Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life time.

Alright! I'm gonna update everyone about what has been going on in my life since my haircut! :D Might get rather lengthy because I never know when to shut up.

I actually refrain myself from blogging too intimately because I'm sure I'm not that interesting and personally, I dislike bloggers that blog about pointless, bland shits in their lives and I didn't want to turn into one of them! Aside from that, I wasn't sure how people around me might feel about me writing about them. We gotta respect the privacy of others, right? I remember back when I was blogging at, I often heard phrases like, "blog about this!!!" or "don't blog about this oh!" so I knew what I could blog or not blog about, but that was before Facebook replaced blogs. Now we hear "don't post this on Facebook oh!" instead and I'm not sure where blogging stands. But!!! An old good friend of mine told me that she likes reading about my life so I guess I'll start blogging more intimately from now on and keep the identities of others as vague as I can unless they can't be fucked. ;)

First off, I did a photoshoot with my lovely twin cousins who are fashion enthusiasts and bloggers. So keep an eye out here or subscribe to me on Facebook to see the upcoming pictures. I've already uploaded 2 so go check it out if fashion or photography or pretty ladies are your thing.

I've also accidentally stumbled upon Breaking Bad (actually my tutor gave it to me but long story short: he instructed me not to watch it until after my finals, but me being me... carelessly forgot) and now I'm so addicted to it I can hardly get anything done!!! If you haven't watched it and you really don't have any time to spare... Do not!!! I repeat. DO. NOT. WATCH. BREAKING. BAD. Because you will get addicted. You won't be able to stop after one episode. Trust me, I know. I keep telling myself: this is the last episode, then I'm going to bed. Nuh-uh. That's NOT GONNA HAPPEN. SO DON'T, for the love of all that is holy, WATCH IT IF YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT SACRIFICE A SECOND OF YOUR TIME. Other than that, it's an awesome show, beautiful & innovative cinematography, suspenseful, interesting, funny and believable. You have to watch it.

Source: Google Images
On a whole other note, I'm pissed that Swinburne's mid sem break does not match the majority of my friends! Most of them have holidays from the 24th of Sept till 8th of Oct! WHAT GIVES, SWINBURNE?!

Oooh, I made my first gif ahaha ok I cheat one by using, but still! It's very hard to capture stills okay?!!

I went to my friend's place yesterday and had an awesome meal. Charlene's a chef so we're all very lucky to noms her cooking! She made four dishes: roast lamb (top right), smoked salmon pasta (middle left), seafood aglio olio fettucine (middle right) and the awesomest cheesy chicken hot dogs (bottom left)!!! I made shepherds pie (top left) and Drew made lemon meringue (bottom right). He kept saying it's a total fail but it really is a great first attempt (taste wise)!

Spot the melting meringue! Ehehehe... I think that yesterday was the first time I tried to make my cooking presentable! I usually don't bother but yo, when you have a chef in the house you better up your game right?! Adam can't cook for shit so he got cleaning duty. HAHA. It was really fun and chill! Hope we can have another cookout soon! :3

Today I went with Adam to take pictures of construction sites for his assignment while I played with the photography apps on my phone and took pictures of myself lol.

Now here I am, editing photos and updating my blog! He really likes the picture of us with the dreamy effect so here it is! But truth be told I have a serious thing against pictures with dreamy effect because what's the point of a blurry pic?!!! GODDAMN.

I'm also trialing signatures on my pics to see which fonts I like best. I think I like the last one. Comments? Oh yea, talking about comments, don't forget to leave a comment on this post if you're using NuffnangX to potentially gain a new stalker or recommend me blogs you think are stalk-worthy! :)

Yeah! That's it. Come back soon! ^^


I know... A few posts ago I said I almost went for a haircut but stopped because bla bla bla. HAHA. I finally justified why I should cut my hair!

1. My hair is so damaged the ends are breaking off, thus leading to more damage as split ends travel up the shaft so the longer I put off cutting it, the more damaged my hair will be.
2. I'll only have a few days (upon landing in Kuching) before my brother & Roxy's big day. Even if I cut my hair once I land in Kuching, what if they fuck up my hair?! I'd be the ugliest bridesmaid EVER AND I DO NOT WANT TO RUIN MY BRO & ROXY'S WEDDING LIKE THAT. So, by cutting my hair 3 months earlier, I can be assured that if it's ugly, it'll grow out by then.
3. I should at least try a salon overseas just for the experience, right?

So anyway, I went to SUI, as per my friend's recommendation and it was BURSTING with customers. Although I really have to give it to them - they are fast and super efficient. My butt barely even touched the couch in the waiting area when a girl came up and ushered me to wash my hair. She even took my jacket for me and kept it in a closet. For that one split second, I felt like I lived a very atas (high class), Gossip Girl-esque life.

But, I must say that I didn't like the basin they washed my hair in because it was very uncomfortable. Imagine laying your neck on a piece of hard, rounded wood and then tilt your head to the very back. Doesn't sound very pleasant, does it?

Aside from that, remember what I said about fast and efficient?

Hee Jin cut my hair in what, 10-15 minutes? All I did was show her a picture of the fringe I'm after:

Source:  Rasysa
(OK lemme digress for a bit, I super love Rasysa because they have such a variety of cuts and colors that suits Asians! I have not found a bigger hair database than Rasysa and I doubt I ever will although it isn't very user friendly. I've blogged about it here before so check it out if hair's your thang!)

And telling her I want a rounded cut for the back. She simply asked how much I wanted to cut off and if I wanted layers or thinning - both of which I answered NO to, she then proceeded to section off my fringe section and started snipping.

She actually cut off the amount agreed upon. An inch for an inch. I even asked her to cut off a little bit more.

Nothing like this at all!:

Which was a relief. I am super happy that I didn't have to walk out of the salon, clutching at my dead hair and bawling my eyes out.

Taken on the day.
On to the review, bear in mind that I'm very goddamn fussy, and there is only one salon I go to in Kuching (Rays Salon @ Brighton Square). It took me several consultations before I finally allowed the head stylist to cut my hair, but because it's so expensive to do your hair in Melbourne, I can hardly afford the same luxury.

Ok, so, I went to SUI Hair Salon, the one at Russell St. Now, while I do appreciate SUI's speed, it made me uncomfortable how they did not take the time to communicate with me nor did they attempt to understand what I want. It gave me the impression that they do not care about their customers.

I'm the sort that requires symmetry. The triangle of my bangs has to have absolutely straight lines. The U hemline of my hair has to be perfectly equal. I understand that sometimes due to the direction of hair growth, symmetry may work against you but that's just me. It's what I like. When I tried to tell Hee Jin regarding my fringe and the symmetry I require, she dismissed me easily although she allowed me to check for myself but I couldn't really see (and Adam wasn't paying attention to me so I couldn't ask him to come over) so I let her proceed. After having my hair cut, I showed Adam and he assured me that it is symmetrical. But, I just felt that she could've been more attentive and reassuring rather than dismissive and seemingly impatient.

After that, I decided to keep my trap shut because she was doing a good job overall. When she was done she asked if I would like thinner bangs but I didn't and she asked how long I wanted the hair framing my face to be and I told her to use her best judgement. I didn't really like what she did (but hey I can't complain since I was the one who told her to use her own judgement) because she made it thinner and wispier than I would've liked. But I think it is marginally acceptable... I just assumed that she would factor in my large face and give me a thicker "face frame".

What do you think?
Do you see what I meant about being extremely fussy? It's a freaking miracle I didn't absolutely hate SUI. More than a miracle that it passes my high standards. I give them a 3/5.

I would most probably not be returning because I prefer salons that takes the time and effort to understand their customers and elaborate or explain. If you can care less, know exactly what you want, expects the hair stylist to do exactly as you instruct and you like your hair to be done both quickly and efficiently, SUI is definitely the salon for you!

So there. My first salon experience in Melbourne. :D

P.S: It's been a week since my haircut and the reason it took me a week to post this is because I wanted to give my hair a week to settle down because it takes some time for your hair to actually get used to a new cut.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

First yoga class, like, ever.

My friend told me that yoga made her sweat like hell and ahem, cleared her bowels very effectively because of its detoxing qualities? Correct me if I used the wrong word lol, I'm new to health and fitness terms. Hell, I'm new to consciously trying to keep fit. I joined Swinergy on the 17th because I decided that it's time to get off my flabby arse and tone up. Upon joining, they give you 10 free passes to go to any other YMCA outlet (hello, pool!!) and free classes including zumba, pilates, yoga, etc. On top of that, they have this on-going campaign called "Fight the Couch" which gives you a 100% discount on the AUD30 start up fee!

I went on the bike for like, 20 minutes. Which is a total of 10 diamond dash games. HAHA. Try it, you won't even notice your legs getting sore. And then I went around attempting to use the other machinery (again, is this the right word? D:). Apart from 3 machines, I stood in front of the rest and tried to make sense of the instructions but walked away once I decide that I can't make head and tail of it and then, I'd go back to it because I beh kam guan (was dissatisfied?) for not understanding the instructions and cos I wanted to have a go at all the machines.

Since standing in front of a machine wasn't going to magically instill any knowledge in me, I decided to go for the beginners yoga class! I expected a whole lot of scrambling into impossible poses but I guess they save that stuff for the experienced.

The instructor (Chris, I think? I'm so bad with names - -") turned off the lights and turned on a lamp and told us that yoga is best done in dim lighting. That was... Interesting. I thought yoga was all about brightness and sunlight haha I've been looking at too many stock pictures of yoga but let me give you a picture (OMG PUN!) of what I thought yoga looked like:

Source: Google Images
Anyway, Chris talked us through what we are supposed to do. I now know why instructors are called instructors and not trainers cos they instruct, get it? He has such a soothing voice!!! He made "now we're going to walk up the wall" sound like we're going to cotton candy land where everyone is happy and carefree and we'll all eat candy forever and ever because it makes us happy... He constantly reminds us to keep breathing deeply in that zen voice of his and telling us not to stress ourselves, keep breathing and "be gentle". It's so damn peaceful I fell asleep during a period called relaxation.

Although I'm not sure if it will have any toning effects on my physique (which is the whole point of me joining the gym) because it seems so tame and gentle... But I have never felt so at peace with myself and I walked away feeling lighter and content. I will definitely be returning for a second class! If you are stressed out or generally feel unsatisfied with life, give yoga a try! :)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Beauty Buffet Apple & Evening Primrose Facial Mask

I don't understand how I have not blogged about this yet. I absolutely adore this mask because it fulfills my criteria of the perfect mask. Too bad I can't get this here because there's. no. watson. in. melbourne. And this is exclusively found at Watsons! :C But thanks to my dearest Peters for making sure I wouldn't have to go without my favorite mask!

According to my awesome googling skills, there are actually 6 other different masks by Beauty Buffet which are: Caviar & Biopeptide (smooth & supple), Charcoal & Cypress (purifying & oil control), Co Q10 & Yogurt (firm & smooth), Green Tea & Grape Seed (soothe & protect), Vitamin C & Neroli (revitalize & brighten) and lastly, White Tea & Ginkgo (rejuvenate & revitalize). I have only seen Apple & Evening Primrose (repair & refine) and Green Tea & Grape Seed at Spring's Watson, if my memory doesn't fail me. Which is sad. So sad that we have such limited choices!

1. Fit?
As you can see from the pic above, it is super thin so it adheres to your skin easily. I hate it when a mask is so thick it starts peeling off from your face after a while or (god forbid!) as you attempt to put it on. It is pretty big though, but because it is so paper tissue thin, you can fold it on itself so you don't get essence in your hair. :D 4/5!

2. Scent?
I'm never really particular about scent... But it has such a soothing and refreshing scent, I couldn't help but love it! I think the scent of this mask is very relaxing so... 5/5!

3. Essence?
There is a lot of essence, to the point where it drips all over the place. What I do is, I squeeze the excess off while the mask is still in its packaging. And then I'll seal the packet and when I open a new packet, I'll pour the essence into the old packet. I do this until I've finished all of them so when I'm done I'll have a packet full of essence. I usually keep one of the used masks and keep it in the essence but if you think that's unhygienic, by all means, pop one of those tissue masks you can get at beauty stores or ebay. 5/5 because it's got good value for its price.

4. Results?
I think the results are alright, nothing spectacular though. I use them when my skin is feeling tired or irritated and I feel that it perks my skin right up. The redness goes away, it feels relaxed like all the tension has been absorbed by the mask. It moisturizes and all of those generic goodness that masks do. 3.5/5 for results.

Overall, I'd give this mask a 4.5/5 because it's one of the better quality masks out there. Will definitely be repurchasing. Anyway, don't forget to comment what your favorite facial mask is because I'd really like to know! :D

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So, the big mystery has been unveiled!

NuffnangX is a mobile manifestation of the Nuffnang community with a lil bit of social networking thrown in. It is designed to encourage interactivity with other bloggers and make reading blogs easier!

You can access it via or, if you're using either an iPhone/Android, you can download the mobile app. But you have to log on to the site if you're planning to claim your blog as the function is not available on the mobile app which is odd because it is first and foremost a mobile application, is it not? Although that could just be one of those kinks that have yet to be ironed out.

To claim your blog, all you have to do is log in with your existing Nuffnang account and click on your name at the top right corner and choose "claim your blog" from the menu like so:

And it guides you through on what to do. Pretty straight forward.

NuffnangX is going to revolutionize the word 'stalk' because it's tagline is 'social blog stalking' and you get to stalk blogs and favorite posts, kinda like instagram meets bloglovin'.

I actually thought that NuffnangX would be a social networking site for bloggers which features new, up and coming bloggers and maximizes exposure for everyone instead of just the established and famous bloggers. But hey, who knows? It's still a baby so let's watch and see what it grows into!

Update: 27/09/12 I have a suggestion! Create a live chat platform like IRC for all NuffnangX members that can be accessed in the app! That way, those that are interested in interacting with other bloggers or readers can do so anytime, anywhere on their smartphones! It will also encourage people to use the app more actively. The chatrooms can either be sorted by category (automobile, fashion, personality) or regions (Malaysia, Singapore, Australia) if it ever gets too popular. ;) Obviously I think it's a great idea (since it's mine LOLOL) because it targets a niche audience (bloggers/blog readers) so there won't be any of those perverts or unwanted spammers!

Anyway, I'm currently only stalking 3 blogs on NuffnangX - doesn't take a genius to figure out they are XiaXue, Cheesie and Bong Qiu Qiu. Wendy cos she is undisputedly my all time favorite, I love her opinions and appreciate her honesty and brashness (I know this doesn't really sound like a compliment, but in a world full of people faking their kindness and sugarcoating their words... It's my way of saying she's REAL). Cheesie is out of loyalty actually cos I used to really like her back when she wasn't so famous and now she's getting boring (sorry) and irrelevant (not all Malaysians understand Japanese and you never make an effort to translate but I know you're busy so we can't really blame you but if you ever read this I hope you understand why you're becoming irrelevant to a Malaysian). Qiu Qiu purely because she's Wendy's friend and Wendy speaks so highly of her hahaha but I'm starting to like her a little bit cos she just exudes positivity and happiness! Ok, that was kinda uncalled for. But the bottom line is... I don't really know many blogs, so if you'd like me to check out your blog and perhaps gain a new stalker, leave me a comment! Don't forget to stalk me on NuffnangX! :)

Update: 15/10/12

Monday, September 17, 2012


I so nearly went for a haircut yesterday. I have always been impulsive, whenever it gets in my head that I want something, I just have to have it now. But the boyfriend was kind enough to remind me that I usually regret whatever it is I do on a whim. That's one thing that has caught up with me now that I'm older: regret. When I was younger, there was no such word, let alone such a concept. I used to care less. But we lose that luxury as we grow older.

I wish I could stay 17 forever. Old enough to know better, but still too young to care. Once you grow older, you start to think about others. You learn to consider your family's interests, their feelings. And if there are conflicting interests, you'll start living indecisively, split down the middle. You wonder every day, you or them? Selfish or selfless? Which one would it be today?

Usually I reason myself and tell myself: family, always, family... Because of all the regret that has been swept under the rug for so many years that now all I can see is regret. Regret that I was not a better daughter, regret that I was not a better sister. All that regret soon turns to blame and all you want to do is try to overcome it by overcompensating. But who says I'm overcompensating? It's never going to be enough.

Friday, September 14, 2012

WTF, Malaysia?

Source: Emmatyan's deviantArt
The Education Ministry had endorsed “guidelines” to help parents to identify gay and lesbian “symptoms” in their children so they can take early corrective measurements.
Times like these, I feel embarrassed for Malaysia. The whole article is ignorant, inaccurate and presumptuous.
Symptoms of Gays:
Have a muscular body and like to show their body by wearing V-neck and sleeveless clothes;
Prefer tight and light-coloured clothes;
Attracted to men; and
Like to bring big handbags, similar to those used by women, when hanging out.

Symptoms of Lesbians:
Attracted to women;
Besides their female companions, they will distance themselves from other women;
Like to hang out, have meals and sleep in the company of women;
and Have no affection for men.
I had no idea that homosexuality was a disease. What, is homosexuality contagious? Is there a pill you can take that cures homosexuality?! No. Goddamn it, homosexuality is nothing like the flu! Apart from that, homosexuality has been declassified as a mental disorder in 1973 by the American Psychiatric Association and all major mental health organizations. So there.

In regards to the list of symptoms above, I would like to point out that not all gays like to show off their muscular bodies, prefer tight and light colored clothing or like to carry handbags and not all males who do the above are gay. If that were so, all bodybuilders would be gay and homophobes are going to have a really bad time.

Let's move on to lesbian symptoms. I'm a straight female, I think women are beautiful creatures, I have a few female companions I see as my close friends and I often distance myself from other women (because although women are beautiful creatures, they can be bitchy as hell). I also like to hang out, have meals and have sleepovers with my girls. On the other hand, I have lesbian friends who do not distance themselves from other women despite being in a relationship because they obviously like to hang out with others of the fairer sex.

As for the 'gays are attracted to men' and 'lesbians are attracted to women and have no affection for men'...

Source: Google Images
Homosexuals are usually born that way. I say 'usually' because there are those that were influenced by either friends of life experiences.

By friends, well, a young mind is impressionable and I don't claim to understand how exposure to LGBTs would affect them... Especially if LGBT is portrayed as cool. Do you remember back when t.A.T.u exploded to fame, suddenly, everybody was a lesbian? But most grow out of that phase, so that's saying a lot.

As for life experiences, I realized that many girls who had a missing father figure in their lives or had been deeply hurt by their men would turn to women. Similarly, I do not claim it to be a proven theory. It's just what I've seen but I could very much be wrong, unlike the article above, which stated the symptoms as facts and overlooked the fundamentals of a coherent argument: requirement of proof.

Furthermore, why is it so crucial to pick out homosexuals when you don't try to classify the rest of the people? LGBT ostracism has got to stop, at the end of the day we're all human and you know what humans have in common? Free will.

Malaysia, why do you ridicule yourself so? The list of symptoms are neither accurate nor from a reliable source. This world has moved on, we're no longer uneducated hicks that would gobble up everything you throw at us. So, wtf, Malaysia?

Update: 16/09/2012
You've made Malaysia the laughing stock of the world. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Carbonara under 15 Minutes!

For the lazy student, making do with bare minimum ingredients but still mm-magnific! Coming up with this recipe was not without trial and error. The first time I made it, I used cheddar cheese instead of cream cheese and you can imagine my horror when the butter & cheese stayed separate. I ended up with chunky, melted cheese and an oily milk mixture. But I've perfected it and absolutely love its simplicity!!! It's so simple, I feel like I'm cheating. x)

- Butter
- Cream Cheese
- Milk
- Bacon bits
- Mushrooms

1. Melt butter in saucepan.
2. Fry bacon.
3. Add mushrooms when bacon is slightly browned.

4. Add milk when mushrooms soften.
5. Add cream cheese.
6. Keep adding either milk or cheese until you're happy with the consistency and taste. I like my carbonara rich & creamy, rather than diluted so I added more cheese.

And you're done!

Bon appetit!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ilitili Virus

It's a browser virus that seems harmless enough. Occasionally opens a survey or a page that says "CONGRATULATIONS" in a new tab, looking real legit - complete with a disclaimer at the end stating that they are in no way affiliated with the website which redirected you there. It could be any site, the first time it happened to me, I was on Groupon.

I freaked out when I googled it because apparently, it harvests your information like you password, credit card number, shit like that. 

I downloaded a few antivirus softwares which got rid of the surveys and shit... But then I realized that there were some highlighted texts on certain websites that - when your cursor hovered over it - would have a little pop up box with the words "Easy Inline" and other details. When I clicked on it, it led me to and redirected me to another site. This was present along with the surveys and shit, but I thought that once I got rid of the surveys, it would disappear as well... Well, I was wrong.

A quick google search led me to the 'FBPhotoZoom' which was installed on my web browser. I deleted the extension and viola~ It's gone!!!

Just wanted to share this in case anyone else was facing the same problems. :) 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

White Worship

slow, but still, better late than never, right? 
a follow up to Differences between Ethnicity & Nationality

Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone, but it is inevitable that some may take offense. And for that I advise against continuing.

Back in June, I wrote a post about Plastic Surgery and touched on (barely) about White worship and Asian inferiority. In relation to the post & this one: See, you White worshipping Asians, you've worshipped Whites to the point whereby they think that we want to be like them. White worship is not a revelation or anything like that - there have been articles about it and it's so common it has become accepted despite a lack of understanding.

Why do people worship Whites? Because they seem (key word - White worship is mainly based on assumptions) to have more class, have the physical features that Asians crave (deep set eyes, double eyelids, high nose, chiseled V shaped jawline, fair skin) and throughout history, have been the envy of Asians (pls refer to my other post if you're interested in what I have to say regarding this matter). When I was younger, local magazine covers only featured Caucasians or mixed blooded models. However, that changed, and more and more locals made it on magazine covers and I hope that change will not stop there. People have to rid themselves of these mentalities that will forever weigh them down and develop, if not add to, their inferior complexes.

The thing about inferiority is that... It's something that you allow. You allow yourself to believe that Whites are superior and that you, as an Asian, is inferior. You allow yourself to believe a lie and you submerge yourself in it, trusting the lie you tell yourself to be the truth.

The people I grew up with, the people back home... Most absolutely worship White people. If you are White, you get royal treatment. No exceptions. If you are Eurasian, you are treated better than most - partially due to the fact that mixed people are generally more good looking than pure blooded races, GENERALLY. But also because you're half/part White. If you look mixed, you might be treated like an Eurasian because of your appearances and because people assume you are one. If you are not mixed, but you convince people otherwise, you will also get the Eurasian treatment. Whaaaat? What, indeed.

Before we move on, I'd like to say one thing. It's a fact that humans are biologically programmed to favor good looking people. It's the way people are. We're attracted and feel inclined to be nicer to good looking or talented people. It's a science. Don't believe me? C'mon... Seriously? Ok. Educate yourself: Wikipedia: Beauty - Effects on SocietyWikipedia: Physical Attractiveness - Social Effects and MNN: Do Attractive People Get Preferential Treatment? Still no? Your loss.

Anyway, I illustrated the point above because I think it's acceptable that our more blessed brothers and sisters get better treatment. It's understandable. But being nice to someone just because they have White blood? It has got to be one of the most outrageous acts of idiocy. What if they are effing ugly (I'm not trying to be superficial, but hypothetically speaking), would you prize their blood above their looks?

See, White worship runs deeper than that. It has reached a point whereby they are depicted almost as Gods by lesser minds... Believing that Whites can do no wrong. But Whites are humans too and they can be animals as well. They are capable of doing the most heinous acts like raping their own daughter, committing sexual acts with animals... Same with any other race! I am not trying to generate hate for Whites, I just hope that they can be treated and regarded as equals to us instead of being regarded as a superior race. But, let's not forget The White Man's Burden, a poem written by Kipling, implying White's arrogance in believing that they have an obligation to educate and civilize the rest of humanity because of their superiority. And why is it that Jesus is depicted as White, although he could arguably be of a different ethnicity?

How many Asians have married a White - despite being probably a social reject in his home country - only because his ethnicity promises her financial gain, residency in a country with better economy and above all, superiority? I'm not being baseless, even you may have heard or know of it. I'm also not saying that every Asian woman who marries a White man is seeking to take advantage, I'm sure there are those who marry for love as well. But, it is not so uncommon in more poverty stricken Asian countries for an Asian woman from a less fortunate family to hope for a White man's 'rescue'. And the aggravating thing is that... Some Whites know about White worship, and they take advantage of it. If Whites are so superior, then them taking advantage of an inferior race is like a man taking candy from a baby, or any person stealing from the handicapped or the homeless. So where is your White God now?

This is a disgusting example of White worship:

My friend's gf went overseas for a period of time, and after a few months or so, told my friend that he is no longer good enough for her because he is not as good as her White friends. Her attitude completely changed from humble to arrogant... Assuming that she is now superior over everyone back home in Malaysia, because she has seen what the Whites see, eaten what the Whites eat and ultimately, because the Whites have accepted her as a friend... She believes that she has joined them as a superior individual.

The scenario above is not fictional and is, in fact, very real. How many people do you know who have gone overseas and come home acting like they are above you? Better than you? Personally, I haven't met any of my friends who returned from overseas so I'm unable to testify. To be fair, I understand how one may feel like they have expanded their minds from going overseas and regard themselves to be more knowledgable than those who have never left home... Yet I can't help but say this: You have merely been to one other country, you have merely experienced one other culture, you have merely lived in one other society, how enlightened do you think you really are? And to top it off, I also believe that the foolish bark the loudest.

And if you still believe that Whites are clean and pristine...

Did you know that a Malaysian student was attacked in London by Whites for no apparent reason?

As you can see in the video, the Malaysian student has been beaten up and some White guy - under the pretense of helping him - robbed him. What happened for this case was that thanks to social media, the public was made aware of what had happened and there were many supporters for the victim (as you can see from the comments section of the video) and there was a British news report stating that they have identified at least one of the attackers. Who knew what would have happened if social media is not as successful as it is? And one could only guess at the kind of reaction the media or general public would have if the roles were switched. What do you think would have happened if a British boy was attacked and robbed by a bunch of Malaysians in Malaysia? Granted, it is never wise to make assumptions, and not all Whites are bad. There are bad apples in every race. Again, I just want to address the problem of White worship, nothing more. I hope this video would be a slap in White worshippers face and that they fully comprehend that Whites are capable of committing crimes as well.

To be honest, there really isn't any historical evidence to support that Whites have never been the 'bad guy'. So why, despite all that history, why doesn't it deter people from worshipping them? But let's not get political and god knows I failed history.

Anyway, to my White worshipping Chinese friends... The Chinese have achieved so much and has been around for even longer than Western civilization, the dynasty rule dates back to 3000 B.C. I mean have you been to China? Have you seen the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, the Winter Palace? Do you know how long they have been there? Once upon a time, it was filled with a very intricate, mysterious society. To have come so far and subjugate yourselves to the White race is pretty damn sad. NB: Although I wrote a post about national & ethnic pride, I am actually unable to wholly accept what I wrote. I mean, it makes perfect sense, but humans are imperfect, and being contradictory is a human flaw. I am proud of where I was born because I love Malaysian culture... And I am proud of being Chinese because of our rich history even though I had no hand in it, proud of having been brought up with Chinese values and I am humbled by the vast wisdom Chinese idioms have to offer.

"But if you only have love for your own race, then you only leave space to discriminate, and to discriminate only generates hate" - Where is the Love, BEP

Worshipping any race, your own or another is never going to get anyone anywhere. We're one, we're equals. Please, please, please, please, please... Stop idolizing Whites. They are human too, just like you and I.