

Section 114A?

Don't freak out over the pop-up that has invaded my blog (if it's even working LOL). It will be gone on the 15th. But you know what might be gone as well?

Your freedom on the internet.

Section 114A is a newly enforced law in Malaysia (so don't freak out if you're from a different part of the world). Read more about it here. Go on, educate yourself. Because if this law is not revoked, you will be liable for everything you share or whatever is posted under your name. This is not limited to your accounts, but also accounts created through your internet connection.  Supposedly, I think this bill was passed in attempt to make the internet a more secure place. But the bill has overlooked a few key points, please see the infograph below:

Click to enlarge!
In their effort to secure the internet, they have made life easier for hackers and serious criminals by transferring the blame to the innocent public. 

TL;DR? Watch this video!

All seriousness aside, I think someone out there is pulling this shit just for kicks. I mean SOPA, PIPA and now this? They may have seen the unity those bills achieved and is trying to give us a cause to unite for. Maybe? Not likely? Who knows, the government may not be as ignorant as we think. Now share! 

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