Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photoshoot: Pop Girls

I really wish I could rename this set to Electric Girls. HAHA. I love their colorful outfits! Esp the last one. There'll only be 7 pics for this set, cos as you can see... The poses get a lil repetitive. It's never easy to work with virtually no props and in a confined area! So thanks to Val & Vess for bringing their dog and bubbles! Haha...

While editing the photos, I realized that Val's always the one in tangerine and she's always on the left. I have no idea why. o.O Also, I read their blog post about one of the shoots and it reminded me how, during the first shoot, they kept flashing their trademark Big Twin Smile™ and bursting into laughter. They are both such happy individuals, I couldn't get frustrated at them but boy was I exasperated. Haha... And for the Surburbia shoot, maybe it was the early morning or bright sunlight but they kept bickering (goodnaturedly of course) although you probably can't tell from the pictures. I had to stop and stare at them for them to stop but they'd have a go at each other right after I click the shutter. HAHA. Cute.

All shot with Canon 550D (aka EOS Kiss X4 or EOS Rebel T2i) & kit lens, edited with Adobe Photoshop CS3. Featuring twins from Big Picture Stuff.

Angel (the Pomeranian mix) decided that she wanted to have her picture taken too and jumped into the shot! I love this picture, it's full of love and fluff!!! But BAM.

Back to work.

And... That's a wrap!!! I've always wanted to say that. IT'S A WRAP! Thank you girls for being my models :D

Now I shall reveal a secret to their good lookingness.

They are very tall. I know this picture is poorly edited /3\ But I'm in a rush to go to the exhibition of my photos on campus and as always, I have very poor time management thus I did this in under 5 minutes. So many things wrong with this photo. For one, it's not even in focus and I used the burn tool waaay too much. But thanks to my bf for taking it! :D Tata~ Hope you guys enjoyed the excessive photos!!!

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