Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kuching Drivers Wall of Shame?

Personally, I absolutely loathe motorcyclists who swerve in and out of your lane with no warning. I also hate people who do not use their signal lights, who park wherever with no consideration for others and drivers who endanger others. I mean like, If you wanna endanger your own life (just you, ONE SINGLE PATHETIC LIFE) by driving recklessly, by all means, go ahead. I'm not going to stop you. But the thing is, you share the roads with many others and by being a reckless driver, you're putting not only your life at risk, but the lives of others. That I cannot stand.

I guess it's natural to feel vindictive when someone pisses you off. I'm sure everyone has experienced unruly drivers no matter which part of the world you reside in. Some people act on it and honk or give them the middle finger, maybe even overtake them just to glare at them. I've done all of the above and on top of that I've braked suddenly just to spite tailgaters. It's stupid and immature. I hate feeling threatened and having a car speeding just a few inches behind me puts unnecessary pressure on me. Because now, not only do I have to pay attention to the road ahead, I have to be aware of the idiot jerk behind me.

But now, Facebook has given us a new platform to vent. So some people take their shit online instead of settling it like real men and post pictures of the cars (license plates intact) of bad drivers on a group called KuDWOS. The main objective of the group is "for fellow drivers in Kuching to vent, and post photos and stories of bad drivers". The group encourages members to be considerate road users, so it can't be that bad right?

If the group merely advocates public interest by warning people of reckless drivers, I wouldn't even be writing this post. But members of the group can get pretty hostile and instead of just giving details regarding the offender, they trash them mercilessly. While it is a place for venting, it is hardly fair to caption it in an uncultivated manner.

Think about this: What about people who are just not talented at driving but have no choice? I'm a total girl when it comes to driving. I have difficulty parking sometimes and I've managed to smash the back of my car even though it has a sensor! Not to mention, turning into a main road used to terrify me and I'm often that girl who thinks for an unreasonable amount of time because I'm a terrible judge of distance/speed. So I'd get so frustrated at myself, I'd just step on the accelerator suddenly and hoping I don't get hit. I do not do this anymore, but I'm sure there are many out there like myself or worse!

Thank about this too: The car might belong to the driver's boss? Friend? Father? Imagine if you saw your car up there after loaning it to your little sister with the words, "BOKASI* MOTHERFUCKER!" I doubt you'd feel very nice. Although the vulgarities could be worse** and you might try to justify yourself and say that those selfish drivers deserve it... I won't deny it. Everyone has their own prerogative.

But at least censor the license plates of those who are around the offender - they are completely innocent. I doubt anyone would like it if a picture of their car is posted on Facebook just because they had the luck to be driving or parked beside a driver who offended you.

My initial thoughts were: Kuching Drivers Wall of Shame? Damn right, I'm ashamed! I thought Kuchingites were better than that. I never expected Kuchingites to turn into STOMPers, where they invade the privacy of others and take photos or record videos of whatever interesting encounters they have. I think that publicly shaming someone is a rather fitting punishment for inconsiderate drivers who will otherwise get off scott free, but I hope that Kuchingites are mindful of their actions and learn to govern themselves and understand the boundaries of that grey area they are in now.

Anyway, guys, here's a piece of advice:

instead of whining about the faults of others :)

* I feel that bokasi is a very strong word with serious implications & shouldn't be casually thrown around, I'd call someone who abuses animals or rapes people that, but I doubt that merely having lousy driving skills warrants that. Although, this is just my personal opinion. Nothing means anything unless you let it mean something, right?

** Sometimes I really wonder where online people get such crude remarks from, obviously I don't mean the generic CB/LJ/BKS or whatever, but I mean the really hardcore kind which makes you feel embarrassed by just reading it.

OMG. I feel like such a wimp after writing this post. Now I have to go boxing to make myself feel manly again. And oh: Cibai motherfucker you stupid cunt. There, I feel so much better.

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