Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photoshoot: Suburbia

We woke up at 6:30am for this shoot. Val is such a light sleeper!!! All I did is walk into her room, and she ROSE AND SAID "Oh, hi, good morning!" WHAT IS THIS SORCERY! I stood there stunned for like 5 seconds while she sat up and smiled at me. It has to be the freakiest experience of my life - not calling you freaky, Val, it's just, you know... Unnatural. Hehe. :x Vess is pretty easy to wake too, I touched her shoulder and that's all it took!

WHAT. How can that be possible? My maid used to have to bang on my door till its hinges loosened, and no I'm not even mildly exaggerating. After that, what she did to wake me up was holding on to the handle and jiggling the door. It was tres annoying.

On to the photoshoot! I actually wanted to do a morning shoot, because early morning sunlight is gentle and soft right? Well, by the time we were done with hair and makeup, the sun was completely up. Thank you very much, spring. _._,,

Similar to the night shoot, I didn't have any experience shooting in such bright light. So some of them were out of focus cos I had to use manual focus. TwT

All shot with Canon 550D (aka EOS Kiss X4 or EOS Rebel T2i) & kit lens, edited with Adobe Photoshop CS3. Featuring twins from Big Picture Stuff.


  1. Loving the posts and the commentry! :D

    great job vey!

    to you, I account my improved modelling and makeup skills! <3


    1. thank you for being such lovely models <3

  2. wow! so beautiful...

    Is this in australia?

    1. thanks! all 5 photoshoots were taken in melbourne :)