Tuesday, January 1, 2013

♥ 010113

I promised a post last week sometime ago but here it is. :) Happy 2013 guys!

I came home to an array of celebration! The first was my mother's early 50th birthday.

The day after was my brother's marriage to his lovely fiancee of what, 8 years? She's been with him for so long I already see her as my sister, but nothing like a lavish wedding to make it official! It was a hell of a tiring few days, especially for the new bride, but weddings are magical and beautiful so it's all worth it!

Then, my darling nephew Jer's full moon! I fell in love with him the moment I saw his picture and his dimples! He has set the standard for all other babies I'd see in my life. He is the cutest thing ever and no one else's kid will ever compare to him! Hahaha I'm so prejudiced it's insane but he is adorable. I dare you to say he is not!

I had a short holiday in Brunei with my relatives and is now spending time with my brother in KL. I feel like such a jetsetter. I can definitely imagine myself flying here and there for my work because I actually find it relaxing to be in an airplane because it's me myself & I time. Something that I try my hardest to avoid when I am on land.  

I have been enjoying Malaysia so much I haven't even had time to upload pictures on FB save for one single photo with my lover Lizard lol. And I have forgotten how shit the internet in Kuching is (KL's a whole different story, why ah?), it keeps disconnecting so it's pretty fucking frustrating to do anything. Even something as simple as going on FB. But that's what smartphones are for, right? Aside from copying photos to and from my hard disk and cameras, I haven't really sat down in front of my laptop since getting back from Melbourne! Speaking of which...

I don't ever want to go back to Melbourne!!! T^T But I don't have a choice... The most I can do is treasure every moment in Malaysia and appreciate my time with friends & family. Will try my best not to neglect my blog but that's a hard promise to keep. :D

Anyway, today's the first day of 2013 which means RESOLUTIONS. I love making resolutions but have a hard time keeping them so I'll only make a few not overly ambitious ones.

1. Lose 5kgs or more (teehee), tone up and maintain! (I guess this is probably the top priority for most girls xD)
2. Stop starting projects I do not intend to finish.
3. Be more a more constant and reliable blogger.

There, 3 resolutions for 2013.