Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Beauty Buffet Apple & Evening Primrose Facial Mask

I don't understand how I have not blogged about this yet. I absolutely adore this mask because it fulfills my criteria of the perfect mask. Too bad I can't get this here because there's. no. watson. in. melbourne. And this is exclusively found at Watsons! :C But thanks to my dearest Peters for making sure I wouldn't have to go without my favorite mask!

According to my awesome googling skills, there are actually 6 other different masks by Beauty Buffet which are: Caviar & Biopeptide (smooth & supple), Charcoal & Cypress (purifying & oil control), Co Q10 & Yogurt (firm & smooth), Green Tea & Grape Seed (soothe & protect), Vitamin C & Neroli (revitalize & brighten) and lastly, White Tea & Ginkgo (rejuvenate & revitalize). I have only seen Apple & Evening Primrose (repair & refine) and Green Tea & Grape Seed at Spring's Watson, if my memory doesn't fail me. Which is sad. So sad that we have such limited choices!

1. Fit?
As you can see from the pic above, it is super thin so it adheres to your skin easily. I hate it when a mask is so thick it starts peeling off from your face after a while or (god forbid!) as you attempt to put it on. It is pretty big though, but because it is so paper tissue thin, you can fold it on itself so you don't get essence in your hair. :D 4/5!

2. Scent?
I'm never really particular about scent... But it has such a soothing and refreshing scent, I couldn't help but love it! I think the scent of this mask is very relaxing so... 5/5!

3. Essence?
There is a lot of essence, to the point where it drips all over the place. What I do is, I squeeze the excess off while the mask is still in its packaging. And then I'll seal the packet and when I open a new packet, I'll pour the essence into the old packet. I do this until I've finished all of them so when I'm done I'll have a packet full of essence. I usually keep one of the used masks and keep it in the essence but if you think that's unhygienic, by all means, pop one of those tissue masks you can get at beauty stores or ebay. 5/5 because it's got good value for its price.

4. Results?
I think the results are alright, nothing spectacular though. I use them when my skin is feeling tired or irritated and I feel that it perks my skin right up. The redness goes away, it feels relaxed like all the tension has been absorbed by the mask. It moisturizes and all of those generic goodness that masks do. 3.5/5 for results.

Overall, I'd give this mask a 4.5/5 because it's one of the better quality masks out there. Will definitely be repurchasing. Anyway, don't forget to comment what your favorite facial mask is because I'd really like to know! :D

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  1. just bought it from watson..haha. hope usefull for me too.