Sunday, October 14, 2012

violence against women

Go to google images, type in 'man woman fight'. If it's a picture of a man beating up a woman, it's dark and reprimanding. If it's a picture of a woman hitting a man, it's empowering or funny. If they are both fighting for real, it's sport or staged.

let's pretend the roles are reversed cos i can't find the proper representation and i like this picture
I'm not saying that it's ok for a woman to be attacked by a man because there is never a reason to viciously beat up a woman anyone, only excuses. Everyone is susceptible to provocation. But why is it ok, in our society, for a woman to strike out at men, and not the other way around? Is it because men are stronger and therefore it's entirely ethical and right to abuse them?

People who say that men are not allowed to hit women are sexists. It's like saying they are too inferior to be judged by the same standards of men. If a man pisses you off enough, you punch them. If a woman pisses you off enough, you go blow off some steam some where because you're a gentleman. But if that woman continues to taunt you, shame you, slap you and kick you while expecting no repercussions? I say sucker punch that bitch!

We are all human, aren't we? All deserving of respect and getting what we deserve. Equal rights work both ways. While I do not condone violence (if you are able to tolerate abuse, you must be sick out of your mind) but what's wrong with a slap for a slap? I don't mean you should return fire every single time over every little thing... But if you're capable of hitting someone, then be sure you're capable of taking a hit too. Crying like a little bitch wouldn't garner you any sympathy if you're a bully. Regardless of what you have in your underpants.

Don't think for one second that you're entitled to be a bitch just because you can.

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  1. Those bitches deserve that..
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