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I love Taylor Swift's songs so much it's ridiculous. Her songs are often bittersweet and I love that about them. My absolute all time faves (aside from her famously sad love songs) are The Outside, Long Live, Cold as You, Back to December, Enchanted, Safe and Sound.

Notable tracks off this record would probably be:

There's something about the word Maserati in the song that sounds so exciting. This is one of those songs that doesn't jump at you the first time you listen to it, but the more you do, the more you love it.

I Knew You Were Trouble
I think that Taylor was successful in trying something new with this track. Catchy and different in a good way.

I Almost Do
This is sad and sad and sad. It's about when two people split up and they no longer know where they stand. It's about not staying friends because you know you can't just be friends so it's better to just stay away.

Never Ever Getting Back Together
I was not a fan of this because it felt kinda spiteful under its pop facade... I guess she really wanted to send a message lol... But when something gets played often enough, it starts to grow on you so...

Stay Stay Stay
Ok, this one made me smile especially the "I threw my phone across the phone at you" and "That's when you came in wearing a football helmet and said 'Ok, let's talk'".

The Last Time
This one is the epitome of bittersweet! Have you ever had an argument with someone you love a lot and you tell yourself that this will be last time you care because you're giving up but really don't want to?

Sad Beautiful Tragic
Love affair sounds too much like cheating so I am naturally inclined to shy away from it but Taylor sounds sophisticated on this track I can't help but pay attention.

Begin Again
When I heard this, I was like yes, this is my Taylor. It's beautiful, in her bittersweet style that I am obsessed with. This is about beginning a new relationship after getting out of an old, long term relationship I guess. You've gotten so used to the old him that everything the new he does is unsettling because you're not used to it. And although you're apprehensive about relationships after your old one, you realize that you're wrong. I think this one's my fave out of the whole album. <3

Aside from the overused theme of "I know you are alone in your room" or whatever and the word "stay", I think she really delivered. She tried out new styles but was still true to herself... I absolutely adore her. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not my friend.

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