Sunday, January 20, 2013

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I went to Level Up Fitness today because I feel that I have been terribly overeating and overdosing on alcohol. The bf signed a 1 year contract which can be put on suspension for a year FOC because he's a student! :D I got a 1 week pass from my friend and used that instead because I wanted to try out their facilities & classes.

The gym is really well equipped and is by far the nicest gym I've ever been to. The gym goers are really helpful and friendly. I was staring at a machine and a guy came by and taught me how to use it. Halfway though, I decided that 4.5kg was really too light and as I leaned forward to up the weight, another guy told me DON'T DO IT because the muscles I was using are not muscles which are often used and therefore I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow if I increase the weight and exceed 30 reps. How nice is that? I love considerate people who don't gain anything by helping others but do it anyway just because.

However, after going for yoga in Melbourne, the yoga instructor at Level Up is relatively... Bad. I understand that Kuchingites may not have the best command of English, but personally, I think that the instructor could've improved herself by speaking clearly. Half the time I couldn't quite hear her and a quarter of that time, I didn't understand what she was saying because she didn't enunciate properly. As for relaxation, she was quiet, and while that might be common here in Kuching... I'm used having someone say, "feel your ankles melt into the floor and float away" hehe... Overall, she seemed like a nice person and made sure everyone did their poses correctly and my, my, I love her petite and toned body!

I guess we generally will never be satisfied with what we have. While in Melbourne, I couldn't help but find faults in its society and weather and food (and probably a whole slew of other things) but now that I'm home, I can't help but yearn for Melbourne's lack of mosquitoes, cleaner and drier air (because my nose was killing me for the first 2 weeks I came home) and chilly breezes. I'm such a complainer! Sheesh.

On a less critical side, I just came home from having a few beers with a couple of friends. I will really miss chilling with my highschool friends when I go back to Melbourne. And as I always say, it's not where you are, it's who you're with.

Night world.

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