Thursday, September 27, 2012


I know... A few posts ago I said I almost went for a haircut but stopped because bla bla bla. HAHA. I finally justified why I should cut my hair!

1. My hair is so damaged the ends are breaking off, thus leading to more damage as split ends travel up the shaft so the longer I put off cutting it, the more damaged my hair will be.
2. I'll only have a few days (upon landing in Kuching) before my brother & Roxy's big day. Even if I cut my hair once I land in Kuching, what if they fuck up my hair?! I'd be the ugliest bridesmaid EVER AND I DO NOT WANT TO RUIN MY BRO & ROXY'S WEDDING LIKE THAT. So, by cutting my hair 3 months earlier, I can be assured that if it's ugly, it'll grow out by then.
3. I should at least try a salon overseas just for the experience, right?

So anyway, I went to SUI, as per my friend's recommendation and it was BURSTING with customers. Although I really have to give it to them - they are fast and super efficient. My butt barely even touched the couch in the waiting area when a girl came up and ushered me to wash my hair. She even took my jacket for me and kept it in a closet. For that one split second, I felt like I lived a very atas (high class), Gossip Girl-esque life.

But, I must say that I didn't like the basin they washed my hair in because it was very uncomfortable. Imagine laying your neck on a piece of hard, rounded wood and then tilt your head to the very back. Doesn't sound very pleasant, does it?

Aside from that, remember what I said about fast and efficient?

Hee Jin cut my hair in what, 10-15 minutes? All I did was show her a picture of the fringe I'm after:

Source:  Rasysa
(OK lemme digress for a bit, I super love Rasysa because they have such a variety of cuts and colors that suits Asians! I have not found a bigger hair database than Rasysa and I doubt I ever will although it isn't very user friendly. I've blogged about it here before so check it out if hair's your thang!)

And telling her I want a rounded cut for the back. She simply asked how much I wanted to cut off and if I wanted layers or thinning - both of which I answered NO to, she then proceeded to section off my fringe section and started snipping.

She actually cut off the amount agreed upon. An inch for an inch. I even asked her to cut off a little bit more.

Nothing like this at all!:

Which was a relief. I am super happy that I didn't have to walk out of the salon, clutching at my dead hair and bawling my eyes out.

Taken on the day.
On to the review, bear in mind that I'm very goddamn fussy, and there is only one salon I go to in Kuching (Rays Salon @ Brighton Square). It took me several consultations before I finally allowed the head stylist to cut my hair, but because it's so expensive to do your hair in Melbourne, I can hardly afford the same luxury.

Ok, so, I went to SUI Hair Salon, the one at Russell St. Now, while I do appreciate SUI's speed, it made me uncomfortable how they did not take the time to communicate with me nor did they attempt to understand what I want. It gave me the impression that they do not care about their customers.

I'm the sort that requires symmetry. The triangle of my bangs has to have absolutely straight lines. The U hemline of my hair has to be perfectly equal. I understand that sometimes due to the direction of hair growth, symmetry may work against you but that's just me. It's what I like. When I tried to tell Hee Jin regarding my fringe and the symmetry I require, she dismissed me easily although she allowed me to check for myself but I couldn't really see (and Adam wasn't paying attention to me so I couldn't ask him to come over) so I let her proceed. After having my hair cut, I showed Adam and he assured me that it is symmetrical. But, I just felt that she could've been more attentive and reassuring rather than dismissive and seemingly impatient.

After that, I decided to keep my trap shut because she was doing a good job overall. When she was done she asked if I would like thinner bangs but I didn't and she asked how long I wanted the hair framing my face to be and I told her to use her best judgement. I didn't really like what she did (but hey I can't complain since I was the one who told her to use her own judgement) because she made it thinner and wispier than I would've liked. But I think it is marginally acceptable... I just assumed that she would factor in my large face and give me a thicker "face frame".

What do you think?
Do you see what I meant about being extremely fussy? It's a freaking miracle I didn't absolutely hate SUI. More than a miracle that it passes my high standards. I give them a 3/5.

I would most probably not be returning because I prefer salons that takes the time and effort to understand their customers and elaborate or explain. If you can care less, know exactly what you want, expects the hair stylist to do exactly as you instruct and you like your hair to be done both quickly and efficiently, SUI is definitely the salon for you!

So there. My first salon experience in Melbourne. :D

P.S: It's been a week since my haircut and the reason it took me a week to post this is because I wanted to give my hair a week to settle down because it takes some time for your hair to actually get used to a new cut.

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