Thursday, October 11, 2012

let's play catchup

Hey ho! This is gonna be a helluva long post to make up for my inactivity! LOLOL. It's late, so I'll break it up into a few posts :) Maybe the next post will have vain pictures but not this one.

I have been lagging behind on my assignments. Final assignments are coming up and it's freaking the shit out of me. I am not ready. How did time fly by so fast? I'm so torn between wishing time slows so that I do not have to confront my final essays and wishing that time flies even faster so I'll be home before I know it! :(

I went for yoga again last week, missed it this week because I went to karaoke night hosted by Swinburne Union. I haven't been going to the gym!!! I feel bad for not going to gym as often... But today I went for boxing class and I totally love boxing! Anyway, last week's yoga class was my third class and I think I'm getting the hang of it. My aunt told me that I'll start sweating soon because it balances your body and stuff. I'm excited for that day to come because *drumrolls please* I don't sweat. Ever. I have tried going under the sun, hiking and kayaking in humid-to-death Kuching but nope. Nada. I used to golf and was also on my middle school's basketball team and I never broke a sweat. At most... My face will turn red. The only one time I came close to sweating was when I pushed myself so hard at gym I almost passed out. My whole face went pale and I started sweating cold sweat. So yea, close to sweating but not quite lol. Anyway, last week's class was quite a big one instead of the regular 4 to 6 people. I think we had close to 10. There was this girl that was close to my size and stature and I don't know if any other girls notices (or will admit to this), but girls are highly competitive. I will blog about how territorial and dominant girls can be some other day but I was all for out stretching her. And I failed so miserably. HAHA. She is so darn flexible, I felt like a stick. And she could do chaturanga. She could do them so well.

Source: Know Your Memes
Competitiveness is, in my opinion, motivating. As long as you're not overly competitive and aren't pushing-yourself-over-the-edge-just-to-win-crap. Then you'll be nothing but a loser. Cos losers try too hard. Ironic, isn't it?

I realized that I really need makeup. I was googling for Xiaxue's ring light when my picture popped up. I was like WTF why am I even relevant to Xiaxue's ring light and then I was like...

Source: Know Your Memes
I guess on my own blog, I can be blissfully ignorant (or you can call it denial) because there isn't anyone to compare to but when you see your makeup free face next to Xiaxue, queen of photoshop and makeup... The differences are so painfully striking. From now on!!! I shall put on makeup every time I step out of my apartment I will not post pictures of my bare face on my blog! I will try not to post pictures of my bare face on my blog. I actually try not to put on makeup too often because I have this belief that makeup contributes to skin discoloration/aging and the more you makeup the worst your skin gets!

Oh if you haven't realized (what must mean you're either blind, cripplingly unobservant or you're new to my blog) my blog has gone under a complete makeover!!! Obviously the pinks stayed but I got sick of looking at my obscenely elaborate header and it started to look slightly childish and my overall layout was getting too cluttered so I decided to go for a minimalistic design which hopefully looks more professional! I wanted to plaster my face on the header like the majority of bloggers out there but I get bored very easily and I would hate to redesign my header every time I decide the photo I chose isn't pretty enough. BTW, the little icons are clickable! But the layout's not completely done yet... I'm still a girl so I'm obliged to have a picture of myself somewhere which means I'll have to put on makeup, do my hair and dress up just to take one lousy photo. GIRLS!!! - - I'll blog about creating this template when it's complete but... HOW IS IT SO FAR?! Love it? Hate it? Comments are ♥!


  1. Lol... I actually went to google xiaxue's ring light just to see your face!! Funny la!