Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kuching Drivers Wall of Shame?

Personally, I absolutely loathe motorcyclists who swerve in and out of your lane with no warning. I also hate people who do not use their signal lights, who park wherever with no consideration for others and drivers who endanger others. I mean like, If you wanna endanger your own life (just you, ONE SINGLE PATHETIC LIFE) by driving recklessly, by all means, go ahead. I'm not going to stop you. But the thing is, you share the roads with many others and by being a reckless driver, you're putting not only your life at risk, but the lives of others. That I cannot stand.

I guess it's natural to feel vindictive when someone pisses you off. I'm sure everyone has experienced unruly drivers no matter which part of the world you reside in. Some people act on it and honk or give them the middle finger, maybe even overtake them just to glare at them. I've done all of the above and on top of that I've braked suddenly just to spite tailgaters. It's stupid and immature. I hate feeling threatened and having a car speeding just a few inches behind me puts unnecessary pressure on me. Because now, not only do I have to pay attention to the road ahead, I have to be aware of the idiot jerk behind me.

But now, Facebook has given us a new platform to vent. So some people take their shit online instead of settling it like real men and post pictures of the cars (license plates intact) of bad drivers on a group called KuDWOS. The main objective of the group is "for fellow drivers in Kuching to vent, and post photos and stories of bad drivers". The group encourages members to be considerate road users, so it can't be that bad right?

If the group merely advocates public interest by warning people of reckless drivers, I wouldn't even be writing this post. But members of the group can get pretty hostile and instead of just giving details regarding the offender, they trash them mercilessly. While it is a place for venting, it is hardly fair to caption it in an uncultivated manner.

Think about this: What about people who are just not talented at driving but have no choice? I'm a total girl when it comes to driving. I have difficulty parking sometimes and I've managed to smash the back of my car even though it has a sensor! Not to mention, turning into a main road used to terrify me and I'm often that girl who thinks for an unreasonable amount of time because I'm a terrible judge of distance/speed. So I'd get so frustrated at myself, I'd just step on the accelerator suddenly and hoping I don't get hit. I do not do this anymore, but I'm sure there are many out there like myself or worse!

Thank about this too: The car might belong to the driver's boss? Friend? Father? Imagine if you saw your car up there after loaning it to your little sister with the words, "BOKASI* MOTHERFUCKER!" I doubt you'd feel very nice. Although the vulgarities could be worse** and you might try to justify yourself and say that those selfish drivers deserve it... I won't deny it. Everyone has their own prerogative.

But at least censor the license plates of those who are around the offender - they are completely innocent. I doubt anyone would like it if a picture of their car is posted on Facebook just because they had the luck to be driving or parked beside a driver who offended you.

My initial thoughts were: Kuching Drivers Wall of Shame? Damn right, I'm ashamed! I thought Kuchingites were better than that. I never expected Kuchingites to turn into STOMPers, where they invade the privacy of others and take photos or record videos of whatever interesting encounters they have. I think that publicly shaming someone is a rather fitting punishment for inconsiderate drivers who will otherwise get off scott free, but I hope that Kuchingites are mindful of their actions and learn to govern themselves and understand the boundaries of that grey area they are in now.

Anyway, guys, here's a piece of advice:

instead of whining about the faults of others :)

* I feel that bokasi is a very strong word with serious implications & shouldn't be casually thrown around, I'd call someone who abuses animals or rapes people that, but I doubt that merely having lousy driving skills warrants that. Although, this is just my personal opinion. Nothing means anything unless you let it mean something, right?

** Sometimes I really wonder where online people get such crude remarks from, obviously I don't mean the generic CB/LJ/BKS or whatever, but I mean the really hardcore kind which makes you feel embarrassed by just reading it.

OMG. I feel like such a wimp after writing this post. Now I have to go boxing to make myself feel manly again. And oh: Cibai motherfucker you stupid cunt. There, I feel so much better.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Source: Google Images
I love Taylor Swift's songs so much it's ridiculous. Her songs are often bittersweet and I love that about them. My absolute all time faves (aside from her famously sad love songs) are The Outside, Long Live, Cold as You, Back to December, Enchanted, Safe and Sound.

Notable tracks off this record would probably be:

There's something about the word Maserati in the song that sounds so exciting. This is one of those songs that doesn't jump at you the first time you listen to it, but the more you do, the more you love it.

I Knew You Were Trouble
I think that Taylor was successful in trying something new with this track. Catchy and different in a good way.

I Almost Do
This is sad and sad and sad. It's about when two people split up and they no longer know where they stand. It's about not staying friends because you know you can't just be friends so it's better to just stay away.

Never Ever Getting Back Together
I was not a fan of this because it felt kinda spiteful under its pop facade... I guess she really wanted to send a message lol... But when something gets played often enough, it starts to grow on you so...

Stay Stay Stay
Ok, this one made me smile especially the "I threw my phone across the phone at you" and "That's when you came in wearing a football helmet and said 'Ok, let's talk'".

The Last Time
This one is the epitome of bittersweet! Have you ever had an argument with someone you love a lot and you tell yourself that this will be last time you care because you're giving up but really don't want to?

Sad Beautiful Tragic
Love affair sounds too much like cheating so I am naturally inclined to shy away from it but Taylor sounds sophisticated on this track I can't help but pay attention.

Begin Again
When I heard this, I was like yes, this is my Taylor. It's beautiful, in her bittersweet style that I am obsessed with. This is about beginning a new relationship after getting out of an old, long term relationship I guess. You've gotten so used to the old him that everything the new he does is unsettling because you're not used to it. And although you're apprehensive about relationships after your old one, you realize that you're wrong. I think this one's my fave out of the whole album. <3

Aside from the overused theme of "I know you are alone in your room" or whatever and the word "stay", I think she really delivered. She tried out new styles but was still true to herself... I absolutely adore her. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not my friend.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

♥ 211012

Hey everyone, it's Sunday. The day of recuperation for those who party hard during the week or a lazy day for those who don't. There's something about Sundays that just make us wanna lie in bed all day and pause all brain activities. But I can't afford to chill out now, when it's so near to the end of semester! I can't wait for the day I land in Kuching because it's going to be a helluva holiday.

Does anyone else think that it is notoriously hard to find themes which are pretty for iPhone?! I hate pink themes which include Hello Kitty, not because I hate Hello Kitty but because it doesn't have to be in every pink theme! I also hate fuchsia pink because it's fucking ugly. Pastel, baby, light and lace pink (my absolute favorite) are the most loved shades! I don't understand people who manufacture ugly pink products because... Well, who are they creating them for?! Everytime I see something that's in a ghastly shade of pink, I automatically assume the creator is color blind or just blind. Or maybe he's (obviously male or some extremely masculine tomboy) who has never had any female contact. And everytime I see someone buying those items in those offensive shades, I have only one of these two thoughts: 

1. You must be a non-pink lover buying something for a pink lover. AHAHAHA good luck with that you blind, tasteless skank! (I absolutely hate it when people buy something for me in just any shade of pink because just cos I love pink doesn't mean I like them all and it just proves how inconsiderate they are!!!)
2. You have got to be kidding me, your standards must be in hell if you're honestly buying that ugly piece of shite. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share the only two pink iPhone themes which I like! After days of searching on Cydia and googling 'pink iphone theme', I finally settled for these two:

Pastelicious is extremely complete cos it has matching themes for Facebook, Tweetbot and Instagram! Absolute love! 

Speaking of Instagram... I've recently noticed a sudden increase of people using hash tags like total idiots. 

Zard & I making fun of them in our own way... Damn, I really miss her!

People don't seem to understand the concept of the #! # allows people to find your pic so if you #tag #like #this, it will show up when people search for 'tag', 'like' or 'this'. I've seen people who tag their selca shots with: #hi #please #follow #me #i #am #just #a #girl #long #hair #home #alone #location #la #la #bla #lol #i'm #so #bimbo #i'm #doing #it #wrong. 

WTF? Who will search for 'i', 'a', 'it' or even 'doing' and 'just'!?

Remember: RELEVANCE & KEYWORDS, and you'll never go wrong again! 

There are also people who constantly spam pictures, I had to unfollow them because they were flooding my newsfeed! Dude, if you have like 101 pictures, please upload them to Facebook, where you can create something that's called... An album

Ok, that's all for now. Ta. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review: Babyliss Ceramic Curling Iron 32mm

I finally bought my first curler! And not just any curler, but the Babyliss 32mm curler which I have been eyeing since I came to Australia made this post!

Specifications at a glance: 
♥ Stay cool safety tip
♥ Built in safety stand
♥ 25 heat settings
♥ Swivel cord
♥ Ceramic plates

Before I move on to the review, I would like to say that I purchased the curler at Chadstone's Hairhouse Warehouse and I was unhappy with the service (don't get me wrong, I was satisfied, I just wasn't happy). You can skip the chunk below cos it's just me ranting:

I could not make up my mind between the 25mm, 32mm and 38mm so I asked if I could test them. The salesgirl was very cheerful about it and led me to the salon part and told me a hairdresser will come along and demonstrate the three sizes on my hair. The hairdresser couldn't find a 32mm and told me that it's basically a cross between 25mm and 38mm and told me to imagine it. I didn't want to be an ass and leave at that point as she was already heating up the two curlers so I told her ok. She did a few strands of each size and explained to me the differences (25mm being tight ringlets, 38mm being waves rather than curls) and I decided that 25mm produces curls too small for my liking and the 38mm wasn't what I was looking for so I told her I would get the 32mm one instead. She then turned off both curlers as I stared on, what? Was she expecting me to leave the store with my hair curled on one side?! I asked if she was going to do anything about my hair, maybe straighten it or curl the rest of my hair and she said she could do either (although I strongly felt that she should have at least offered to either straighten or curl my hair) so I told her to curl it. And my god, she did such a half arsed attempt at curling my hair... She left straight pieces in various areas which if added up, would probably amount to 1/3 of my hair! However, she is rather friendly and told me that I could come in if I ever had any problems with the curler but if she had done a better job then I would have written only nice things about her instead! People shouldn't be so lazy, and it wasn't like the salon was busy. It was empty when I sat down and only halfway through curling my hair did another customer walk in presumably to do her hair, so she should really have prioritized me instead. I came away thinking that 1. if you can't be fucked to try products on a customer's hair, then just say no! 2. if you are doing something, do it well!

I should've taken a picture of her shitty curls, but I got too excited about playing with my new curling iron!!!

Ok, the curls are too loose and it really isn't the look I was going for. D: But I really like curls because it makes my hair look softer hahaha. I was really surprised at how smooth and easy it is to curl with a curler as compared to using a straightener. I will probably never curl my hair with a straightener ever again!

It's my first curling iron and I chose Babyliss because of all the good reviews and because it's got a cute name. Babylissss~♥ Cute right? Anyway, I tried curling my hair with the 25mm and 38mm while I was in the store and 38mm is really hard to handle cos it's just so big. I think the 32mm is just perfect cos I can handle it with no problems. Obviously, it goes without saying that the 25mm is really easy to handle just in case anyone was wondering.

Before I went ahead and bought it, I read a whole bunch of reviews and watched a lot of videos and many say that says the tip gets hot. ALL LIES. Or maybe Babyliss upgraded their curlers? Meh, I don't know. But what I do know is that the tip stays cool all the way up to the 25th setting. Tried and tested. ^^y

I really like the built in stand, which I'm sure alot of curling irons have, but whoever thought of it is a true genius! I love that feature cos I can put it down in the middle of curling my hair and I don't have to worry about melting anything or setting anything on fire!

The only fault I could find with the iron so far is the placements of the on and off button and the temperature dial. I initially started curling my hair with the 15th setting but my index finger kept slipping on the temperature dial and turning it to the 9th and 5th and then 3rd, which is probably why the curls are so poorly formed. I also accidentally turned it off once but I think the temperature dial is really situated in the worst possible place! It's ok if you have to constantly turn it on because you can do it with one click but to keep on turning the dial to the exact same setting you were curling your hair with? Not as fun.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

violence against women

Go to google images, type in 'man woman fight'. If it's a picture of a man beating up a woman, it's dark and reprimanding. If it's a picture of a woman hitting a man, it's empowering or funny. If they are both fighting for real, it's sport or staged.

let's pretend the roles are reversed cos i can't find the proper representation and i like this picture
I'm not saying that it's ok for a woman to be attacked by a man because there is never a reason to viciously beat up a woman anyone, only excuses. Everyone is susceptible to provocation. But why is it ok, in our society, for a woman to strike out at men, and not the other way around? Is it because men are stronger and therefore it's entirely ethical and right to abuse them?

People who say that men are not allowed to hit women are sexists. It's like saying they are too inferior to be judged by the same standards of men. If a man pisses you off enough, you punch them. If a woman pisses you off enough, you go blow off some steam some where because you're a gentleman. But if that woman continues to taunt you, shame you, slap you and kick you while expecting no repercussions? I say sucker punch that bitch!

We are all human, aren't we? All deserving of respect and getting what we deserve. Equal rights work both ways. While I do not condone violence (if you are able to tolerate abuse, you must be sick out of your mind) but what's wrong with a slap for a slap? I don't mean you should return fire every single time over every little thing... But if you're capable of hitting someone, then be sure you're capable of taking a hit too. Crying like a little bitch wouldn't garner you any sympathy if you're a bully. Regardless of what you have in your underpants.

Don't think for one second that you're entitled to be a bitch just because you can.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

let's play catchup

Hey ho! This is gonna be a helluva long post to make up for my inactivity! LOLOL. It's late, so I'll break it up into a few posts :) Maybe the next post will have vain pictures but not this one.

I have been lagging behind on my assignments. Final assignments are coming up and it's freaking the shit out of me. I am not ready. How did time fly by so fast? I'm so torn between wishing time slows so that I do not have to confront my final essays and wishing that time flies even faster so I'll be home before I know it! :(

I went for yoga again last week, missed it this week because I went to karaoke night hosted by Swinburne Union. I haven't been going to the gym!!! I feel bad for not going to gym as often... But today I went for boxing class and I totally love boxing! Anyway, last week's yoga class was my third class and I think I'm getting the hang of it. My aunt told me that I'll start sweating soon because it balances your body and stuff. I'm excited for that day to come because *drumrolls please* I don't sweat. Ever. I have tried going under the sun, hiking and kayaking in humid-to-death Kuching but nope. Nada. I used to golf and was also on my middle school's basketball team and I never broke a sweat. At most... My face will turn red. The only one time I came close to sweating was when I pushed myself so hard at gym I almost passed out. My whole face went pale and I started sweating cold sweat. So yea, close to sweating but not quite lol. Anyway, last week's class was quite a big one instead of the regular 4 to 6 people. I think we had close to 10. There was this girl that was close to my size and stature and I don't know if any other girls notices (or will admit to this), but girls are highly competitive. I will blog about how territorial and dominant girls can be some other day but I was all for out stretching her. And I failed so miserably. HAHA. She is so darn flexible, I felt like a stick. And she could do chaturanga. She could do them so well.

Source: Know Your Memes
Competitiveness is, in my opinion, motivating. As long as you're not overly competitive and aren't pushing-yourself-over-the-edge-just-to-win-crap. Then you'll be nothing but a loser. Cos losers try too hard. Ironic, isn't it?

I realized that I really need makeup. I was googling for Xiaxue's ring light when my picture popped up. I was like WTF why am I even relevant to Xiaxue's ring light and then I was like...

Source: Know Your Memes
I guess on my own blog, I can be blissfully ignorant (or you can call it denial) because there isn't anyone to compare to but when you see your makeup free face next to Xiaxue, queen of photoshop and makeup... The differences are so painfully striking. From now on!!! I shall put on makeup every time I step out of my apartment I will not post pictures of my bare face on my blog! I will try not to post pictures of my bare face on my blog. I actually try not to put on makeup too often because I have this belief that makeup contributes to skin discoloration/aging and the more you makeup the worst your skin gets!

Oh if you haven't realized (what must mean you're either blind, cripplingly unobservant or you're new to my blog) my blog has gone under a complete makeover!!! Obviously the pinks stayed but I got sick of looking at my obscenely elaborate header and it started to look slightly childish and my overall layout was getting too cluttered so I decided to go for a minimalistic design which hopefully looks more professional! I wanted to plaster my face on the header like the majority of bloggers out there but I get bored very easily and I would hate to redesign my header every time I decide the photo I chose isn't pretty enough. BTW, the little icons are clickable! But the layout's not completely done yet... I'm still a girl so I'm obliged to have a picture of myself somewhere which means I'll have to put on makeup, do my hair and dress up just to take one lousy photo. GIRLS!!! - - I'll blog about creating this template when it's complete but... HOW IS IT SO FAR?! Love it? Hate it? Comments are ♥!

Review: Bioglo Silky Feet

After months and months of wearing socks and sneakers, corn (aka 鸡眼) started developing on the 4th digit of my left foot, where my little toe was rubbing against the 4th toe... If that makes any sense. Anyway, I read that Actizen foot mask would be able to get rid of corns but because I couldn't, for the life of me, find Actizen anywhere in Melbourne... I got Bioglo Silky Feet from eCosway instead. I chanced on it purely by coincidence, I was in eCosway getting curry for the boyfriend when I saw the foot mask.

AUD22 for 1 box which includes 2 pairs of exfoliating foot masks & 50ml nourishing foot cream!
* Safe & Gentle pH4.0
* No Salicylic Acid
* No Harsh Acids of Alkalis
* Derived from Plant Based Extracts
* No vigorous or Engless Exfoliation

I used it on my feet for a total of 90 minutes and my hands for 10 minutes. 3 days later, my hands started peeling for 2 days and after that, my feet started to peel.

It's really fun to peel the dead skin off, I felt like a snake. I was pretty apprehensive about peeling them off because I was afraid I might be too rough and I'd tear my skin instead lol wtf I kno. But, it turns out that there is totally no risk of you hurting yourself. After peeling all the skin off, my feet felt kinda moist-ish and tingly.

BOOM. In your face!
I have ugly but cute feet. I know. There's nothing feminine about them, they are just fat and stumpy lol. So don't pick on my feet esp since I'm uploading them online only for the sake of this review which is for you!!! Anyway, while taking a hot shower, I realized that alot of dead skin was washing off my feet so I grabbed my exfoliating gloves and went at it. So the above is the result lol. I'm pretty sure that even if I left them alone and didn't attack my feet with the gloves, the above would still happen. I was pretty much freaking out with joy when I saw them like that ahhaaa cos I kinda associate potentially silky soft skin  with peeling skin. After my crazy peeling session, my feet were pretty sensitive, but that could be because I shower with boiling hot water.

After about 2 weeks, I used the foot mask again, as instructed on the box and I went through the above again. It's just finished peeling so here's what I think.

Although the corn is almost gone (there's still like this slight bump but all the pain and redness and the "eye" is gone) and the discoloration on my feet are somewhat faded (that was an unexpected plus), it did not do what I expected it to. I was unrealistically hoping for baby smooth skin! It made no difference to the smoothness of my skin; the soles of my feet are still rough as ever and it didn't do anything for my hands either. I have calluses from playing golf (I hated wearing gloves) and I was hoping Bioglo could get rid of the calluses but no such luck. Not the mention, the price is pretty steep at AUD22 per box. Oh well, I won't be repurchasing as it did not deliver drastic results. I will try Actizen once I return to Malaysia and I'll definitely blog about it and how it compares to Bioglo!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey guys, I haven't been blogging cos I've been sick - feverish, blocked nose, sore throat, coughing... the whole shebang - and my brain isn't functioning properly. I tried to access through so yea I blame the weather. Drink more water everyone and cut back on the unhealthy.

Cheers! xx

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY. But they are all around 400x600 so meh. In this day and age, it should be totally no problem for anyone. Maybe I'll start uploading pics on Facebook to a private album and linking from there if people start complaining about its small size, but so far so good :D

Adam rented a car for the weekend so as I said, we went to take some pictures and then again on Friday. Before construction site hunting on Friday, we tried to go to Pie in the Sky but failed miserably.

Jarmin Garmin GPS suck balls man, it led us up a mountain and to a dead end. :(

So we gave up and went to McDs instead. LOL. Life.

My aunt brought us to Pie in the Sky on Sunday though! Yay to extremely nice relatives! Here are the pics!

Just look at how full it is!!! D: Granted, it was a Sunday afternoon... But wow.

LOL. Ok, this is random. But I like taking pictures of coffee beans.

The pies were not worth driving 3(?) hours an hour (give or take lol) for though... So yea, it was just for the experience. While waiting for a table, we went to this antique shop which has a lot of interesting things lol look:

NODDY! Did anyone else read Noddy as a kid?

I also have a thing for masquerade masks.

And after the pies, we walked around and I took more photos.

Salt and pepper shakers! Vess was the one who noticed them, don't they look so retro-diner-ish?

At night, we had dinner at my aunt's place... Guess what was for dinner? :3

Homemade laksa and ice-kacang to celebrate Moon Cake Festival aka Mid Autumn Festival aka 中秋节 aka whatever you want to call it. This reminds me, I saw somewhere some guy wrote "It's Mid Autumn Festival, not Moon Cake Festival!" which reminded me of another guy who wrote: "Meme is pronounced MEEM, not ME-ME". To both obnoxious know-it-alls, why so uptight? Just because someone has a personal preference, it doesn't make them ignorant. And people make mistakes too, who are you to correct or laugh at them? Shitness.