Saturday, January 5, 2013

The 3 Nasis

I went to Brunei for Christmas (click to see my Christmas dinner on Insta!). And I haven't gone near a weighing scale since because aside from eating, we ate more.

I wanna share with you the 3 best nasis from Brunei (in no particular order).

Nasi lemak. 3 servings. 
Forgot to take a photo of this ._. But it's nasi lemak. I'm sure you know what it is!

Nasi katok. 4 servings. Bought from a house. 

Nasi pusu. 2 servings. Bought from the market.

And to top it off, my all time favorite is ayam penyet from Serasa (I don't know the name of the shop). I had 3 in a day. That's A LOT, compared with nasi lemak, pusu or katok because the rest are in tiny packets whereas this ayam penyet comes with a full serving of rice.

Like that how to not get fat? 

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