Sunday, October 14, 2012

Violence against women

Hey, do you guys remember the Calvin & Amanda incident? It went viral, many people blogged about the incident as well as sharing it on Facebook. For about a week, my Facebook was flooded with pictures and videos pertaining to that case... And everyone had an opinion about it. People sent empty death threats to Calvin (well, he is still alive) or attacked Amanda. I wouldn't have expected anything less. I didn't want to blog about it then because I felt that if I do, I would be exploiting their dirty laundry for traffic, which felt really low to me. If there's anything I never want to be, it's to be opportunistic.

My first reaction to it was, "why did she upload it to Facebook instead of going straight to the police?" I could only think of a reason: She wanted attention. Before you call me a heartless bitch, allow me to explain. If she went to the police, she could have easily solved everything. What was her intention of uploading the video onto the internet? I think that when two people are in a relationship, they should respect it and each other. There is no undoing what she has done, the incriminating video would always be available to anyone who has an internet connection, by doing what she did, she is destroying her husband and tainting his name for good. It is true what they say isn't it? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She chose to publicly humiliate her husband by posting the video on the internet, and I wonder if she feels satisfied every time someone calls her husband (and father of her unborn child) a useless piece of shit. Not to mention, 15 years from now, their child may accidentally stumble upon the video and who knows what kind of impact it would have on him/her.

Now, thinking about it, I realized that when you're so caught up, your judgement becomes clouded by emotions. That was an aspect I did not take into consideration. I was too quick to label her a vindictive attention whore (not saying that she isn't). Although she may yet to regret her actions, perhaps one day she might and she will have to live with that guilt forever.

Since she posted the video, people have been overanalysing the crap out of it, myself included. Who is right? Who is wrong? What is the story behind it? During the period of time when the issue was a hot topic, I found these two interviews: He saidshe said.

Regardless of who is telling the truth... There is never a reason to viciously beat up a woman, only excuses.

Currently, there is another video that has gone viral, and it's a video of a bus driver throwing an uppercut at a woman.

People are saying that the bitch deserved it and I don't disagree... I think that people who say that men are not allowed to hit women are sexists. Sure, men generally have a physical advantage over women but men shouldn't have to tolerate women being total dicks. And nobody has the right to step on another's dignity. Respect should be what equal rights are about. However, I think that the bus driver went a little overboard. It's one thing to retaliate if provoked, but dude, it was a little unnecessary to try and knock her out.

Here's another example of violence against women:

Or should I say "an example of a woman disrespecting another human being and expecting no repercussions"? Equal rights work both ways. While I do not condone violence (if you are able to tolerate abuse, good on you) but what's wrong with a slap for a slap? If you're capable of hitting someone, then be sure you're capable of taking a hit too. Crying like a little bitch wouldn't garner you any sympathy if you're a bully.

At the end of the day, it is mutual respect that will bring us anywhere. Don't think for one second that you're entitled to be a bitch just because you can.

Men, treat your ladies well. Ladies, please act like one if you wish to be treated as one.

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