Tuesday, September 4, 2012

White Worship

slow, but still, better late than never, right? 
a follow up to Differences between Ethnicity & Nationality

Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone, but it is inevitable that some may take offense. And for that I advise against continuing.

Back in June, I wrote a post about Plastic Surgery and touched on (barely) about White worship and Asian inferiority. In relation to the post & this one: See, you White worshipping Asians, you've worshipped Whites to the point whereby they think that we want to be like them. White worship is not a revelation or anything like that - there have been articles about it and it's so common it has become accepted despite a lack of understanding.

Why do people worship Whites? Because they seem (key word - White worship is mainly based on assumptions) to have more class, have the physical features that Asians crave (deep set eyes, double eyelids, high nose, chiseled V shaped jawline, fair skin) and throughout history, have been the envy of Asians (pls refer to my other post if you're interested in what I have to say regarding this matter). When I was younger, local magazine covers only featured Caucasians or mixed blooded models. However, that changed, and more and more locals made it on magazine covers and I hope that change will not stop there. People have to rid themselves of these mentalities that will forever weigh them down and develop, if not add to, their inferior complexes.

The thing about inferiority is that... It's something that you allow. You allow yourself to believe that Whites are superior and that you, as an Asian, is inferior. You allow yourself to believe a lie and you submerge yourself in it, trusting the lie you tell yourself to be the truth.

The people I grew up with, the people back home... Most absolutely worship White people. If you are White, you get royal treatment. No exceptions. If you are Eurasian, you are treated better than most - partially due to the fact that mixed people are generally more good looking than pure blooded races, GENERALLY. But also because you're half/part White. If you look mixed, you might be treated like an Eurasian because of your appearances and because people assume you are one. If you are not mixed, but you convince people otherwise, you will also get the Eurasian treatment. Whaaaat? What, indeed.

Before we move on, I'd like to say one thing. It's a fact that humans are biologically programmed to favor good looking people. It's the way people are. We're attracted and feel inclined to be nicer to good looking or talented people. It's a science. Don't believe me? C'mon... Seriously? Ok. Educate yourself: Wikipedia: Beauty - Effects on SocietyWikipedia: Physical Attractiveness - Social Effects and MNN: Do Attractive People Get Preferential Treatment? Still no? Your loss.

Anyway, I illustrated the point above because I think it's acceptable that our more blessed brothers and sisters get better treatment. It's understandable. But being nice to someone just because they have White blood? It has got to be one of the most outrageous acts of idiocy. What if they are effing ugly (I'm not trying to be superficial, but hypothetically speaking), would you prize their blood above their looks?

See, White worship runs deeper than that. It has reached a point whereby they are depicted almost as Gods by lesser minds... Believing that Whites can do no wrong. But Whites are humans too and they can be animals as well. They are capable of doing the most heinous acts like raping their own daughter, committing sexual acts with animals... Same with any other race! I am not trying to generate hate for Whites, I just hope that they can be treated and regarded as equals to us instead of being regarded as a superior race. But, let's not forget The White Man's Burden, a poem written by Kipling, implying White's arrogance in believing that they have an obligation to educate and civilize the rest of humanity because of their superiority. And why is it that Jesus is depicted as White, although he could arguably be of a different ethnicity?

How many Asians have married a White - despite being probably a social reject in his home country - only because his ethnicity promises her financial gain, residency in a country with better economy and above all, superiority? I'm not being baseless, even you may have heard or know of it. I'm also not saying that every Asian woman who marries a White man is seeking to take advantage, I'm sure there are those who marry for love as well. But, it is not so uncommon in more poverty stricken Asian countries for an Asian woman from a less fortunate family to hope for a White man's 'rescue'. And the aggravating thing is that... Some Whites know about White worship, and they take advantage of it. If Whites are so superior, then them taking advantage of an inferior race is like a man taking candy from a baby, or any person stealing from the handicapped or the homeless. So where is your White God now?

This is a disgusting example of White worship:

My friend's gf went overseas for a period of time, and after a few months or so, told my friend that he is no longer good enough for her because he is not as good as her White friends. Her attitude completely changed from humble to arrogant... Assuming that she is now superior over everyone back home in Malaysia, because she has seen what the Whites see, eaten what the Whites eat and ultimately, because the Whites have accepted her as a friend... She believes that she has joined them as a superior individual.

The scenario above is not fictional and is, in fact, very real. How many people do you know who have gone overseas and come home acting like they are above you? Better than you? Personally, I haven't met any of my friends who returned from overseas so I'm unable to testify. To be fair, I understand how one may feel like they have expanded their minds from going overseas and regard themselves to be more knowledgable than those who have never left home... Yet I can't help but say this: You have merely been to one other country, you have merely experienced one other culture, you have merely lived in one other society, how enlightened do you think you really are? And to top it off, I also believe that the foolish bark the loudest.

And if you still believe that Whites are clean and pristine...

Did you know that a Malaysian student was attacked in London by Whites for no apparent reason?

As you can see in the video, the Malaysian student has been beaten up and some White guy - under the pretense of helping him - robbed him. What happened for this case was that thanks to social media, the public was made aware of what had happened and there were many supporters for the victim (as you can see from the comments section of the video) and there was a British news report stating that they have identified at least one of the attackers. Who knew what would have happened if social media is not as successful as it is? And one could only guess at the kind of reaction the media or general public would have if the roles were switched. What do you think would have happened if a British boy was attacked and robbed by a bunch of Malaysians in Malaysia? Granted, it is never wise to make assumptions, and not all Whites are bad. There are bad apples in every race. Again, I just want to address the problem of White worship, nothing more. I hope this video would be a slap in White worshippers face and that they fully comprehend that Whites are capable of committing crimes as well.

To be honest, there really isn't any historical evidence to support that Whites have never been the 'bad guy'. So why, despite all that history, why doesn't it deter people from worshipping them? But let's not get political and god knows I failed history.

Anyway, to my White worshipping Chinese friends... The Chinese have achieved so much and has been around for even longer than Western civilization, the dynasty rule dates back to 3000 B.C. I mean have you been to China? Have you seen the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, the Winter Palace? Do you know how long they have been there? Once upon a time, it was filled with a very intricate, mysterious society. To have come so far and subjugate yourselves to the White race is pretty damn sad. NB: Although I wrote a post about national & ethnic pride, I am actually unable to wholly accept what I wrote. I mean, it makes perfect sense, but humans are imperfect, and being contradictory is a human flaw. I am proud of where I was born because I love Malaysian culture... And I am proud of being Chinese because of our rich history even though I had no hand in it, proud of having been brought up with Chinese values and I am humbled by the vast wisdom Chinese idioms have to offer.

"But if you only have love for your own race, then you only leave space to discriminate, and to discriminate only generates hate" - Where is the Love, BEP

Worshipping any race, your own or another is never going to get anyone anywhere. We're one, we're equals. Please, please, please, please, please... Stop idolizing Whites. They are human too, just like you and I. 


  1. A very insightful yet casual look into the Asian pysche. A testimony of sorts on the mentality that Asians have and despite decades of evolution, some remnants of this still remains and becomes common place.

  2. Though If I may add something which is somewhat related, White worship also extends to other parts of our lives as well. Being a comic geek I couldn't not help but be amazed at the fact that some people actually were outraged when they replaced Peter Parker with a Black/Latino mix boy in Spiderman.

    Also everyone loves batman right? This one has to do slightly with religion as well. Well in one particular story arc Batman outsourced and had a French Muslim partner. Again people were outraged. It seems like the mentality was like this Batman (white guy) dresses up as a giant flying Rat to fight Crime = Totally fine and accepted by the fans. But when A French Algerian Muslim guys does it = Terrorist.

    Here's the link : http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/12/28/racists-batman-muslim-paris/

    It goes too far sometimes. But I suppose everyone and everything has a dark side. It's just sad that a lot of people tend to create issues where there are none :(

  3. typical Asian mentality, even mom trying her best to make me as fair as possible when my skin is originally healthy tan x.x

  4. Asians dont not worship white people but they pray white people.i witnessed it in a train when a chinese lady was ask for directions to a certain mall in Kl by a white guy.she could not speak but grinning and tossing around like a coin on table.she was happy that a God has talked to her.sorry for Asians.very sorry you are still colonized mentaly.

  5. From personal experiences, I can say it sometimes works the other way round. I have lived most of my life in Western countries and I have met so many Caucasians who actually worship... Asians! I know of so many people who are fascinated with China and Japan for example. I know it isn't a majority of people but my point lies elsewhere. Fascination is one thing, but it sometimes goes as far as to reject their own race and blaming their families for being too white (this is an extreme case but I actually already met these kind of people). I think no one should look down on their own race no matter how fascinated one may be about another.

    On another hand, there are also the second or third generation Asian immigrants in Western countries, who have NEVER been to an Asian country before and sometimes don't even speak their ancestor's language. Apart from their looks, they have nothing Asian in them and they are much more Western in values and lifestyle. Some though, tend to reject and look down on anything White and pride themselves for being Asians... In their case I think it is a matter of finding their identity or trying (too hard) to be different.

    In the two previous cases, I think it also has something to do with admiration for what is foreign and "exotic". It might also explain part of the White Worship phenomena in Asia (part of...)

    From experience again, there are also those in Asia disliking the Ang Mo... They are not only White worshipers out there.

    Anyways, this really is an interesting topic! Keep on writing these kind of posts ^^

  6. Whites are not superior and whites are not gods. People around the world supposed to be equal. It cause by the political power, media influences and supremacist being. The powerful secret organization used people like an ant for their own interest. The world government are not interest in people around the world. It’s about interest, power and control.

  7. Again, whites are brainwashed by the influence of politics, media and people taught them to do. This is way; People on earth do such as foolish things without rational thinking. Whites thinking they do are right such as damaging, destroying, slaving and other bad activities to people around the world.

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  9. White media around the world are fool of lies. The lie is better than the truth. The unfair is better than unfair. The evil is better than good. The stupid is better than smart. This how the world it works.

  10. The world becomes worst and worst in every year.

  11. Brutality in every form is not acceptable. I had been studying in Malaysia, and had seen how Malaysians worship white people as if they come from a royal family. Instead, they behave badly with other Asian races (at least much worse than they behave white people). No matter what the people race is, they should be respected with no prejudice. Hope better days for all nations.