Thursday, September 20, 2012

First yoga class, like, ever.

My friend told me that yoga made her sweat like hell and ahem, cleared her bowels very effectively because of its detoxing qualities? Correct me if I used the wrong word lol, I'm new to health and fitness terms. Hell, I'm new to consciously trying to keep fit. I joined Swinergy on the 17th because I decided that it's time to get off my flabby arse and tone up. Upon joining, they give you 10 free passes to go to any other YMCA outlet (hello, pool!!) and free classes including zumba, pilates, yoga, etc. On top of that, they have this on-going campaign called "Fight the Couch" which gives you a 100% discount on the AUD30 start up fee!

I went on the bike for like, 20 minutes. Which is a total of 10 diamond dash games. HAHA. Try it, you won't even notice your legs getting sore. And then I went around attempting to use the other machinery (again, is this the right word? D:). Apart from 3 machines, I stood in front of the rest and tried to make sense of the instructions but walked away once I decide that I can't make head and tail of it and then, I'd go back to it because I beh kam guan (was dissatisfied?) for not understanding the instructions and cos I wanted to have a go at all the machines.

Since standing in front of a machine wasn't going to magically instill any knowledge in me, I decided to go for the beginners yoga class! I expected a whole lot of scrambling into impossible poses but I guess they save that stuff for the experienced.

The instructor (Chris, I think? I'm so bad with names - -") turned off the lights and turned on a lamp and told us that yoga is best done in dim lighting. That was... Interesting. I thought yoga was all about brightness and sunlight haha I've been looking at too many stock pictures of yoga but let me give you a picture (OMG PUN!) of what I thought yoga looked like:

Source: Google Images
Anyway, Chris talked us through what we are supposed to do. I now know why instructors are called instructors and not trainers cos they instruct, get it? He has such a soothing voice!!! He made "now we're going to walk up the wall" sound like we're going to cotton candy land where everyone is happy and carefree and we'll all eat candy forever and ever because it makes us happy... He constantly reminds us to keep breathing deeply in that zen voice of his and telling us not to stress ourselves, keep breathing and "be gentle". It's so damn peaceful I fell asleep during a period called relaxation.

Although I'm not sure if it will have any toning effects on my physique (which is the whole point of me joining the gym) because it seems so tame and gentle... But I have never felt so at peace with myself and I walked away feeling lighter and content. I will definitely be returning for a second class! If you are stressed out or generally feel unsatisfied with life, give yoga a try! :)



  1. Haha! It’s cute that you took notice of your instructor’s voice. But kidding aside, the way they deliver instructions is vital to attaining perfect alignment and poses, not to mention concentration. It is important that it gives the effect that you’re in a breathy space. It’ll help you loosen up, and help you execute the poses properly.

    Saundra ^.^

  2. Yep, yoga is not just about sunlight and airy space. It is actually best done in a calming atmosphere (thus the dim light and soothing voice, haha) so you’ll be more comfortable. As for the toning effects, yoga is a great way to sculpt your physique since your muscles get the exercise they need when you move from one posture to the next. =)

    Nicolas Ervin