Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Bioglo Silky Feet

After months and months of wearing socks and sneakers, corn (aka 鸡眼) started developing on the 4th digit of my left foot, where my little toe was rubbing against the 4th toe... If that makes any sense. Anyway, I read that Actizen foot mask would be able to get rid of corns but because I couldn't, for the life of me, find Actizen anywhere in Melbourne... I got Bioglo Silky Feet from eCosway instead. I chanced on it purely by coincidence, I was in eCosway getting curry for the boyfriend when I saw the foot mask.

AUD22 for 1 box which includes 2 pairs of exfoliating foot masks & 50ml nourishing foot cream!
* Safe & Gentle pH4.0
* No Salicylic Acid
* No Harsh Acids of Alkalis
* Derived from Plant Based Extracts
* No vigorous or Engless Exfoliation

I used it on my feet for a total of 90 minutes and my hands for 10 minutes. 3 days later, my hands started peeling for 2 days and after that, my feet started to peel.

It's really fun to peel the dead skin off, I felt like a snake. I was pretty apprehensive about peeling them off because I was afraid I might be too rough and I'd tear my skin instead lol wtf I kno. But, it turns out that there is totally no risk of you hurting yourself. After peeling all the skin off, my feet felt kinda moist-ish and tingly.

BOOM. In your face!
I have ugly but cute feet. I know. There's nothing feminine about them, they are just fat and stumpy lol. So don't pick on my feet esp since I'm uploading them online only for the sake of this review which is for you!!! Anyway, while taking a hot shower, I realized that alot of dead skin was washing off my feet so I grabbed my exfoliating gloves and went at it. So the above is the result lol. I'm pretty sure that even if I left them alone and didn't attack my feet with the gloves, the above would still happen. I was pretty much freaking out with joy when I saw them like that ahhaaa cos I kinda associate potentially silky soft skin  with peeling skin. After my crazy peeling session, my feet were pretty sensitive, but that could be because I shower with boiling hot water.

After about 2 weeks, I used the foot mask again, as instructed on the box and I went through the above again. It's just finished peeling so here's what I think.

Although the corn is almost gone (there's still like this slight bump but all the pain and redness and the "eye" is gone) and the discoloration on my feet are somewhat faded (that was an unexpected plus), it did not do what I expected it to. I was unrealistically hoping for baby smooth skin! It made no difference to the smoothness of my skin; the soles of my feet are still rough as ever and it didn't do anything for my hands either. I have calluses from playing golf (I hated wearing gloves) and I was hoping Bioglo could get rid of the calluses but no such luck. Not the mention, the price is pretty steep at AUD22 per box. Oh well, I won't be repurchasing as it did not deliver drastic results. I will try Actizen once I return to Malaysia and I'll definitely blog about it and how it compares to Bioglo!

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