Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Coconut Detox 2 Day Plan

I won a bottle of Coconut Detox 2 Day Plan from @PricelineAU's giveaway! Follow them on twitter & fb to join in the fun! :)

"Feel Lighter, Slimmer and Rejuvenated in just 2 days!" 

Basically you'll be substituting all your meals for two days with this drink. According to the instructions on the bottle, you'll have to mix 125ml of the Coconut Detox concentrate with 125ml of chilled water and drink slowly over 2 - 3 hours for each meal, so 3 times a day. And over the course of the day, you'll have to drink at least 8 glasses of water. Repeat the next day.

The first thing I did was of course, smell it! (cos I've had a bad experience with Up&Go Banana *shudder*) My first through was "what the", and turned the bottle around to read the ingredients and realized that there's pineapple. I'm sure you can guess what it smelt like. I actually really like coconut. Coconut water, coconut pudding, coconut ice cream, rice with coconut milk, kuih with coconut shavings, and that little white ball aka uto...

So I was really looking forward to drinking coconut juice for two days. Only it isn't purely coconut juice haha now naive of me. /3\ It tastes more like pineapple than coconut, but there is a distinct coconut aftertaste. I don't quite know how to explain it, but it's that refreshing dull taste... Man, I'd give anything for a fresh coconut right now.

Anyway, I tried to follow the 2 Day Program listed on their website... Here goes.

Day 1
Woke up at 1pm lol yea I know, so had my breakfast substitute meal around that time. From 1pm - 3pm, I drank the mixture. At 2pm, I evacuated impurities from my bowels. LOL. That's the nicest way I know to put it. But I'm not sure if it's just me or the drink that caused it. At 5pm, I had my lunch meal. HEHE. By 8pm, I was starving. Food just kept jumping out at me. Instagram? Pictures of food. Twitter? Check-ins to cafes and restaurants or mentions of food. Facebook? BOTH! I decided fuck the internet, so I picked up a book. First thing I saw? BABY RUTH BAR. I haven't had one of those in ages... Halfway through reading that page, I caught myself fantasizing about food. I thought it would be easy, you know? I used to kinda struggle with my weight when I was younger and I'd go by without food, drinking lots of water and eating just enough to get by or when we have family dinners. But yeah, I guess that was then, this is now. And the person I am now absolutely enjoys food. If only I could go back in time, I'd scoff at the younger me, but I'm pretty sure the younger me would scoff at me and ask how I could have let myself deteriorate to this size... Hmm, back then my motto was nothing tastes as good as thin feels. But now my motto is ALL OR NOTHING. HAHA. Then I did yoga and some exercises for a while and took my dinner meal at 9pm. D; I was feeling slightly woozy and lethargic... I'm so glad that this is a 2 day thing. I've made it this far, I can go another day!

Day 2
Had my breakfast meal at 11am - 1pm. I realized that I'm quite heaty, like I'm running a fever, which is why you should drink more water than usual to keep your body hydrated as the detox clears up your system. :) I don't think I was drinking enough though, eventhough I was so filled with water I felt like puking. My mind felt kinda sharp, but my body was so sluggish. I swear I almost fell asleep on the toilet bowl. LOL. AT 3:45pm, I cheated and had a small serving of fried bee hoon with egg & chicken cos I wanted to go to the gym and wasn't interested in fainting. I could hear my stomach singing, "FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOOOOOD~ I LOVE YOU LIKE A FAT KID LOVES FOOD!" It felt like a bad idea though, because once you break your fast and introduce food back into your system, all you want is MORE. But! Mind over matter. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. I can do this. Gave up at 6pm cos the boyfriend was convincing me to eat every 5 seconds. His pestering started since last night lol. But I only gave in cos I was starting to get mild gastric and I didn't want it to get worse. I have no self control. Went for yoga class to wrap up my 2 day detox!

I have to say that the drink was starting to get revolting, after 2 days straight of that sweet, citrusy liquid, anyone'd begin to get sick of it. Now I associate it with all things uncomfortable. But do you know what good came out of this two day detox? More defined abs! HAHA. I'm serious! My stomach was so so so flat even when I was sitting down!

Although, 3 servings of rice and 1 serving of french fries later, I kissed my detoxed body goodbye. :* The stomach pudge is back. Sigh. ._.

What I say about the Coconut Detox 2 Day Plan? I think it really works, you just have to have really good self control. :D Comment below if you have tried it & good luck to those who are planning on trying this detox drink!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Support local talent blh sik

While researching for my essay about national cinema (which I'm doing on Namewee's Nasi Lemak 2.0), I stumbled upon this video:

I kinda agree with him regarding entertainers in Malaysia. If you're a Malaysian, in Malaysia, you'll never make it because Malaysians are so unsupportive. And this unsupportive mentality affects everyone. It prevents aspiring entertainers from doing anything because they think that whatever they do will never be good enough. And above all, it influences others to become one of them haters. 

Why so much hate, man? Why? Is it because you think, "overseas, people are doing so much better, so please don't embarrass Malaysia by being under par?" But you never stop to think that if we don't start somewhere, we can never improve! 

Like the video I created with a few of my friends, it received so much hate. Neither Zard or I have any prior experience, we just wanted to make a video, so we did. Mainly just the two of us. Knowing that it's nothing spectacular, I tried to communicate my ideas through a blog post so people can fully understand the message we may have failed in delivering. But was it really necessary to say so much shit about it? Especially since we actually put in effort to do something that no one else in Kuching had done before? I mean, we welcome constructive criticism but someone actually created an account just to threaten us, which is why the video has been privatized. That was my bad though, I should've blurred the license plates, but I thought c'mon, it's Kuching. A small city where everyone knows everyone! Who would've thought that there might be someone who would get so worked up over a stupid video? If the cars featured in the video were mine, I wouldn't give two fucks. I'd ask the guy to come at me, bro! But they don't belong to me so if something were to happen to the cars or their owners, it'd be on my conscience. However, I have to thank that guy, 'maicibaikia' (LOL seriously, that's the guy's username) too. Thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson: Always censor. 

Recently, Oppa Kuching Style was uploaded by StayTuned. Although theirs is a bigger production with great quality, planning and was well executed, they received haters too... Calling them racists and/or ah bengs & ah lians. Like, wtf? What gives? They've probably put in more effort into that one video than haters ever have (or ever will) in their life! Hats off to StayTuned for reaching over 150k views! Bet no hater will ever top that.

Anyway, I'm taking Digital Media next semester to learn how to write scripts and produce videos so if by then I still receive alot of hate then I shall retire and kill myself who cares? Haters & trolls will continue to exist because people throw rocks at things that shine*. I just hope that Kuchingites learn the values of unity and support. Be more than just discouraging assholes.  And may there be more Kuching productions in the future! 

* can anyone guess the title of this song without googling?