Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY. But they are all around 400x600 so meh. In this day and age, it should be totally no problem for anyone. Maybe I'll start uploading pics on Facebook to a private album and linking from there if people start complaining about its small size, but so far so good :D

Adam rented a car for the weekend so as I said, we went to take some pictures and then again on Friday. Before construction site hunting on Friday, we tried to go to Pie in the Sky but failed miserably.

Jarmin Garmin GPS suck balls man, it led us up a mountain and to a dead end. :(

So we gave up and went to McDs instead. LOL. Life.

My aunt brought us to Pie in the Sky on Sunday though! Yay to extremely nice relatives! Here are the pics!

Just look at how full it is!!! D: Granted, it was a Sunday afternoon... But wow.

LOL. Ok, this is random. But I like taking pictures of coffee beans.

The pies were not worth driving 3(?) hours an hour (give or take lol) for though... So yea, it was just for the experience. While waiting for a table, we went to this antique shop which has a lot of interesting things lol look:

NODDY! Did anyone else read Noddy as a kid?

I also have a thing for masquerade masks.

And after the pies, we walked around and I took more photos.

Salt and pepper shakers! Vess was the one who noticed them, don't they look so retro-diner-ish?

At night, we had dinner at my aunt's place... Guess what was for dinner? :3

Homemade laksa and ice-kacang to celebrate Moon Cake Festival aka Mid Autumn Festival aka 中秋节 aka whatever you want to call it. This reminds me, I saw somewhere some guy wrote "It's Mid Autumn Festival, not Moon Cake Festival!" which reminded me of another guy who wrote: "Meme is pronounced MEEM, not ME-ME". To both obnoxious know-it-alls, why so uptight? Just because someone has a personal preference, it doesn't make them ignorant. And people make mistakes too, who are you to correct or laugh at them? Shitness.

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