Monday, February 25, 2013

Safe & Sound in Melbourne

So I reached Melbourne on the 22nd of February and have been looking for accommodation ever since.  Been crashing at my aunt's place, so I can't be arsed to take out my tablet just to edit a few photos for my blog only to have to pack it away again once we move to somewhere more permanent. And by permanent I mean roughly 6 months because I'm graduating in Sept so who knows what's gonna happen!

Yesterday we had a massive dinner with my relative's friends and I started to feel unwell (food, man) and they told me to gargle saltwater. Because it's not really my tonsil area that hurt, but the part above it... Let me grab you a picture off Google:

Source: Google Images
As I was saying, because it isn't my tonsil area that hurts but around the soft palate area which connects to my nose & (no duh) sinuses, I decided to be a little genius and inhale the salt water up my nose. Genius, really. Because salt kills bacteria. However, salt also burns. Have you ever let waves crash onto you while you're like, sitting in the shallow end of the ocean? Have you ever been knocked flat by a wave and accidentally inhaled and swallowed saltwater? I have. And yet I proceeded to inhale salt water intentionally. Like I said. Little. Genius.

Anyway, I hope that I find a place soon so I can start unpacking. I love packing and I love unpacking. Unpacking always feels like opening presents cos sometimes I get surprises and packing feels like I'm playing real life tetris! It's so exciting when you find something that fits perfectly into that remaining hole of a space. And I hope that my sinuses kill themselves. Seriously they give me so much problems. Why do we even have sinuses anyway?

I just did a quick google search and apparently they are practically useless. Evolution, why you so retarded?

Btw, song of the month: Stay - RiRi ft. Mikko <3

Bye now.

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