Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review: Babyliss Ceramic Curling Iron 32mm

I finally bought my first curler! And not just any curler, but the Babyliss 32mm curler which I have been eyeing since I came to Australia made this post!

Specifications at a glance: 
♥ Stay cool safety tip
♥ Built in safety stand
♥ 25 heat settings
♥ Swivel cord
♥ Ceramic plates

Before I move on to the review, I would like to say that I purchased the curler at Chadstone's Hairhouse Warehouse and I was unhappy with the service (don't get me wrong, I was satisfied, I just wasn't happy). You can skip the chunk below cos it's just me ranting:

I could not make up my mind between the 25mm, 32mm and 38mm so I asked if I could test them. The salesgirl was very cheerful about it and led me to the salon part and told me a hairdresser will come along and demonstrate the three sizes on my hair. The hairdresser couldn't find a 32mm and told me that it's basically a cross between 25mm and 38mm and told me to imagine it. I didn't want to be an ass and leave at that point as she was already heating up the two curlers so I told her ok. She did a few strands of each size and explained to me the differences (25mm being tight ringlets, 38mm being waves rather than curls) and I decided that 25mm produces curls too small for my liking and the 38mm wasn't what I was looking for so I told her I would get the 32mm one instead. She then turned off both curlers as I stared on, what? Was she expecting me to leave the store with my hair curled on one side?! I asked if she was going to do anything about my hair, maybe straighten it or curl the rest of my hair and she said she could do either (although I strongly felt that she should have at least offered to either straighten or curl my hair) so I told her to curl it. And my god, she did such a half arsed attempt at curling my hair... She left straight pieces in various areas which if added up, would probably amount to 1/3 of my hair! However, she is rather friendly and told me that I could come in if I ever had any problems with the curler but if she had done a better job then I would have written only nice things about her instead! People shouldn't be so lazy, and it wasn't like the salon was busy. It was empty when I sat down and only halfway through curling my hair did another customer walk in presumably to do her hair, so she should really have prioritized me instead. I came away thinking that 1. if you can't be fucked to try products on a customer's hair, then just say no! 2. if you are doing something, do it well!

I should've taken a picture of her shitty curls, but I got too excited about playing with my new curling iron!!!

Ok, the curls are too loose and it really isn't the look I was going for. D: But I really like curls because it makes my hair look softer hahaha. I was really surprised at how smooth and easy it is to curl with a curler as compared to using a straightener. I will probably never curl my hair with a straightener ever again!

It's my first curling iron and I chose Babyliss because of all the good reviews and because it's got a cute name. Babylissss~♥ Cute right? Anyway, I tried curling my hair with the 25mm and 38mm while I was in the store and 38mm is really hard to handle cos it's just so big. I think the 32mm is just perfect cos I can handle it with no problems. Obviously, it goes without saying that the 25mm is really easy to handle just in case anyone was wondering.

Before I went ahead and bought it, I read a whole bunch of reviews and watched a lot of videos and many say that says the tip gets hot. ALL LIES. Or maybe Babyliss upgraded their curlers? Meh, I don't know. But what I do know is that the tip stays cool all the way up to the 25th setting. Tried and tested. ^^y

I really like the built in stand, which I'm sure alot of curling irons have, but whoever thought of it is a true genius! I love that feature cos I can put it down in the middle of curling my hair and I don't have to worry about melting anything or setting anything on fire!

The only fault I could find with the iron so far is the placements of the on and off button and the temperature dial. I initially started curling my hair with the 15th setting but my index finger kept slipping on the temperature dial and turning it to the 9th and 5th and then 3rd, which is probably why the curls are so poorly formed. I also accidentally turned it off once but I think the temperature dial is really situated in the worst possible place! It's ok if you have to constantly turn it on because you can do it with one click but to keep on turning the dial to the exact same setting you were curling your hair with? Not as fun.


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    1. Yes, the curls hold up surprisingly well, even on my thick and chemically straightened hair.

  2. Love those curls. I personally really recommend the karmin g3 clipless curling iron, it makes your cur4ls shine and last longer!

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