Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Hey everyone, it's Sunday. The day of recuperation for those who party hard during the week or a lazy day for those who don't. There's something about Sundays that just make us wanna lie in bed all day and pause all brain activities. But I can't afford to chill out now, when it's so near to the end of semester! I can't wait for the day I land in Kuching because it's going to be a helluva holiday.

Does anyone else think that it is notoriously hard to find themes which are pretty for iPhone?! I hate pink themes which include Hello Kitty, not because I hate Hello Kitty but because it doesn't have to be in every pink theme! I also hate fuchsia pink because it's fucking ugly. Pastel, baby, light and lace pink (my absolute favorite) are the most loved shades! I don't understand people who manufacture ugly pink products because... Well, who are they creating them for?! Everytime I see something that's in a ghastly shade of pink, I automatically assume the creator is color blind or just blind. Or maybe he's (obviously male or some extremely masculine tomboy) who has never had any female contact. And everytime I see someone buying those items in those offensive shades, I have only one of these two thoughts: 

1. You must be a non-pink lover buying something for a pink lover. AHAHAHA good luck with that you blind, tasteless skank! (I absolutely hate it when people buy something for me in just any shade of pink because just cos I love pink doesn't mean I like them all and it just proves how inconsiderate they are!!!)
2. You have got to be kidding me, your standards must be in hell if you're honestly buying that ugly piece of shite. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share the only two pink iPhone themes which I like! After days of searching on Cydia and googling 'pink iphone theme', I finally settled for these two:

Pastelicious is extremely complete cos it has matching themes for Facebook, Tweetbot and Instagram! Absolute love! 

Speaking of Instagram... I've recently noticed a sudden increase of people using hash tags like total idiots. 

Zard & I making fun of them in our own way... Damn, I really miss her!

People don't seem to understand the concept of the #! # allows people to find your pic so if you #tag #like #this, it will show up when people search for 'tag', 'like' or 'this'. I've seen people who tag their selca shots with: #hi #please #follow #me #i #am #just #a #girl #long #hair #home #alone #location #la #la #bla #lol #i'm #so #bimbo #i'm #doing #it #wrong. 

WTF? Who will search for 'i', 'a', 'it' or even 'doing' and 'just'!?

Remember: RELEVANCE & KEYWORDS, and you'll never go wrong again! 

There are also people who constantly spam pictures, I had to unfollow them because they were flooding my newsfeed! Dude, if you have like 101 pictures, please upload them to Facebook, where you can create something that's called... An album

Ok, that's all for now. Ta. 

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  1. I love the pastelicious. I too had been looking almost everyday, googling for a perfect "pink theme". And yes, all pinks where UGLY! And I didn't like the fact hello kitty was plastered on mostly all the pretty ones. Till you showed me this one. I've downloaded it and I LOVE it. Thanks!!!!