Saturday, February 2, 2013

baby eyes

When I was young, I loved looking at the eyes of babies and were disappointed every single time I found them to be brown or black.

I remember once when I went to visit my mom's friend and her baby with her and she said that the baby is asleep. I then lamented and said, "so that means I won't get to see the color of the baby's eyes!" That got the attention of the two adults as they looked at me mystified and asked me, "what do you mean? The baby's eyes will be nothing else but like ours: Dark brown or black."

I guess that really traumatized me because I never noticed that there were different shades of people: white, yellow, brown, red, black. People were people. But after that incident, it opened my eyes to racial recognition. We aren't all the same.

But then again, I also thought that cartoon characters were real until one day I discovered that I lacked a black outline.

I was a weird, cripplingly unobservant kid.

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