Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sem 2

classes have finally started so yay. this sem seems like a lot of fun. there's a subject whereby we have to start our own project so it's pretty hands on and exciting. :D two other subjects require a lot of writing but that's cool cos writing is kinda my thing. kinda, but not really... don't really like the hardcore stuff where we have to use formal english but it's all good. don't know what's in store for the fourth subject though, but will find out tomorrow!

had the worst pork today, stank like a pig. i felt like i was chewing on a piece of raw pig. hello, aussieland, do you not know that your pork kinda stinks? i've never had bad bacon, but fresh pork. damn. this is the second time i've had smelly pork!!! and it really puts me off (i'm sure it puts alot of asians off too) and i'm just curious as to why it's still an issue. i mean, you have what? hundreds if not thousands of asians living in australia, and i'm pretty sure they have complained to death and yet... why, aus, why?!!

ok. that's all.

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