Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life time.

Alright! I'm gonna update everyone about what has been going on in my life since my haircut! :D Might get rather lengthy because I never know when to shut up.

I actually refrain myself from blogging too intimately because I'm sure I'm not that interesting and personally, I dislike bloggers that blog about pointless, bland shits in their lives and I didn't want to turn into one of them! Aside from that, I wasn't sure how people around me might feel about me writing about them. We gotta respect the privacy of others, right? I remember back when I was blogging at, I often heard phrases like, "blog about this!!!" or "don't blog about this oh!" so I knew what I could blog or not blog about, but that was before Facebook replaced blogs. Now we hear "don't post this on Facebook oh!" instead and I'm not sure where blogging stands. But!!! An old good friend of mine told me that she likes reading about my life so I guess I'll start blogging more intimately from now on and keep the identities of others as vague as I can unless they can't be fucked. ;)

First off, I did a photoshoot with my lovely twin cousins who are fashion enthusiasts and bloggers. So keep an eye out here or subscribe to me on Facebook to see the upcoming pictures. I've already uploaded 2 so go check it out if fashion or photography or pretty ladies are your thing.

I've also accidentally stumbled upon Breaking Bad (actually my tutor gave it to me but long story short: he instructed me not to watch it until after my finals, but me being me... carelessly forgot) and now I'm so addicted to it I can hardly get anything done!!! If you haven't watched it and you really don't have any time to spare... Do not!!! I repeat. DO. NOT. WATCH. BREAKING. BAD. Because you will get addicted. You won't be able to stop after one episode. Trust me, I know. I keep telling myself: this is the last episode, then I'm going to bed. Nuh-uh. That's NOT GONNA HAPPEN. SO DON'T, for the love of all that is holy, WATCH IT IF YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT SACRIFICE A SECOND OF YOUR TIME. Other than that, it's an awesome show, beautiful & innovative cinematography, suspenseful, interesting, funny and believable. You have to watch it.

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On a whole other note, I'm pissed that Swinburne's mid sem break does not match the majority of my friends! Most of them have holidays from the 24th of Sept till 8th of Oct! WHAT GIVES, SWINBURNE?!

Oooh, I made my first gif ahaha ok I cheat one by using, but still! It's very hard to capture stills okay?!!

I went to my friend's place yesterday and had an awesome meal. Charlene's a chef so we're all very lucky to noms her cooking! She made four dishes: roast lamb (top right), smoked salmon pasta (middle left), seafood aglio olio fettucine (middle right) and the awesomest cheesy chicken hot dogs (bottom left)!!! I made shepherds pie (top left) and Drew made lemon meringue (bottom right). He kept saying it's a total fail but it really is a great first attempt (taste wise)!

Spot the melting meringue! Ehehehe... I think that yesterday was the first time I tried to make my cooking presentable! I usually don't bother but yo, when you have a chef in the house you better up your game right?! Adam can't cook for shit so he got cleaning duty. HAHA. It was really fun and chill! Hope we can have another cookout soon! :3

Today I went with Adam to take pictures of construction sites for his assignment while I played with the photography apps on my phone and took pictures of myself lol.

Now here I am, editing photos and updating my blog! He really likes the picture of us with the dreamy effect so here it is! But truth be told I have a serious thing against pictures with dreamy effect because what's the point of a blurry pic?!!! GODDAMN.

I'm also trialing signatures on my pics to see which fonts I like best. I think I like the last one. Comments? Oh yea, talking about comments, don't forget to leave a comment on this post if you're using NuffnangX to potentially gain a new stalker or recommend me blogs you think are stalk-worthy! :)

Yeah! That's it. Come back soon! ^^

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