Thursday, November 1, 2012

Support local talent blh sik

While researching for my essay about national cinema (which I'm doing on Namewee's Nasi Lemak 2.0), I stumbled upon this video:

I kinda agree with him regarding entertainers in Malaysia. If you're a Malaysian, in Malaysia, you'll never make it because Malaysians are so unsupportive. And this unsupportive mentality affects everyone. It prevents aspiring entertainers from doing anything because they think that whatever they do will never be good enough. And above all, it influences others to become one of them haters. 

Why so much hate, man? Why? Is it because you think, "overseas, people are doing so much better, so please don't embarrass Malaysia by being under par?" But you never stop to think that if we don't start somewhere, we can never improve! 

Like the video I created with a few of my friends, it received so much hate. Neither Zard or I have any prior experience, we just wanted to make a video, so we did. Mainly just the two of us. Knowing that it's nothing spectacular, I tried to communicate my ideas through a blog post so people can fully understand the message we may have failed in delivering. But was it really necessary to say so much shit about it? Especially since we actually put in effort to do something that no one else in Kuching had done before? I mean, we welcome constructive criticism but someone actually created an account just to threaten us, which is why the video has been privatized. That was my bad though, I should've blurred the license plates, but I thought c'mon, it's Kuching. A small city where everyone knows everyone! Who would've thought that there might be someone who would get so worked up over a stupid video? If the cars featured in the video were mine, I wouldn't give two fucks. I'd ask the guy to come at me, bro! But they don't belong to me so if something were to happen to the cars or their owners, it'd be on my conscience. However, I have to thank that guy, 'maicibaikia' (LOL seriously, that's the guy's username) too. Thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson: Always censor. 

Recently, Oppa Kuching Style was uploaded by StayTuned. Although theirs is a bigger production with great quality, planning and was well executed, they received haters too... Calling them racists and/or ah bengs & ah lians. Like, wtf? What gives? They've probably put in more effort into that one video than haters ever have (or ever will) in their life! Hats off to StayTuned for reaching over 150k views! Bet no hater will ever top that.

Anyway, I'm taking Digital Media next semester to learn how to write scripts and produce videos so if by then I still receive alot of hate then I shall retire and kill myself who cares? Haters & trolls will continue to exist because people throw rocks at things that shine*. I just hope that Kuchingites learn the values of unity and support. Be more than just discouraging assholes.  And may there be more Kuching productions in the future! 

* can anyone guess the title of this song without googling?

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