Thursday, August 23, 2012

The reason why there are no gamer girls...

I'm always on 9gag and I realized that the boys are always complaining that there aren't any gamer girls and idolizing them. Girls are often always trying to prove that they are genuine gamer girls and/or debunking other gamer girls as fake gamer girls with their own fucked up logic. But the truth is, real gamer girls do not reveal they are gamers. Or girls

Why? If you think you're a gamer girl, but do not know the following, you're not. So GTFO. And for the record, I'm forced to break the code of silence because the level of people's ignorance is too damn high.

1. I've realized through playing dotA that nobody will believe that you are a girl, so why bother explaining? And it doesn't really matter whether you're a girl or a boy because all it comes down to is skill so why not fry that little motherf instead of trying to prove that you're a girl? It doesn't change anything. Pfft.

2. I've just recently started playing RO, and OMG. Once people realize you are a girl, PMs of: "do you have facebook", "do you have twitter", "can I add you on skype" will start to flood your screen. Like, chill the fuck down people. Stop wetting yourselves in excitement! Goddamn. I've decided never to reveal I'm a girl ever again. If people ask, I'm just gonna say I'm a gay boy. I'm sure I'm not the only girl out there who feels harassed by prepubescent boys getting all hot and bothered by the fact that you are a girl!

So you see fellas, the problem isn't that there aren't any girls, but that you are either too skeptical or too desperate therefore scaring them all off.

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  1. That is soooo true! That's the reason why I don't play games online !!! I hope more guys will read your post!